ePUB Wrestling Soles The Man Kink Series Book 4 MOBI ☆ ↠ construyamos.co ↠

Jay’s married and Lance is going through a divorce The realisation sends them both for a hearty meal But someone’s watching them with thirsty eyes After a few drinks they decide to return to their room to release the rage building up inside of them They decide to strip each other down to their jeans and bare feet in a playful sexually charged tussle Open and vulnerable they begin to disclose the first time they ever touched another man’s foot This brings them closer to one another It’s at that moment that Lance yearns for Jay’s special touch But there’s Lance remembers the smiling eyes and angelic smile of the person who was watching them downstairs He wonders if he would like to join them in their kinky steamy wild dream world The idea brings a smile to Jay’s handsome face The Ultimate Male Foot Fetish Journey Continues

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