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Issue 8  contents include Dreams do come true Sheryl Lee The Dream interview by Scott Ryan After 28 years Scott Ryan finally sits down face to face with Sheryl Lee to have the ultimate Laura Palmer interview Wayne Barnes designs a Sheryl Lee cover that will make fans so very happy This is a great tribute to her We are not putting the cover up until later John Thorne takes on a new theory by a Twin Peaks fan Tim Treider Did Cooper kill Laura Palmer? Courtenay Stallings gets into the weeds or the hairs of David Lynch's head An interview with David Patrick Kelly Jerry Horne by Scott Ryan They discuss Season 3 Wild at Heart and The Beatles Matt Marrone joins the staff with an essay where he will tell you something that NO ONE in the Twin Peaks world knows Not David Lynch and not Sabrina Sutherland He uncovers an unknown Twin Peaks item from Season 3 and we have it Andreas Halskov gives us a preview of his new book The Art of Paradox Andrew Hageman reviews the new Lynch Biography A Room To Dream All articles are subject to change until we print Please subscribe to the hard copies at bluerosemagcom

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    2 spectacular interviews and then loads

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    Great edition Laura and Jerry Horne interviews Yes please