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How can we turn back the tide of post truth politics fake news and misinformation that is damaging our democracy? First by empowering citizens to recognize and resist political lies and deceptions Using cutting edge neuroscience research we show you the tricks post truth politicians use to exploit our mental blindspots and cognitive biases We then share with you strategies to protect yourself and others from these threats Second by addressing the damage caused by the spread of fake news on social media We provide you with effective techniues for fighting digital misinformation Third by exerting pressure on politicians media and other public figures Doing so involves creating new incentives for telling the truth new penalties for lying and new ways of communicating across the partisan divide To put this plan into action reuires the rise of a Pro Truth Movement a movement which has already begun and is making a tangible impact If you believe truth matters and want to protect our democracy please read this book and join us Dr Gleb Tsipursky and Tim Ward have teamed up to help citizens learn to protect themselves from lies and empower them to put truth back into politics

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    While reading it I felt that Gleb Tsipursky had been reading my mind The level of detail stories lies reveals is remarkable If you haven't taken the Truth Pledge yet this book will give you compelling reason to do so and it doesn't matter what political persuasion best describes you This is wisdom for our difficult times for all of us

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    What do you get when you bring a journalist and a behavioural scientist together who both deeply care about the truth in politics? This book Gleb Tsipursky and Tim Ward's Pro Truth A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back Into Politics 2019 should be on the shelf or device of anyone who cares about the future of truth seeking behaviour Published by Changemakers Books it's a clear and incisive book about weighty matters that is somehow so light and refreshing to read that you won't be able to put it down Above all it's of great help to members of the community who wonder how they can impact politics and public conversations for the better The book well and truly answers the key and urgent uestion that sits at its heart when standards for truth seeking behaviour are slipping daily in contemporary democracies how do average citizens restore them? Tsipursky and Ward offer a range of different forms of advice and active positive solutions informed by both research and experience Among them are managing our own cognitive errors engaging in positive conversations listening rather than lecturing leaving our political comfort zones collaborating with others and making simple commitments such as the Pro Truth PledgeThe authors point to ways that we can manage our own biases and mental errors We're all in danger of believing these mistakes and fast judgements most of all when we go with our gut It's made clear in the book that a hard effort to adopt a better process for thinking has a better overall outcome it allows us to make better decisions engage with people in truthful rather than deceptive ways and filter out the mass of false information in the media and social media that preys on fast thinking and cognitive distortionsOne of the great achievements of the book is to show how an effort to improve our conversations our thinking and our understanding of others can lead to these better and truthful outcomes While some in society try to convince us otherwise critical thinking and positive engagement can take us further than negativity judgement and manipulation The Pro Truth Pledge is the showpiece of this book an evidence based tool that has been shown to work in politics in the United States to encourage truth seeking behaviour It takes only minutes to sign up to the Pro Truth Pledge and join the hundreds of institutions and individuals who have taken it The reward of pledging is a renewed and publicly visible commitment to honouring encouraging and sharing the truth It's this book that convinced me to support and volunteer for the Pro Truth Pledge in Australia and I think you should follow me read this book and sign up to the Pro Truth Pledge throughout the book is the reasonable concern that democracy will slip into an authoritarianism that flourishes on lies While the example of Donald Trump's election of 2016 and Brexit are the key political stories in this book if a reader who leans to the conservative side of politics is not convinced about these stories of misinformation in decision making and is concerned about partisanship they would need to read the book closely to see there's no simple liberal bias here Republicans like John McCain come in for praise for their ethical awareness that the outcomes of the system are bigger than any one individual's capacity to get away with lies There is one thing that is satisfying than 'winning' as McCain puts it and that's supporting a society that does better for everyone rather than satisfies the few The brilliance and society building power of Pro Truth A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back Into Politics is that no matter your politics if you commit to reading it from cover to cover you will likely come away believing that McCain's maxim is true

