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Votes for womenCan she fight for freedom and for love?When chocolate heiress Violet Coombes is caught hanging her suffragette banner in a most shocking place Adam Beaufort Esuire proposes a marriage of convenience His good name will avert scandal for her family and her money will save the estate Adam’s father gambled away Violet accepts but she’s determined nothing will distract her from the Cause—including her oh so tempting husband“This is a Harleuin Romance that breaks the mould — deeply embedded in the art world of Victorian London well researched beautifully romantic and threaded together with poetry and paint Highly recommended”— Goodreads on Enticing Benedict Cole“Impressive Harleuin debut Eliza Redgold has a talent”— Goodreads on Enticing Benedict Cole

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    Me sees suffragette romanceMe reuests that shit from the library ASAPAlso me halfway into the book what white nonsense IS this???Look The political climate in the world isn’t promising for women people of color LGBT folk disabled folk or any other marginalized group Not to say that the political climate generally is promising for us but you know what I mean Additionally the creation of art is a political act Books are art—yes even romance novels for those haters in the back; I see youA romance novel about the fight for women’s suffrage during the early 20th century is just blatantly political There’s no way around thisAnd so when I open a romance novel about marginalized people fighting for euality and recognition of their humanity I expect certain things What I do not expect however is to find that the love interest is spouting the same MAGA hat wearing bullshit that virtually every Trump voting white person says That’s a huge fucking no from me dawg And before you me saying that the book takes place in England and the author isn’t Americanstop There are oppressive white men in other countries too In fact The Scandalous Suffragette is supposedly about challenging these selfsame oppressive white men as they existed in Edwardian England So why is the effing love interest here being an oppressive white man? Why would you do thisOkay so let’s back up Heroine Violet is a suffragette who plans on dedicating her life to the Cause She is somehow forced into marrying Hero Adam an impoverished gentleman The deal they strike regarding their marriage of convenience is this Adam gets all the money Violet is allowed freedom to pursue her political agenda This sounds fine and dandy ExceptAt an annual garden party hosted at Adam’s country home Violet makes the opening speech to the gathered guests including a particular MP who represents their area of Kent Obviously this speech is an inspiring clarion call for women’s euality; also obviously the MP is enraged by the speech Said MP then approaches Violet lays hands on her and verbally abuses her Adam then steps in and the MP is sent home Violet is unharmed it seems like all will be well ExceptViolet asks Adam her husband who is supposed to support her and be her ally one uestion why did you vote for that MP?Adam’s response “I don’t support him personally I support our party”So let’s back up Violet has just been physically assaulted by a powerful political figure for voicing an opinion that this figure does not share Violet reasonably wants to know how her husband a supposed ally supports this man Adam indicates that he does not like or respect this man or otherwise think he’s a good leader but he supports the party The goddam fucking partyYou all know where I’m headed with this How many regretful white people voted for Donald Trump even though they didn’t “support him” just because they supported the Republican Party My white female coworker looked me in the face and said she hated the president but felt she had to vote for him because of the Supreme Court nominations Basically she voted for Trump a rapist so that she could have Kavanaugh another rapist Brilliant Kids I’m not going to go on but Eliza Redgold is astonishingly tone deaf if she thinks readers are willing to root for a hero who votes for oppressive psychotic white men just for reasons of party loyalty Especially because this book is supposed to be about empowering womenHow is any of this acceptable? “Sorry honey I know that terrible man just assaulted you but I’m still going to vote for him” Fuck off AdamAt what point does seeing real people in pain as a result of a politician’s nightmare regime sink in? When do you stop and consider that theoretical party philosophies do not compare to actual daily harm being perpetrated upon minorities? When is enough enough? Where is the line?I love historical romance than anything but this genre is so so toxic📌 Blog | Review Database | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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    4 StarsHighly enjoyable I loved the characters and the plot it was so different from most historical romances and I very much recommend it

