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Learn effective enterprise application development by implementing advanced constructs of Rust Key Features Explore Rust 2018 features that support system programming network programming embedded programming and web assembly Understand the uniue features of Rust such as coding in expressive type systems mutability and ownership Build safe database abstractions and JSON Web API using Diesel and Rocket frameworks Book Description Rust is one of the most popular systems programming language designed to be safe and pragmatic Mastering Rust Second Edition is filled with real world examples and explanations showing you how you can build scalable and reliable programsThis book will teach you big level concepts that makes Rust a great language Improving performance using generics building macros and working with threads are just some of the topics the book covers You will learn about the official toolsets and ways to discover and how RUST is used for system programming network programming embedded programming and web assembly The book contains a mix of theory interspersed with hands on tasks so you acuire the skills as well as the knowledge Since programming cannot be learned by just reading we provide exercises and solutions to hammer the concepts in This book will help you be comfortable with designing developing and deploying effective Rust projectsAfter reading this book you will be able to implement Rust for your enterprise project deploy the software and will know the best practices of coding in Rust What You Will Learn Use syntax extensions and write your own Create a Web application with Rocket Use Diesel to build safe database abstractions Implement unit testing patterns with the standard Rust tools Get to know the different philosophies of error handling and how to use them wisely Appreciate Rust's ability to solve memory allocation problems safely without garbage collection Get to know how concurrency works in Rust and use concurrency primitives such as threads and message passing Who This Book Is For If you are a developer who has a general understanding of Rust and wants to become proficient with the language this book is for you This book covers all the advanced features of Rust using examples that a Rust developer will find useful to advance their knowledge About the Author Rahul Sharma is passionately curious about computer science and programming A believer in Mozilla’s vision of an Open Web Currently works at AtherEnergy where he is building resilient cloud infrastructure for smart scooters His interests include systems programming realtime web technologies compilers and type theory He is also a occasional contributor to the Rust language He also contributes and mentors interns on the Servo project by Mozilla

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