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    In today’s environment we are living in a society wherein truth is rapidly distorted A great example of this is social media We are significantly affected by the things that we see on our phone screens that cause our minds to be blinded by the truth In a generation where deceptions are somewhat recurrent it is of importance that we should prevail with the truth A colleague introduced me to this book entitled “Pro Truth” and I was curious what would be the contents of this book Pro Truth talks about mainly the political aspect of our society the spectrum of lies the cognitive biases each one of us are vulnerable with and debiasing strategies we can use If you’re a truth seeker you will gain a lot of insightsIn this book I have learned about the different scope of lies and what they are about based on given scenarios Back then when I started voting for political candidates I cast my vote based on other’s opinions without really digging deep on the interests of every candidate I just assumed that this politician is a good choice because a lot of people believed in what they were saying I must say that I lack judgement when it comes to choosing the right candidate If I have read this book way before I think I would be engaged in exercising my political rights by knowing the truthWhat really stuck when I was reading the book was in Chapter 8 where it talks about rational communication and the backfire effect More often than not we are susceptible to our reactions when we are communicating our beliefs and ideas to others and that we may be unguarded to cognitive bias called “backfire effect” We can see a lot of heated arguments especially when it comes to political views In this chapter I have learned about how we can engage in a productive political conversations awareness and regulations of one’s emotion being sensitive to the emotional charge some statements will have for certain people listening actively to the other person and learning to read their emotional state by using tactics Communication seems to be easy but it involves a lot of work With this I have learned a lot from this topic and on how we can communicate rationally not with logic and ideas but based on behavioral sciencePro truth also discusses how we are wired with different cognitive biases I think the cognitive bias that I am vulnerable to is the “Dunning Kruger effect” It must be hard to admit this but sometimes I feel that I can do things beyond my ability in thinking that this is only a challenge I must overcome Lately I have been trying to assess this bias which leads to another bias called “pessimism bias” I have to do some debiasing strategy to help me with thisLastly reading this book is definitely worth your time It will help you in a way to improve yourself and become better when it comes to decision making and being aware of one’s self

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    It's a good thing I was able to read this book A lot of people uphold the truth in today's world especially in politics and other organizationsSometimes they tend to uphold the truth to keep relationships with leaders or colleagues A lot of people play politics in business organizations institutions and most especially in politicsThis book has helped me a lot in areas of speaking the truth has helped me in building my charisma and improved my way of being generous to othersI remember working for an organization that we were needing some new workers to hire for the organization The manager then has conspired with some labor agents who supply workers to him to get commissions monthly which would be taken off the worker's salary every month We had an application board outside the company that lots of ualified candidates were coming in to submit their applications for ualification for the open positionThe manager with a selfish mind gave the MD the impression that no candidates were coming but a lot of candidates have submitted their CVs which he has ignored several times a lot of them have been thrown into the dust bin without even looking at them I was aware of this because the manager and I were good friends and often seen him several times disposing of people's credentials I kept it a secret which wasn't a good one thinking about the candidate's pains while searching for jobs they spent money creating cv's not knowing that these CV's will end up in a dust binIf I had read this book then I would have definitely not upheld the truth because the MD asked me personally if anyone was coming and I had to play politics with my friend Lie by omission saying no one has come I felt bad about this to cut long story short the MD later found out and we both suffered the conseuences I was suspended and given a uery while my friend was fired I gained nothing for upholding the truth which I never kept the truth I would have gained the MD trust and wouldn't have been suspendedgiven a ueryAfter reading this book I understand how misinformation can be damaging so always speaking the truth would definitely make a society organization and state a better place I will always speak the truth to make my country Nigeria a better placeI was a victim of Confirmation Bias For the situation of manager and organization I went against my current belief which made my emotions very uncomfortable because I had to lie by omission protecting my friend which I wasn't comfortable with It's a good thing I read this book as henceforth I will try all possible best to choose that which it's comfortable to my emotionsA lovely book I wish all politicians can read this book as it will definitely help in making the country and society a better place Thank you