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    This is such a great story not only did I get to enjoy Adam and Violet’s journey to a wonderful HEA but I also learnt a lot about the woman who were suffragettes and there is also the chocolate who doesn’t love chocolates this is a story that I highly recommend it is a page turnerViolet Coombes is an only child to parents who own Coombes chocolate they make the best violet creams the family are in London for the season hoping that Violet will make a good match but Violet is a suffragette and marriage is the last thing on her mind but when she falls into the arms of a handsome man trying to hang a banner and then causing shock waves through the ton said handsome man proposes marriage one of convenience which suits Violet very well for a whileAdam Beaufort has been left the family estate which is in dire straits thanks to his wasteful father he has his mother and two sisters to think about but when he meets the beautiful Violet and comes up with a plan that will suit both of them and avoid scandal he is sure that they can be friends and he will support her suffragette ways but will he be able to stop an entanglement between themI really enjoyed this story it is beautifully written Violet is such a strong heroine who knows her mind and what she wants and Adam wow what a hero he is so easy to fall in love with I loved their journey there are ups and downs along the way and so much to learn for them both Thank you MS Redgold for a fabulous story one that I am sure will leave a lot of readers smiling

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    An impressive amount of research underpins this compelling historical romance novel It reveals itself in the details of setting and costume of attitudes and especially in the changes the heroine Violet is fighting for I particularly liked the portrayal of family in The Scandalous Suffragette Discussion and analysis of the fight for women's right to vote tends to focus on the public conflict This novel explores the strain the cause brought to personal relationships I liked that the side characters were than cardboard cutouts of opposition The hero and heroine's romance developed far naturally and believably in this context of good hearted people holding different views and responsibilities Which brings me to Violet and Adam they are wonderful I like protagonist who are honorable as this couple is It makes their happy ever after even enjoyable They've earned it

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    THE SCANDALOUS SUFFRAGETTE by author Eliza Redgold is a Harleuin Historical Romance series release for April 2019Violet Coombes has just brought scandal on her family by her activities within the suffragette movement Her parents are upset but then Adam comes in with a marriage proposal He needs her money to save his family’s reputation and Violet and her family need his name to avert the disaster A perfect marriage right? Wrong After they hash out the details of their marriage of convenience Adam is determined to keep his distance from Violet yet the attraction between them wouldn’t let Adam keep away He also doesn’t want Violet to be part of the suffragette movement as it has become dangerous but Violet walks out on him when he tries to lay the rule down Could he change himself enough to be the person Violet wanted? THE SCANDALOUS SUFFRAGETTE is a romance filled with emotions and drama Author Eliza Redgold brought this story to life on the pages where a reader would sympathize with Violet and Adam yet root for them too Violet is a strong heroine and Adam is a good guy He is sensitive and caring And the story was full of fun and witty dialogue among the serious issues of fighting for women’s rights Thanks to the research and beautifully written story I feel as I know Violet personally Her struggles and her triumphs her strengths and her fears and also her heart Highly recommended for all readers of historical romance

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    Marriage of convenience is my favorite trope and I love HR that contains actual history so this should've been 1000% my jam Unfortunately it did not pass the 100 page smell test The history is wallpaper at best the author tends to tell than show and there has never been a heroine in need of a Female Intelligence Society as this one If the idea of this book appeals to you do yourself a favor and seek out Beverly Jenkins's work instead

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    Violet Coombes is the Heiress to The Coombes family chocolates Adam Beaufort literally catches her one night after she falls when trying to hang a banner for women As society finds out what she has been up to Adam proposes a marriage of convenience to help him regain the loss of his family fortune There is much to this story and the author doe an amazing job in giving us a little bit of History behind the women's movement for the right to vote while keeping it a Romance novel too

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    Terrific book first time reading Eliza Loved the story so fresh so interesting Could not put it down Great story and characters youll love her book

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    The Scandalous Suffragette by Eliza RedgoldViolet Coombes is dedicated to her cause as a Suffragette however this brings scandal on her family Adam Beaufort who she met in unusual circumstances comes to the rescue proposes a marriage of convenience Violet would be able to redeem her family name and Adam would be able to save his family from disaster A perfect plan Adam will be able to save his family estate and Violet would be free to continue her work as a Suffragette but only if it was that easy They find there is a growing attraction Will it be a marriage of convenience or be will it be forever A great read

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