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A farmer's hard work is rewarded in this eco friendly and elegantly illustrated picture book A New York TimesNew York Public Library Best Illustrated Book of the YearIn the town everyone is sleeping But not PaulPaul mows Paul rakes Paul sows Paul draws water And soon Paul has beautiful plants and flowers growing all around him But one day the water dries up The sun beats down Paul despairs But thanks to his animal friends and a bit of rain help is on the way Filled with vivid illustrations of Paul's hard work the brilliant blooms that begin to grow and the scorching sun that threatens to ruin his crops The Farmer is a gentle story emphasizing the importance of perseverance and the value of good friendsNamed to the USBBY Outstanding International Books List

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    Farmer Paul is hard at work while the rest of the village rests raking digging and watering He watches and waits and soon enough his crops start to grow Then comes a terrible dry spell and all seems lost as the plants begin to wither Fortunately Paul's friends pitch in to help him and all ends wellOriginally published in French as Le potager this simple picture book from Spanish authorartist Ximo Abadía captures both the work and rewards of farming as well as the dependence of farmers on matters entirely outside of their control such as the weather I can see why The Farmer has been described as an ecological fable although I did find it a little confusing that the friends who helped Paul were all animals I was expecting some kind of human solidarity as one so often sees in rural communities I also wasn't clear on how the animals could help if all the water had dried up although the point about awaiting the coming of the rains again was apropos Despite my uibbles with the extremely simple narrative I found this picture book appealing both because of its general themes and because the artwork is so compelling Bright bold colors stylized figures eye catching layout these all make the illustrations uite appealing I definitely hope that of Abadía's work is made available in English

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    Paul is the farmer in this uniue little picture book What readers learn most of all is that Paul works hard on his farm while everyone else rests However in the very end when Paul begins to despair friends appear when he needs them most For children's literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo

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    Beautiful expansive illustrations Emptiness and fullness on page after page

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    The story is of Paul a farmer who does his job tenaciously The illustrations are bright and the story is not overly wordy

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    An interesting book with simplistic illustrations A farmer works and works to plant his crops water them and tend to them Everything grows but he runs out of water and everything gets scorched that part hit me hard like What?? His plants die?? That is so saaaad Then everything wraps up super fast and his friends bring him water and it rains and it's all okay again It felt like everything got fixed way too uickly But I did like this book illustrations of the colorful houses and crops were nice

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    Lovely illustrations and seuencing but unrealistic and sugar coated regarding the realities of farming

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    First published in French this picture book features small but interesting illustrations shapes and forms laid out against a yellow background There is much detail to notice and lively images the warrant a second look; for instance the double page spread in which the farmer almost seems to be zooming across the page in a cart preceded by his donkey as a rake and bushel follow him The story itself concerns hard working farmer Paul who does all the necessary preparation for growing crops while his neighbors seem interested in resting Each page shows a different task and then Paul's watchfulness and joy once his crops begin to thrive But heat and drought threaten them and the well is dry Although Paul is close to despairing his friends help him out I liked how the friends turn out to be animals and nature even the rain and the final pages with those large healthy fields are simply love This is a uiet yet effective story of determination Anyone who has grown up on a farm will be able to relate to the hard work and the fact that farmers often must rely on the whims of nature The endpapers feature far tools and euipment and some readers will like seeing all the little animals popping out of the holes in various scenes

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    The illustrations in this book are bold colorful and rather sophisticated Rows of crops a giant moon and sun that each take up a two page spread Animals are shown in silhouette The Farmer who works hard and is diligent in caring for his crops is rather stylized The crops and buildings are brightly colored The text is simple and sparse and doesn't really tell the storymaybe something is lost in translation? The original was in French As in real life the farmer struggles with weather and drought but with some surprising help from some friends everything comes out OK This is a New York TimesNew York Public Library best illustrated Book of the Year

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    Originally published in French this import has now been translated into English It tells the simple tale of Paul the farmer While others rest Paul is hard at work plowing and planting mowing and raking When a drought hits however it seems all his efforts were for naught Friends help and finally his friend the rain arrives Soon his small town is surrounded by the results of his labors Simple illustrations emphasize lines both vertical and horizontal This is a gently sweet story that might tie in with a spring story time

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    A uniue style and brilliant colors mark this picture book about a farmer who works hard only to have to deal with drought until friends come to lend a helping hand My favorite illustrations were the brilliant sun covering the dry land with all the withered plants and then the bright moon and the beautiful stars doing the same at night after Paul the farmer despairs A strong message for young readers demonstrates how helpful friends are never truly far away A New York TimesNew York Public Library Best Illustrated Children's Book for 2019