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The series is now complete She sent an innocent man to prison Now eight years later he's returning the favorI've been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen The twisted part of this story is that I still want him even now that he's holding me captive on an islandRafe has his reasons for doing what he's doing and if I'm honest I can't blame him I'm the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn't commitBut now he's free and the tables have turnednow he's the one driven by obsessionNOTE TO READERS Torrent is a dark romance with kidnapping and other disturbing themes Intended for mature readers Not for the faint of heart You've been warned Part 1 in the Condemned series

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    3 messed up stars Don’t you love when you finish a book and you just sit there thinking what in the actual fuck was that? I’m pretty sure that was my first thought after reading Torrent Dark twisted intense and messed up That’s the best way to describe this one I’m coming for you 
It all starts with a note When Alex receives this she knows her life is going to change She’s just not sure how After the innocent man she put in prison is out she knows something is coming Eight years Thats how long Rafe has been locked up For a crime he did not commit Now he’s out but his life has forever been changed When you’re convicted of a crime like this it’s hard to come back from that More than anything Rafe has uestions He wants to know why So he takes Alex somewhere no one else will find her He needs to know and he’ll use any means necessary to get the truth from Alex Alex was weak in so many ways but to endure what she did not only with Rafe but over the years it showed her strength Rafe Most of the book I couldn’t decide if I loved him or hated him He was violent and brooding but it was obvious he was in pain and vulnerable after all that had happened to him Some of the things Rafe did to Alex were dangerous and extreme but part of me didn’t blame Rafe for doing them It was intense but hearing how the last eight years had been for him and he had absolutely no answers it was what it was I’m anxious to see how things will be between them in the second book now that he has some of the truth If you’re looking for dark and hardcore this is the book for you It was a wild and torturous ride and had a crazy cliffhanger Overall I liked the story It was original and the writing was awesome I wish I would have felt an earlier connection to the characters but I’m hoping since I already ‘know’ them that won’t be an issue with the second book which I’m very much looking forward to reading If you like damaged heroes like me and you don’t mind a bit of a mind fuck I would recommend Torrent

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    FREE on US today 5252015COVERGASM Part 1 of 4 novellas Part 4 due summer 2015BLURB She sent an innocent man to prison Now eight years later he's returning the favor I’ve been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen The twisted part of this story is that I still want him even nowNow that he's holding me captive on an islandRafe has his reasons for doing what he's doing and if I'm honest I can't blame him I’m the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn't commitBut now he's free and the tables have turnednow he's the one driven by obsessionhttpwwwTorrent CondemnFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 400 books

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    ★★★ 3 StarsTorrent by author Gemma James is one of those books that left me thinking 'what the hell did I just read?' It was a mindfuck; that's for sure It was also a dark twisted messed up tale that involves some dubious content a tortured damaged hero out for revenge and a troubled broken heroine with a guilty conscience Eight years ago Alex De Luca sent an innocent man off to prison and now that he's released this man is out for revenge Rafe Mason has spent eight years of his life rotting away in a prison cell He's lost everything that mattered to him; his career his reputation his friends and family; all because of a lie told by a girl he once used to know so well But now that he's free he's determined to give her the same treatment he's been receiving for the past 8 years of his life I'm coming for you What Rafe doesn't know though is that Alex had a very good reason to lie and falsely accuse him of a crime he didn't commit Still she's determined to keep that reason to herself and make him think she lied just out of spite which in my opinion wasn't a very smart thing to do I found her reasoning a bit frustrating and hard to comprehend Both main characters's reasonings and ways of justifying what they did came a bit across as farfetched and unrealistic which is the main reason why I didn't enjoy this book as much Too much of me still hated herbut too much of me still wanted her How much messed up could I get? The other problem I had with the story was that I didn't fully connect with the characters and I didn't really 'get' their connection Aside from their obvious sexual chemistry and fierce attraction to each other they didn't seem to share much of an emotional bond I think if the characters would have spent time establishing an actual deeper connection I would have been able to understand them better and I could have been invested in their storyStill this author has a very easy flowing writing style and while I wasn't always a fan of the plot and character development the author most definitely kept me hooked with her writing Once I got into the story I just had to know what would happen next in this twisted tale and I was unable to put the book down Also the story ended with a major cliffhanger so I already know I'll be reading the seuel as soon as it comes out ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Perhaps there’s truth in saying pain can bring healing But what if it’s applied by the man she wrongfully sent to prison? Torrent maintains a steamy level of erotic suspense and anticipation that the conflicted characters fulfill with a pleasingly abundant amount of sexy physical connectionIt's an interesting exploration of two people seeking and accepting a resolution for their remorseful past This creates a new and fascinating dynamic in their captor captive relationshipRafe teeters on the verge of scary captor but never descends into that domain due to his intense emotional and sexual attraction to Alex It might be too hot to handle for prudes but then again it's the kind of story they might enjoy the mostThis is a hard to put down captive empowerment story with the kind of offbeat cliffhanger you will never expect It’s as vicious and unpredictable and rapid as awell a torrent Brilliant

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    Worst book everWriters need to stop romanticizing abusive relationships Seriously That's not a joke Rafe kidnaps her rapes her mistreats her suffocates her tries to drown her He puts Alex naked in a fucking cage in a dark and cold basement for days And when she is free to leave she decides to stay because she loves him and she says she wanted everything she went through??? Are you fucking kidding me??? For god's sake She could've died

