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Seth Carrington needed a girlfriend and Daisy needed a ticket to the Caribbean It seemed a fair exchange But having survived Seth's extremely thorough interviewing techniue; which included kissing Daisy began to have her doubts Seth was high handed and completely ruthless except when he smiled; then he was devastatingly attractive Smile or no Daisy had to face facts her job was strictly temporary; she was being paid to act as a decoy for Seth's secret affair with a glamorous woman The terms of the agreement were crystal clear but there was no clause about love

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    Loved it One of the best HN's out there A strange coincidence coupled with an odd set of circumstances leads to an unexpected and tender romance A delightfully surprising readsigh

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    I reread this one yesterday and it continues to be a favorite Te h thru some mishaps and misrepresentation manages to be hired by the H to pretend to be the love of his life He's not too impressed because she's not his usual type of girl friend She's definitely not sophisticated or glamorous and she's a bit impertinent He's a rich businessmantycoon who's used to people jumping to do as he wishes and that's the way he likes it Unfortunately he's in a bit of a rush to get this matter handled so he hires her Part of the job is that he will be taking her to the Bahamas and she has a need to get to the Bahamas to deal with a family matterThe two of them strike sparks from the start but also seem to antagonize each other The chemistry is strong and eventually they decide to have a fling for the duration of their contract The reason the H needs a pretend love is to provide cover for his relationship with a married lady Apparently they will be getting married as soon as they can negotiate a prenuptial agreement and she gets a divorce This is to be a business agreement as the H doesn't believe in loveThis read has some humor and some angst and all in all is a fun book with just enough angst to make it interesting

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    A fun read I enjoyed the interactions between Seth and Daisy From the first encounter Seth is rude arrogant and downright unpleasant with Daisy He rubs her the wrong way but she is feisty and outspoken she gives as much as she gets from him Whenever these two meets sparks fly Not to mention the simmering attraction that neither of them can resist But I really missed Seth's POV I had to guess his real feelings his inner thoughts from a hint or a word thrown here or there And his unreadable expression just didn't do it for me

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    35 A good read with a heroine that was irreverent sassy and just plain likeable You have to just go with the contrived plot but what made this book was the h and her interactions with the H This was borderline 4 for me but the ending drifted into predictable and somewhat boring territory before the happy ever after

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    Great mills n boon 45 stars I bought this book based on reviews and I'm very glad I did One of the better mills n boon books I have read I love a bit of humour and witty banter in my romance 😊 The heroine was feisty clever and honest most of the time The hero was arrogant and cold initially anyway but the book was written in a way that we were told that he was vulnerable and susceptible to the heroine For example it would say that his voice was huskier than normal or unsteady or his colour was off etc The ending helps to explain his cold behaviours An engaging and entertaining read

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    A cute story This book could have been very angsty based on the plotline and series of misunderstanding and unfortunate events but it wasn't I never lost fate in Seth and I adored Daisy Thank you Leona for the recommendation