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Currently unavailable unpublishedCerys a noble girl longs to see the world outside her native lands A world of magic and dragons However running away from her overbearing parents lands her into the clutches of one such creature she’d only heard stories aboutAnd the dragon’s owner? The irritating yet undeniably handsome Tobias A prince sent to find a bride for his older brotherUpon discovering a girl from a foreign land he was forbidden from crossing into Tobias winds up with trouble on his hands than he bargained for Red haired and fiery she sets his world ablaze This girl isn’t destined for him He shouldn’t want herWhy then does he long for her smile and the fire behind her eyes?Will Cerys hate him when she discovers the truth? Or has a different fate been in store for them all along?

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    25 starsCerys a girl brought up in a noble household does not agree with the man her parents have chosen for her to marry So she runs away and crosses paths with Tobias a prince of a neighbouring country who is on a mission and so they decide to travel there together The story goes from there a couple of important characters are introduced and plot twists happen left and right Since the book is uite short it felt rushed from the beginning which isn't a bad thing when you know it's supposed to be fast paced and a stand alone They plot was interesting and not too boring I liked that the chapters third pov were taking turns telling about Cerys and Tobias However one thing that bothered me a bit was the writing Some sentences sounded familiar and I knew why they are often used in fanfiction which is not a bad thing but I don't expect to come across it in an actual book The overall writing sounded like the author is taking her first steps some nicely structured sentences here and there or sentences that you stumble upon because they feel rather sluggishAltogether it was a nice uick read and if there is a seuel or a preuel about certain characters then I'd pick it up