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    If the line between love and hate is thin then the lines between anger and lust and fear and lust are emaciated I didn't dislike this book but it did leave me feeling senselessly jerked around purposefully confused and overloaded with secondary plots I didn't want or need The technical writing was fine 2 12 3 stars Him I got the idea the premise he's depraved capable of heartless shit and still has the remnants a moral compass It's how the author pushed the conflict toward each other annoyed me and felt inauthentic He blames kidnaps hurts her because she wronged him eight years ago He had unimaginable shit happen to him in prison which he claims unleashed a darkness that had always simmered below the surface Okay But does this sound like ^that^ man? Sorry I mumbled then shook my head because I had just apologized to a judgmental broad for simply standing in public Fuck these people Would that dark angry man cuddle her? Fall asleep with her and almost let her escape? Care if another man degraded her too? Basically the shift between moments of locking her in a cage and leaving her for days in her own filth vs coddling her have no bridges no moment where the salt and fresh water mix One minute he acts like he has feelings for her empathizes with her maybe forgives her and the next • What we shared was pure obsession nothing and nothing less and it was the sweetest madness in hell All the above said this is one of those dark books where you don't blame the MMC for any of his actions or at least I didn't Her I didn't blame her either I felt for her situation She's been taken advantage of in a way that's left her f'd up and full of self hate It's one of those books where you overlook what they've done to each other because you have someone else evil and vile to play villain Her stepbrother ruined their lives But like the MMC there are these huge personality jumps that just don't have any blend time or bridge to help the reader understand her She's frightened to death while she spends an eual amount of time sexually frustrated She doesn't want to die She never pauses to think he could kill her in strangling and drowning her She wants him to fuck her all rough and heavy handed She's mad because he ruined their first time by strangling her She wants to and tries to run away She refuses to leave when told to go It's always these polar opposites with no middle work to get you from north to south poles Too Much Secondary Plot The stepbrother the prison sentence the history of the relationships and the current timeline of her being kidnapped IS ENOUGH Dissecting his last relationship before prison the introduction of said OW into the plot line was the beginning of the end for me view spoiler He has a kid he never knew about with this woman who is now about to marry some asshole he didn't like back in school and happens to be the sheriff It's too much given all the other that's happening hide spoiler

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    This is the second time I am posting thisthank you to all the haters who FLAGif you don't like my gifs or what I have to saythen UNFRIEND ME Book – Torrent Condemned #1Author – Gemma JamesPublication Date – July 22 2014Type – Part of SeriesGenre – DarkRating – 4 ½ out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewReviewWownow that was some fucked up shit  I kept waiting and waiting for the softer side of DARK to rear its angelic facebut HELL NO  This one kept me on the edge of my seat and ended with my desire for   Now off the next uestionwhen can I get ? I enjoyed Ms James writing abilities and the words flowed impeccably so much so that I felt I was watching the scenes play out in my head – she does have a fantastic capacity of imagination with her descriptionsThis ends in the most mind bending cliffhanger that I can’t function until I find out what happens next with Rafe and AlexRe CapAlex has a secret – in fact she has many and these aren’t the type of secrets which produce giggles these are the ones that hurt and can kill  She lives day by day haunted with the lies she told and the nightmare that she calls “brother”Then comes the day where her lies and secrets show up at her door and HE won’t be happy until he learns the truth and exacts his revengeWrap UpGripping mind bending fantastical journey through the revenge of a man brought unfairly to justice against the girl who put him there

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    From the first line to the last I could not put this book down It was that great Gemma James has mastered the art of writing deliciously naughty dark romances This story was sizzling The chemistry between Alex and Rafe was off the charts The emotions were raw and intense I didn't expect so much depth in such a short book I was blown away by how uickly I got sucked into the plot and how conflicted I felt about Alex's situation as both the villain and victim Wow just wow I loved this dark and twisted story I cannot wait to see how the next book in the series plays out

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    Torrent by Gemma JamesGenres Adult Crime Dark Erotica Romance Suspense475 StarsNot for those of a delicate nature It hits on some very HARD CORE and controversial topics The things that Rafe Alex go through is nothing short of horrific Their story is gripping and provocative Exceptionally well written Powerful intense and DARKLY EROTIC The uestion is Are you man or woman enough to read it?

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    35 Stars For a story about revenge taboos and the excruciating deeper thoughts of a wronged man After being sent to prison for 8 years accused of a vile crime he didn't commit Rafe is finally free And he has some plans for AlexAlex the girl who sent him there is the bane of his existence He wants her craves her like an addict but at the same time hates her with all of his heart But it's not that simple She had to go through an awful life herself Nothing is what it looks likeShe is a victim herself in ways than just one and no matter what happened to her she still harbors very strong feelings for the only man she ever loved and that is of course RafeThe story was good dark well writen very cruel and intense I liked it a lot except a few things like the choking he did it way too many times the inability of Alex to tell the truth right away maybe even Rafe's reasoning for being so hard on her and the whole story with NikkiI want to read the next book because this on ends with a boom and i'm sure there is 'crazy' ahead of us I am also very interesting about JaxTHOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Everything that could have gone wrong with those two surely went The writer doesn't sugarcote many things That is refreshing the harsh reality is present in so many ways and mostly with Rafe's time in prison Zach i hated him right away and i can't wait to see what will happen next I hope for a cruel death or justice Dual POV But Rafe's point is delineate Jax i think he is a good friend in a very weird way The ending is something differnt and leaves you with many uestions ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review Thank you