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Devastatingly handsome French tycoon Pascal Lévêue has his sights set on Alana Cusack Her seeming inexperience intrigues him—she used to be marriedAlana's marriage was a sham It left her feeling unattractive and unwanted Now that Pascal has claimed her as his mistress he'll teach the innocent Alana how much pleasure can be had in the bedroomBut passion leads to pregnancy and Pascal vows he'll take Alana in Parisand to the altar

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    I really liked the style of this book with the French cultural aspects That restaurant that they went to was such a great ideaand a great steamy moment there It really added to the passionate atmosphere in this book Speaking of steam this book has uite a bit of it Ms Green's writing showed how powerful the attraction between this couple was even if it was totally unexpected Pascal was a very sexy hero Both Pascal and Alana carried a lot of baggage Surprisingly Alana's load is heavier than Pascal's If you like a commitment shy heroine look no further She almost jumped the shark with me but when Alana 'woman ed up' I couldn't stay mad at her It was very nice how she proposed to Pascal at the end of this bookIt's all a matter of personal tastes but I just don't tend to go for books where the couple are having a short fling or affair I liked that Pascal clearly wanted something from Alana very early into their affair Alana did have valid reasons for her fear of getting involved so it made her relateableDespite the title this story is not in the semi traditional HP mode Alana isn't really falling into the mistress role and Pascal is not expecting that of her I like that some of the dialogue seems to flaunt the conventions of this line of novels Well done with that Ms GreenPascal is a standout hero for me I liked him a lot Yes he's a playboy businessman but he had some depth that appealed to me I liked how he really wanted to show that Alana meant a lot to him And that he was there for her when she became aware of her pregnancy Despite his parental issues he was committed to being there for his child And he was very droolworthy I hope that we see French heroes because they really have an appeal especially in a good writer's hands There's just something about FrenchmenAbby Green is clearly a very talented author Her books go to a deeper emotional level and in this book it's not always comfortable for the reader I think that was why this wasn't a five star book because I don't really go for the relationship angst all the time It felt like a painful chore to read about that than enjoyment for pleasure reading although it was very well done on the part of the author Having said that There is a maturity to the inter personal relationships that impressed meI can't complain about anything in this book Other than personal reading tastes this was a very good book If I was into the affair traumatic relationship angst books I think this would be a five star read for me For the atmosphere sizzling sexual tension and love scenes and the sexy French hero not to mention good uality writing this is easily a four star book

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    Rating 4 stars for the yummy heroAlana is a sports anchor who is just delving back into her career after a failed marriage with a deceased and popular rugby player She captures the eye and passion of French bank tycoon Pascal LeveueThe attraction is combustible Alana is a traditional Irish gal from a large family of parents and siblings who are all happily married She has never reconciled herself to her poor choices and decision Never confided in anyone about the truth of her marriage eitherPascal is an alpha male through and through From the first he allows Alana to call the shots He never forces his way with her though he is a keen strategist I really liked this patient intelligent and loyal man He was the reason this book got five stars Alana was the reason it ended up being fourShe was so irritating and annoying I agree with Pascal There was NOTHING about her that was extraordinary except she was not his usual type and she gets knocked upHe could do better And he should have At least he knows she wanted him for him and not his moneyI've been hitting the jack pot with nice guy heroes lately for the HP seriesLove my Frenchmen

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    Another great read from Abby GreenI just loved the hero in this storya gorgeous Frenchman who isn’t this overbearing and hard assed alpha male He’s actually a nice guy who has dealt with his own baggage The heroine has experienced some bad things in the past that have scarred her and afraid of making commitments in her life She’s actually not so nice to him – but in the enddid she do some grovelingPascal Leveue is absolutely endearing He’s determined to make Alana let go of her fears and believe in what they feel for each otherA sweet and lovely love storyYaysome love and romance Don’t you just love happy endings??????

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    Woe is me heroine was a bit much to take She is presenter on Irish TV the widow of a rugby legend Her ex was a spendthrift and a womanizer but she has kept uiet about his awful conduct because ? Martyr complex I guess Her parents are old and she must keep her debts and betrayals to herselfHero is a one dimensional up from the slums tycoon who loves rugby but sacrificed a pro career to take care of his grandfather and now he has landed on his feet as a billionaire He decides he wants a sexual affair with woe is me Woe is me agrees since she is dead insideWhen woe is me falls pregnant the hero proposes Heroine is really reluctant to give up the martyr cross and decides hero will tire of her like her first husband So she breaks it off After that not particularly black moment the heroine realizes she loves the hero and hunts him down She gets on her knees to propose There’s an epilogue with three children I’m not fond of groveling heroines – especially when they’ve done nothing wrong except be their wet blanket selves But this heroine is a drama ueen and loves angst so it’s obviously she thoroughly enjoyed this OTT act of obseuiousness sigh

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    Read Danielle’s review I couldn’t get into this romance and like she said all love scenes fade to black which I totally hate That was so so disappointing

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    35 stars This was a good read but didn't totally blow me away The back cover is misleading too because it says virgin which she isn't That didn't really bother me but I wish they wouldn't do stuff like that It had me thinking I could add this book to my virgin widow shelfAnyway this was a book about two people who had to overcome past scars to find and accept love It also had a great epilogue I love those

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    35 stars The title of the book is so wrong Because the heroine is not the hero's mistress They met go on a few dates and decided to spend a weekend in Paris This is not like other typical Harleuin books and the story is actually good

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    Heroine is TSTL Period She is dumb stupid and highly pessimistic

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    Yet another fun great and entertaining read from Abby GreenWhat I likedI liked that Pascal was a successful French hero We don't see a lot of those and he was certainly wonderfulI liked that he didn't fall into the typical macho arrogant hero mold that most authors are uick to cast Even though he had a difficult upbringing it made him a stronger better personI liked that he was extremely attracted to Alana and went all out to get her I truly enjoy a good wooing and I got it hereI liked that intensitychemistry between Alana and Pascal was sizzlingI am still fanning myself LOL I liked view spoilerthat the heroine was the one to grovel hide spoiler

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    this was awful so boring i thought maybe i was not in the mood so i left it but i still hated it when i got back der was no chemistry no plausible plot i din understand why shud alanna protect ryan's reputation or stay wid him for 5 years ? n then bang hormones got the better of her n she said 2 the entire nation the truth abt her husband when she cud not even confide 2 her parents or 2 any1 on dat matter ? well if she wanted 2 play good samaritan then she got what she deserved i thought pascal only wanted her bcoz she was a novelty; elusive n difficult not at all like his usual women