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Two Frenchmen an idea and a blank piece of paper That's how it started Alain Boublil and Claude Michel Sch�nberg are the creators of the multi award winning and much loved musicals Les Mis�rables Miss Saigon Martin Guerre and now an exciting new work The Pirate ueen Les Mis�rables alone has been seen by over 53 million people The Musical World of Boublil and Sch�nberg is the first book to offer a comprehensive look behind the closed doors of these intensely private musical theatre giants Boublil and Sch�nberg take center stage and talk openly about their methods and the creative processes involved in writing the book the music and the lyrics Additional interviews from collaborators such as their co writers Herbert Kretzmer Richard Maltby Stephen Clark and John Dempsey; their directors Trevor Nunn John Caird Nicholas Hytner Conall Morrison and Frank Galati; the choreographer of The Pirate ueen Mark Dendy; and their long time producer Cameron Mackintosh gives the reader a full view into their successful process Full color production photographs tell the story of each musical Visit wwwmusicalworld boublil schonbergcom for information

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    Mostly just transcripts of the important people involved When the author does add her voice you'll wish she'd go away again and get back to the good stuff But the good stuff is very interesting

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    The Musical World of Boublil and Schonberg is an informative fascinating and for the most part entertaining read Ordinarily with this sort of book or the sort of book I at first imagined it to be I would skip around reading excerpts and digging for the specific bits of information I wanted regarding a specific show However I ended up perusing this volume in its entirety which is why I can honestly mark it as Read Admittedly Margaret Vermette's prose is not especially memorable or interesting To be fair hers is not the chief 'voice' in the book; she functions mainly as CHORUS in this outfit providing introductions and explanations here and there The bulk of the text consists in uotationstranscripts of interviews from Alain Boublil Claude Michel Schonberg Cameron MacKintosh Trevor Nunn and many others with whom they've collaborated on various projects The creative team members not only give detailed accounts of what it was like working on some particular aspect of a show; many of them mainly those involved with the Books and Lyrics drop some brilliant tidbits and suggestions about character building world building rhyme and other aspects useful for writing both prose and poetry in general Those are the voices the reader wants to hear and thankfully that's mainly what we're getting from this book it certainly makes the few dry bits worth trudging through

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    uote by John Caird co director of Les Miserables“I think the great commercial value of Les Miserables is that it is as potent for somebody seeing it over and over again as it is for somebody seeing it for the first time Somehow people are able to wring endless enjoyment out of it and endless meaning and I think the reason for that is the intellectual and artistic rigor of the piece Because it’s got such internal strength you can take constant pleasure from noticing how it fits together and how it supports itself in its characters its themes its music and its staging There’s a real enjoyment in admiring it’s structure You can sit and enjoy it on all sorts of levels and the moment somebody different is in it you can enjoy the different way a role is being performed”And that’s Les Miserable Always new always fresh I lost my mind with jubilation when I saw this stage show for the first time And I’ve been losing my mind ever since It’s one of those things I love so much that it can’t possibly get better And yet it does with every nuance every connection every leitmotif every theme as it is portrayed by a new person or a favorite I’ve heard 1000 time over So with this book I was once again astounded how there was yet MORE opportunity to appreciate Les Miserables The author tells the story behind the story with interviews Alain Boublil Claude Michel Schonberg codirectors producers co lyricists and it goes on and on I cannot wait to watchlisten again The show will be newer than ever before And not just for Les Miz but all the Boublil and Schonberg works If you are a diehard this book is a must A MUST

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    Fascinating look at how a musical such as Les Miserables was created and how other musicals are created; how the music is written the lyrics written and what all is taken into account including the vowels used; how it is produced so complex and interesting I haven't seen Miss Saigon but would be interested after reading this book and wouldn't mind at least hearing the CDs of the two other musicals mentions Martin Guerre and the Pirate ueen A lot of interviews with the key players