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ER physician Kate Wexford is used to expecting the unexpected But even she isn't ready for this One minute she's visiting her local museum lusting after a man in a painting Darach MacTavish Laird of Glenagan A man who died at Culloden than 250 years ago Then the next thing she knows she's in the painting with himin his bed nakedLaird Darach MacTavish has enough to worry about without being ambushed by beautiful women Still he has to admit he's never met or enjoyed a lass like his Katie It's too bad she's a little daft Because Katie's insisting she's been sent back in time to save his life Ha Darach would like to see her try that is if he decides to let her out of his bed

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    I'd read only two books by Ms LaBrecue before this one and I wasn't very impressed but she's a favorite author among several GR members so I thought I'd give her another try when I found this book at the UBS Well the old saying is true third time is the charmKate Wexford is an ER doctor who finds herself attracted to an 18th century painting of a Scottish laird Darach MacTavish The painting is part of a sex exhibit being held at the museum and she can't help visiting the museum and ogling the painting every day after work On the last day of the exhibit she is approached by a strange man who gives her some info about the man in the painting and then just pushes her into it When Kate wakes up she finds herself lying naked on the Scottish laird's bedDarach is than surprised to find a naked wench on his bed and not knowing how she could have sneaked into his castle undetected suspects she's a spy sent by his enemies This impression is short lived as Kate and Darach soon realize she somehow traveled back in time At first they don't understand why she's there and don't know how to get her back to her time but they eventually figure out she's to help him prevent his death and the destruction of his clan in the near future his future not hers As they work together and travel through time his and hers in search of the answer to his imminent problem Kate and Darach fall in love with each other and are faced with another dilemma as she doesn't particularly like life in the 18th century and he can't abandon his clan and stay with her in the 21st century As this is a romance novel they sort things out and get their HEA of courseI know suspension of disbelief is a must when I read time travel stories and I don't necessarily expect them to have a scientific approach based on the laws of physics but I do expect them to have some consistency within the logic the author creates to explain the phenomenon Here's what bothered me in this book the first time Kate time traveled she reached her destination without her clothes on but with her watch on her wrist and her purse on her shoulder; the following times she time travelled she didn't lose anything during the journey and arrived at the other space in time fully clothed and accessorized What was the logic behind that? As far as I could tell there was only one explanation Darach needed to see Kate naked so he could appreciate what a bonny lass she was LOLThe other thing that bothered me was how easily Darach fit into the 21st century For example he was surfing the internet less than one hour after Kate explained him what a computer was No matter how intelligent he was I found that very hard to believeAnyway those were only small annoyances that didn't prevent me from enjoying this read probably because I fell in love with Darach and was willing to buy anything Ms LaBrecue wrote LOL Darach was a wonderful Highlander hero strong protective and a bit arrogant just the way he was supposed to be and Kate was a funny and charming modern day heroine Their scenes were sweet and funny and they had great chemistry together All in all the time travel logic was a bit convoluted but the romance part of the story was very good and worth reading

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    Actually 35 stars Highland Fling by Jennifer LaBrecue is a Harleuin Blaze time travel release that's very sexy A doctor travels back in time after lusting after the subject of a painting She decides she's been sent back in time to save him from the battle of Culloden Very sexy If you enjoy time travel and Highlanders check it out

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    I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did This was a great book I have no complains honestly It was a very light fun read that took me only 3 days to complete I found it very interesting to learn about the Highlanders and all Darach's clan's history The whole idea of the time travel was so cool and fun to read about I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it introduced me to a new genre of romance that I'll totally continue reading

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    The irony that part of the premise of the book is a character researching a historical event online and the author didn’t even get the year correct

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    Kate Wexford is attracted to a portrait which she visits every night at the museum One night a strange man pushes her through the portrait and she finds herself naked in Scotland in the laird's bed in 1744 Together they have to figure out how she's supposed to get home and how to keep the laird Darach MacTavish and his people from dying at the Battle of Culloden I'm a bit ambivalent about this story I liked parts of it and yet others I either didn't like or found confusing I loved the angst towards the end of the story realistic accepting time travel that is not made up angst IMHO The situation was not contrived or born of a big misunderstanding And it was gut wrenching Lovely I also loved that Kate was an unusual time traveler she had no knowledge of history she didn't particularly care for the past and despite her lack of family she really loved her life in the present which is where the angst comes in Darach was an okay hero not too terribly arrogant but he walked the line a few times I did find the whole Hamish situation confusing and it was never explained very well but I think this might have been explained in the first of this series I never even realized it was a series so I was lost I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that Kate never even got to leave the bedroom while in the past view spoiler and this is extremely disconcerting as she makes the decision to live in the past forever with absolutely no idea of what its like to live there hide spoiler

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    ER physician Kate Wexford is used to expecting the unexpected But even she isn't ready for this One minute she's visiting her local museum lusting after a man in a painting Darach MacTavish Laird of Glenagan A man who died at Culloden than 250 years ago Then the next thing she knows she's in the painting with him in his bedNAKEDLaird Darach MacTavish has enough to worry about It's too bad she's a little daft Because Katie's insisting she's been sent back in time to save his life 250 years separates the two Yet love can conuer even the remotest obstacles Very well writtenYou can feel the differences they each experience in another world Red hot read 5 stars

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    Kate Wexford is a modern woman who works long hours as an ER doctor During some rare time off she goes to a museum and losses herself in a 18th century painting of Darach MacTavish a Scottish laird who died at Culloden Then she literally losses herself in the painting and travels through time to be with him She arrives in the 18th century naked except for her watch and her purse????? At first he believes she’s a spy but soon discovers that she is indeed from another time and place She convinces him that she’s there to save his life and help him save his clan This is a fun light read

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    Feeling a strong connection to a painting from 250 years ago Kate Wexford a doctor goes to the art musuem the last night of its showing to say good bye to the painting they drew her to it But her plans change when she is pushed into the painting and lands in Laird Darach MacTavish's bed naked With the help of Darach's friend Hamish who's life never really ends Kate and Darach try to stop the event that led to his death and the death of his men All the while knowing their time together is limited I liked this book because even though Darach and Kate were so different they still had a deep connection

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    Dr Kate Wexford is attracted to the Laird of Glenagan unfortuntly he died 250 years ago So begins a sexy romp through time with theadventure of Kate and Darach's love affair Interesting history facts and spicey love scenes

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    Unfortunately I didn't realize this until I was almost finished but this book was the 2nd in a series It was still a fun read The story moved along at nice pace was easy to read and the bits of humor added to the overall story Check it out if you haven't read it already