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    A BRILLIANT READ Irrespective of what you do you must read this textbook of human behaviour how amazingly complex our minds are decisions are I recommend as the author has gathered some very interesting information from which many people can benefitThe author does a good job of presenting a wide range of psychological traps and irrational tendencies to which humans fall prey The book is well writtenalthough somewhat wordy at times and easy to read Although people aren’t rational they aren’t randomly irrational either Instead they are predictably irrational in a way that can be studied and measured and be built into a realistic economic theory behavioural economics Dr Tsipursky explained this concept and the flow of the mind very efficiently in this book with empirical evidences and case studies There are many enlightening passages which resonated well and were profound If anything most people will come away much better informed about a range of human flaws after reading this book With case studies about Republicans and the general public in the Rasmussen reports its apparent that Confirmation Bias is rampant Just like them I suffer from this bias than and among other kinds of biases This was apparent during instances I was in denial even though the truth backed by evidences stared me right in the face The content as laid out by Dr Tsipursky will help me improve and accept that in some instances the truth no matter how discomforting will always be what it is the truthI found myself looking back on personal experiences while reading the book especially about the ten lies I can’t count the different times people and myself are guilty of the ten lies and the biases ANCHORING was my latest YIKES I am specifically reminded of an investment decision I was faced with and on what broker to put my money in However this book is an example of the authors thoughtfulness can be reflected in their use of different colours to label the various types of lies that we often tell often without being fully conscious of what we are doing The presentation is vivid and the ideas easy to commit to memory Had I known of these concepts and how to catch on from earlier I wouldn’t have made a mistake in my investment decisionMoving forward with concepts of this well written material I will surely remind myself of the biases I always tend to make

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    Pro Truth but for yourself tooAs the presidential election is slowly getting closer it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the flood of news opinions fake news alternative facts accusations disinformation and outright lies pouring into our social media accounts Frankly I don’t think that this book can turn this tide before the vote But it surely will try And even if we cannot turn this wave soon we can prevent ourselves carried away with itBesides I strongly recommend this reading to all who can have any influence on what and how is published on facebook twitter and likes Even if you can’t or don’t step up for a healthy public discussion at least you will be aware of the conseuences of your actions or idleness What you can expect from this book?— An excellent review and summary on post truth politics It is almost frightening to read all the facts one by one Precise detailed unbiased yet not boring for a minute It is difficult to get bored when you worry about your future — A good wake up call for preparation before the presidential election for any side Timely and informative— Great analysis on the causes of the post truth tend including the usual descriptions of cognitive biases – we always got a package of them from Mr Tsipursky— A good personal guide with many practical recommendation— A good overview of Pro Truth Pledge initiative with calls for action and motivations from the authors What you cannot expect from this book?I fear that at a society election result level it will not be enough against the flood of expertly delivered and high budget manipulations and lies You can repel the manipulation at a personal level see above good personal guide you can influence your close environment but we cannot realistically expect a breakthrough in short term Fighting intentional systematic and persistent lies is not a 100m sprint it is a marathon There are too many actors too wide ranges of processes leading to the post truth politics It is a global trend with many dictators autocratic leaders and hybrid regimes around the globe However good initiative the Pro Truth Pledge is time is needed to turn this tideNevertheless even the longest journey starts with the first step

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    Knowing the truth gives me peace of mind We receive different information every day and sometimes we find it hard to identify what is real or not If you are the type of person who truly seeks truth then this book is for youEach time our president delivers a State Of The Nation Address I am always reminded how divided our country the pros and the antis The antis focus on distorting and twisting the news publishing out of context articles posting fake news on social media and showing a video clip in the news that could lead to misinformation The sad thing is a lot of people believed it immediately without doing some proper fact finding and I find myself engaging in toxic political conversations With this I am very guilty of the horns effect that I started generalizing that all antis are present just to spread mean news or comments and developed hate to the antis that I even made social media accounts attacking those social media people who keep on blabbering things that are clearly fake Our president and the current government is not perfect but it saddens me to see citizens who keep on blaming the government in everything that this country is facingWhile reading this book I learned about five Es to help me communicate rationally the emotional states empathy eschew emotionally charged utterances echo and express your emotional reality I find these five Es really helpful to me especially because I tend to get carried away easily each time I read or see hateful news or posts I find it difficult to manage my emotions and find myself having the urge to immediately fight back which I know it is not the right thing to doWhen it comes to political matters I find myself vulnerable to pessimism bias because I know not all politicians are genuine enough and show true care of the country plus some hard headed citizens who know nothing but to keep on complaining and blaming everything to the governmentNow that I have read this book I believe this is a good tool to continue my journey in truth seeking I just wish that a lot of people will be able to read this great book

