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10 thoughts on “I Shot You Babe

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    Not the best of the series In fact I almost gave it 2 stars All the Mongolian wrestling scenes bored me to tears and I missed all the laugh out loud moments I had in the 3 previous volumes in the series Also I found it kind of sad for some reason when they view spoilershut down the assassination business hide spoiler

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    I am loving this series and the Bombay family are just awesome I can;t wait for I was looking for a light humorous series and this one ticked all of my boxes

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    Leslie Langley authorYou have to read first series in the story of the Bombay family members to understand where they are coming from in the mix of bungling their assignment and finding love unexpectionally with the help of their family members causing havoc with their minds and find themselves uestioning why they do what they do good story with each series a must read if you like humor love and mystery all roll up in an assassin's life

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    The first half of this book was probably better in my opinion than the others in the series but then the second half was a little bit worse Overly predictable let misunderstandings go on way too long that the reader could easily deduce and unrealistic in a couple of ways Overall less than impressed but fun light candy books if you don't take them seriously

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    Families may interfere in your life but sometimes Mother knows best

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    My first and last book by this author It was incredibly dumb Cy was not at all believable as an assassin and the romance was one of the least romantic I've read I assume it was meant to be funny but it flopped IMO

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    The Bombay Assassins series is uickly becoming an all time favorite series for me I have been saving the books to read at times when I'm feeling down and need a funny light hearted read to lift my spirits At first glance you would think that books about a family of assassins would be dark and heavy but Langtry's series is exactly the opposite These books are just plain fun In fact I find them much satisfying than Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books because Langtry's series has substance humor and better plots There is no plot recycling with this series like there is with Evanovich's seriesConey Bombay has long been one of my favorite characters so I was thrilled to read his story I have always really enjoyed his cameos in the other books in the series as he is a very nuanced character with a lot depth than you would expect I was surprised at how much I enjoyed I Shot You Babe especially considering that I'm not usually a fan of books written from a male POV I loved that the characters in I Shot You Babe travel the world over as I really enjoy reading about new places and cultures The part of the book that took place in Mongolia was my favorite I thought that setting was so uniue and interesting Coney experiences a lot of character growth which I always enjoy and in the end turns out to be uite the catch I highly recommend this series

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    I read the first 3 of the series and this is the last one for me it is different than the other 3 and for me it makes an end for the series as it is the end of assassination business of the Bombays The series is a mix between crime and romance with a touch of humanity I definitely like it

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    I thought this was a mess Like I get that the main character's underlying theme is that he stereotypes people and doesn't think he does but I don't think that makes up for every character in the book and I'm talking mainly about the gal Veronica here acting in the most unbelievable ways at every turn in the book First off I didn't think the couple had a strong enough connection at all especially not enough of one to weather the absolute insane amounts of weirdness going on I ask you what human would end a flight on a private jet belonging to someone they barely know that had an acuaintance who granted had conked said human in the head for also seemingly no reason Seriously why on earth would a character who says Yeah I'm an assassin but I don't hurt women or kids randomly concuss Veronica? Just to piss Cy off? of theirs beaten and tied up in the bathroom with Promise you won't kill him? Ok well CALL ME And what kind of graduate level philosophy student who is seemingly normal and nice enough in most ways never contemplates the ramifications of his job as a gun for hire?I did like scenes in Mongolia You could tell the author did her research but refrained from sounding like a travel guidebook The end was kind of a fizzle as the four thousand years old assassins' group ends with a meh but whatever I get it