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Ella es dura y fría por fuera pero ¿conseguirá alguien romper su coraza? Toni Delacourte trabaja para la empresa de seguridad privada Bourbon Street Boys pero a pesar de su fama de dura vive atormentada por los remordimientos y los errores del pasadoHace mucho tiempo Toni besó a Lucky el mejor amigo de su hermano y su compañero de trabajo pero por miedo a ue eso estropeara la dinámica del grupo al ue considera su familia Toni se alejó de Lucky y se arrojó de cabeza a los brazos de Charlie en una relación tóxica y abusivaLiberada de Charlie pero incapaz de desterrar su recuerdo Toni se siente vulnerable y ya no puede seguir negando su atracción por Lucky Siempre pensó ue auel primer beso había sido un error pero ahora se pregunta si el verdadero error fue haber huido de él ¿Será el amor la respuesta a sus miedos?

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    Wrong uestion Right Answer is book three in The Bourbon Street Boys series by Elle Casey This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley Montlake Romance and by Elle Casey I loved the first two books in this series Actually I believe I’ve loved every single book I’ve read of Elle’s I have to say that I believe this book is completely different then the first two of the series The humor is still there the wonderful characters but I’ve said before that whenever I wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops into my mind is the characters of the book I was reading the night before I know there is something special about that book And that is exactly what happened with this bookWe met Toni Delacourte in the both of the previous books and got to know her as the dark somewhat mysterious and angry co worker of The Bourbon Street Boys We know she has a dark past and the only person she shares with is her boss Ozzie This entire book is told from her point of view What we didn’t know is that Toni and Lucky have known each other since they were kids Neither of them had good home lives so they and Toni’s big brother formed a little group of their own What Toni didn’t realize is that Lucky had a crush on her and ten years ago he braved a kiss But Toni didn’t want to take the chance of destroying what they had She simply couldn’t lose that So she never allowed it to happen again Instead she hooked up with Charlie and began a five year abusive relationshipCircumstances and several alcoholic beverages help Lucky and Toni to take a new turn to their relationship Both are forced to face the feelings they have for one another they have suppressed since they were kids First I want to say that I am totally in love with Lucky This guy had me swooning all over the place He is hilarious He is so gorgeous that he grows a beard to try to diminish his handsomeness But Toni has to admit it doesn’t help Nothing can make him less gorgeous He also has something in his past that keeps him from being completely happy Together can these two find a way to move forward and leave the past behind? Until they truly do how can they ever be a couple?We get uite a bit of May from the first book in this one and her relationship with Toni I loved May so much and she was just as amazing in this book I loved how their friendship evolved in this one Really this book could be called the evolution of Toni She went through so much and I so loved who she finally allowed herself to be You could read this book as a stand alone but I really encourage you to start at the beginning and meet May and Ozzie first Then the second book is about May’s sister Jenny and Dev This one will mean so much if you have previously met the other members of their team There was just something about this book though that sticks That really made me feel things for the characters Lucky is just so amazing If you read this you’ll see what I mean He’s one of those impossible not to love guys So if you haven’t already start with book one and meet The Bourbon Street Boys I hope you love them as much as I have Thanks to Elle Casey for another wonderful heart warming funny romantic book Youareamazing

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    We are back in the land of the Bourbon Street gang with this book being the 'tough girls' Toni's go at a story Toni in the first two books was pretty prickly she didn't like either one of the girls becausewell they kinda did act like air heads The first one was so very fun With this book we are finally going to find out some of her secrets about why she is so closed off Maybe kinda spoilery but it's told towards the beginning of the book Toni had been in an abusive relationship and finally reached that point where she had enough and took things into her own hands She ended up going to prison for it and then joined the Bourbon Street boys and cleaned up her act Lucky another member has always been in Toni and her brother's lives she even had a crush on him when she was youngerNow the gang goes out and Toni has way too many Long Island Iced Teas and ends up getting into an argument with Lucky He is determined to see her home Stuff happens Now for these two to have grown up supposedly being really street smart they make some really really stupid choicesThe book for me did head down the road of being completely unbelievable in how their relationship progressed Then the whole thing with the 'bad guys' plot kinda got dropped and shoved back into the story near the end Not good I did get some of May in this book and I do love that character; and this one is better than the second bookso 3 stars Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review