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    Excellent BookThis is an excellent book and it is one of the most important book in my collection I see it as an element to understand the human condition and a road map of practical steps for living better both within ourselves and with those around usA few years ago I had a cognitive bias called the “Bandwagon effect” and made a wrong decision Most of the people were supporting a specific political party and I also started supporting them too I worked for the political party and arranged different election campaigns for them By this way I helped them to spread their fake news and false election manifesto After the election the party was elected with a huge margin and after some time they started showing their real face They spread corruption all over the country and killed democracy and the right to vote If I got this book in the past I would never support the current ruling party of my countryI become surprised when I learn the influence of social media in the US election And also the false advertisements on Twitter that influenced the American voters I learned a lot from this book and also gathered the knowledge that social media is full of fake news and we should verify those news before we trust themI might be vulnerable to “Curse of knowledge” bias As I told earlier in the last election of our country the majority of people were supporting a specific party and I also thought that I should support them too At that moment my father who is an experienced politician told me to not support that party I didn’t hear his advice and made the mistake After the party was elected; they started showing their real face Now all of us are searching for a way to get rid of them As you know I’ve been suffering for not following the truth seeking strategies For this reason I would definitely support and join the Pro Truth Movement by Dr Gleb and start fighting for truth

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    For the past week I have been inundated with comments videos and essays on the decline in newspaper staffing and the need for journalists who can research events and analyze not just the events but the people behind them The book Protruth by Gleb Tsipursky and Tim Ward addresses this same need in our post truth world The post truth world is reliant upon emotions over facts Protruth the book also examines the rise of electronic or social media which enables the development of our situationThe book is both useful and easy to read due to its organization It begins by asking why we should care about truth in politics and gives the reader a straight forward answer The authors illustrate their meaning both with accounts that could come from everyday life and with references to stories “ripped from today’s headlines” Both forms explain different types of falsehoods using the language of psychologists Each chapter ends with glossary that reinforces the definitions used Other chapters examine The Behavioral Science of Political Deception; The Truth and Tragedy of the Commons and advocates for Collaborative Truth Seeking Instead of Argument The authors give us tips on Truth Seeking as well as what is referred to as the Back Fire Effect Most of them deal with self control in various formsI see several ways this book can be used Although a course called either government or civics seems not to be taught in American high schools this book should be on the syllabus if the course is revived It could make an interesting introduction to a course in psychology at either the high school or college freshman level I can see a family with children in middle or high school using this book for a series of family discussions And if you or your most combative best friend are suffering from political exhaustion this is a book to read together

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    Great ReadI simply admire the concept of Pro Truth pledge This book is one of the most innovative solutions to the problems posed by the post truth era It’s uite helpful as this book outlines strategies for bolstering a truth telling and strategies for building a larger movement that will have implications for our democracy for decades to come This book would have been helpful in the past as I just came to know about how we all suffer when there is a lack of orientation to the truth and how mindful we must be to overcome our biases and bad habits Previously sometimes it was difficult for me to take proper decisions as I wasn’t concerned about the term “searching for truth together” After reading this book I could find optimal solutions in agreement with othersWhat I read proved surprising and unexpected to know about Illusory truth effect which is a mental error that causes us to perceive something to be true when we hear it repeated freuently and persistently regardless of whether it is objectively true or whether or not we are presented with evidence supporting it From now onwards I will try to avoid mental errors thus I could make the best decisions possible for myself for my team and for my organizationI might be vulnerable by Group Attribution Error It is to blame large groups for the behavior of a few members is a classic mistake of the human mind This error involves taking one person’s attitudes and behavior to represent accurately the opinions of a group to which this person belongs In my previous office I had to go through this For few people’s minor mistake our client misunderstood the entire team rejected the project It was uite hurting for us This book is uite helpful because it’s a simple method of aligning the entire globe around a commitment of collaboration whilst letting individuals come up with the great ideas