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    While Lucky would totally earn 5 stars all by himself Toni just didn't do it for me I get that she has the tough persona to maintain but sometimes it comes off as trying too hard I thought I would get insight into a justifiable reason for her to be the way she is with other people but I honestly don't feel I got that I understand that she got with a bad boy purposely and the final outcome of that toxic relationship but they why was never really unveiled If the flimsy excuse that was mentioned is supposed to stand in as reason then it makes absolutely no sense Lucky I loved His heart was so damn genuine and sweet that than once I wanted to smack his girl Toni for being so blind and petty He takes their changing situation in stride and does his best to deal with the surly Toni while experiencing his own emotional growth I was happy to catch up with the rest of the Bourbon Street Boys and am looking forward to reading about Thib's fall Hopefully to a heroine that is the antithesis to Toni Safety No OWOMSharing No condoms No rape History of physical abuse ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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    ARC reuested through Netgalley and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest reviewEver since May landed on the scene surprising all of the Bourbon Street Team with her unorthodox yet effective talents in particular hog tying the disapproving Toni I’ve been waiting for Toni’s storyIt’s been slowly revealed over the past two books that Toni had a dark history that included an abusive relationship and prison time In Wrong uestion Right Answer we got to see all of the underlying and crippling guilt Toni held that was masked by a tough standoffish and take no shit attitude Throughout the story I kept wanting to reach out to her and shake her out of her clearly distorted thinking She had been systematically programmed to take on guilt and blame when anyone looking on could clearly see none was warranted “The uestion is does Lucky need saving? And am I the right person for the job?” Lucky team member and friend since childhood had his own demons I found Lucky’s guilt over his sister to be heartbreaking I can’t even imagine the strength it would take to move past something like that I loved the healing Toni was able to bring to Lucky despite her constant pushing away I was rooting for them at every turnI also enjoyed the continuing evolution of Toni and May’s working relationshipfriendship Two polar opposites they really worked together as a team I found May’s ability to get beneath Toni’s defences amusing and loved how she took Toni’s resistance with a grain of salt “Seconds later her attention is on something else “Look Hookers”She lifts her camera and shoots off a few frames When she’s done she takes a look in her viewfinder and smiles “She’s actually really pretty Did you see her legs? Gorgeous I wish I had legs like that” She sighs I snort “You’d need a set of testicles to have those legs” I got really annoyed when Toni came up with her “brilliant” solution to move past her guilt Anyone except for Toni apparently could see this decision would not end well I suppose it needed to happen to allow Toni to finally see things clearly I found the whole situation stressful and was glad when Toni came out the other side with an adjusted outlookAnd can I just say that Milli and Vanilli were my favourite part of the storyLoved this story

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    Full review now postedOriginal review can be found at BooknestI wasn’t sure I’d like this book as much as the first two in the series because the main character was someone I didn’t think was as endearing in the first half of the series But I was wrong This book was just as sweet and funny as the first two but with a surprising amount of depth and tough real life scenarios thrown inToni our narrator and protagonist for this particular story is nothing like the two sisters who were her predecessors Or at least she doesn’t think she’s anything like them They’re soft not to mention nosy and hyper and happy and girly and they drive Toni nuts Especially Meg who is about to marry Toni’s best friend Ozzie Toni on the other hand would rather punch you in the throat than share her “feelings” with anyone She’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man and she’ll happily kick your ass if you suggest otherwiseBetween the changes currently plaguing her team and the upcoming anniversary of the day that ruined her life Toni just needs a drink Turns out so does Lucky Toni’s coworker and childhood friend and long time crush He has an upcoming anniversary of his own to suffer though and the impending death of his goldfish is just making things worse Their drunken angsty selves give into temptation but totally forget to use protection Suddenly we have a knocked up Toni and a freaked out Lucky Hilarity ensuesI didn’t think I liked Toni as a character because she was so darn prickly in the first two books But getting inside her head and learning about her past completely changed my opinion of her This is a woman who has been through the wringer who has killed a man and served her time for it but who can’t escape the guilt and the demons that guilt brings with it She thinks she’s a terrible person who will hurt anyone who gets to close so she keeps everyone at arm’s length for their own good And as for kids they all seem to hate her and she believes that she would be a horrible mom so she vows to never have any Obviously all of her plans and promises to herself go out the window after her night with LuckyLucky is a sweetheart who is swamped with guilt His much younger sister committed suicide nearly two years ago and he blames himself All he has left of her is her goldfish Sunny But fish don’t live forever no matter how often you take them to the vet What is he going to when Sunny isn’t around any? Together these two broken people work through their pain and start to heal vanuishing the demons of their past to make room for their futureThis book was still incredibly funny like the rest of the series There were certain parts that had me laughing too hard to keep reading pub bathroom scene But it also had so much pain and heartache and struggle I appreciated the added depth here and that the humor was still definitely present The Bourbon Street Boys are starting to feel like family and I’m so glad I’m getting to know them

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    HOLY COWI must say that I was a little skeptical about diving into this book Elle Casey why did I doubt you? I have read the previous two books in the series and Toni was never my favorite This book had been chilling on my kindle for about 2 weeks before I decided to just give it a shotAntoinette Delacourte Toni Criminal gone Bourbon Street Boys Damaged yet a total #bossassbishWe first see Toni waiting for the gang in the bar when she is approached by a “Skip” And I just knew she was going to have to this sour attitude for the whole book WHAT ABOUT THE GOLDEN RULE TONI? She knocks Skip down on his ass and I was waiting for her to fall into his arms gagYou see I didn’t read the description I judged this book – hard So you can image my surprise when Lucky strolls in and Toni softens Weird And while he is trying to keep her from self destruction she mentions a kiss that they shared in junior high WHAAAAAT? I stopped and went to go read the blurb NO WAYChance Larieux Lucky Buck toothed boy turned strong sensitive man Oh and also extremely attractive ;After the initial shock of their second chance romance I found it uite ironic Toni feels like she destroys everything she loves and Lucky feels like he loses everything he loves See my point? Once again I thought I knew that they would push each other away and fight their attraction the whole book He would have to face his fear – as would she Blah blah blah When WHAM view spoilerToni finds out she is pregnant hide spoiler

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    Wrong uestion Right Answer by Elle Casey This is Book Three in the Bourbon Street Boys SeriesToni Delacourte has the exclusive narrative voice in this installment I have not read the first or second book in this series Toni starts out to be a tough cookie in the beginning of this book She has shot her former ex Charlie five times in the chest It is mentioned many times in this book as she r eflects back talking to Charlie I thought there would be activity with the Bourbon Street Boys as they call themselves They aid the police by doing surveillance work on gangs That aspect is in the background in this book Lucky jumps in the cab to make sure Toni gets home safely after a celebration They both have had too much to drink and end up having unprotected sex Toni ends up getting pregnant I get the impression that Toni was a hard to get along with frightened wracked with guilt afraid to let anybody get close to her type of character Once she gets pregnant the hormones or expecting twins seems to mellow out her personality The whole book basically covers her pregnancy and little by little she begins to let Lucky be a part of her life After taking several home pregnancy tests which yield a positive result in the bar where they all freuent Lucky shows up with his suitcases and moves in with Toni Lucky feels since it is his babies he wants to help Toni This is met with much resistance at first by Toni Lucky sleeps in a separate bedroom at first Lucky is experiencing the same guilt because his sister committed suicide and he feels there must have been something he could have done to prevent it Lucky starts cooking dinner for Toni and they play scrabble and discover they have feelings for each other Both are afraid to take the relationship further Nonetheless they fall in love Ozzie and his fiance May and May's sister Jenny have a minimal role in this bookIt is a very simple premise Nothing much happens One notable scene takes place with Toni going to Charlie's mother's house to try to convey that she is sorry for taking Charlie's life His mother gives Toni a beating with a black baton that lands Toni in the hospital Toni crawls into a fetal position trying to protect her unborn twins until neighbors intervene The story was entertaining I didn't like Toni in the very beginning of the book Her character and Lucky trying to fight their personal demons and finally they both find a way to forgive themselves is again all that really happens I am glad I read this I probably wouldn't revisit this seriesThank you to Elle Casey and Montlake publishing and net galley for an ARC of this book for an honest review

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    With this being the 3rd standalone installment of The Bourbon Street Boys series we were able to get to know the MC's Toni and Lucky before they got there own book I can usually tell if I will look forward to certain characters story or not when you get glimpses I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book Toni is a tough as nails chick What glimpses we've seen of her in previous books I just wasn't sure if I would like her story I actually really adored her story She came to life in her own book Instead of just being the tough girl that doesn't let anyone in we get to see her thought process and learn so much about her I liked what I saw Yes she was tough but her grudgingly affection towards silly May and her sister Jenny was heartwarming than someone that accepted everyone from the start I loved reading how these two woman were growing on her Then you get to see her with Jenny and Dev's kids Toni really thought kids didn't like her yet their interactions was just so cute The only time I really got frustrated with Jenny was when she wouldn't let Lucky be as sweet and attentive to her like he wanted in the beginning I hated that she had to do her tough girl routine with him but she doesn't do it for long I really wanted to see her accept Lucky and when she did it was beautiful Great book and I can't wait for the next oneARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Last year I got sick of whiny bitches in my romance novels and now I mostly read mm romance Not to say I don't occasionally come across a whiny bitch in my gay romances it's just not as often But I remember loving the first book in this series so I thought I'd give this book a tryWow Just No This chickie right here reminded me why I stopped reading mf This bitch is nuts Definition of too stupid to live If not for glimpses of characters I liked from the first book I would have to give this one star Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    3 starsWrong uestion Right Answer was an OK readI was so looking forward to this book but I failed to connect with Toni's character and as much as I loved Lucky it did affect my overall enjoymentThank you Montlake Romance via Netgalley for the advance copy