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SHORTLISTED FOR THE BOLLINGER EVERYMAN WODEHOUSE PRIZE FOR COMIC WRITING 2019Meet Charlie Savage a middle aged Dubliner with an indefatigable wife an exasperated daughter a drinking buddy who’s realized that he’s been a woman all along Compiled here for the first time is a whole year’s worth of Roddy Doyle’s hilariousseries for the Irish Independent Giving a uniue voice to the everyday he draws a portrait of a man – funny loyal somewhat bewildered – trying to keep pace with the modern world if his knees don’t give out first

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    This a compilation of humorous sketches for the Irish Independent which works just as well as a novel As far as I am concerned Roddy Doyle has never written a dud book especially when it's a comedy as in this case and a sheer delight from beginning to end Although it could be considered lightweight fiction by some I am giving it five stars because laugh out loud farce is extremely difficult to pull off and Doyle has the magic touch Treat yourself

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    Loved this book full of wit and laugh out loud moments everyone needs a Charlie Savage in their life

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    This novel is presented as weekly newspaper columns for an Irish paper I found them well written and lighthearted funny overall I’m going to try of this author

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    Oh my goodness how I loved this book I laughed so much my husband thought I was choking I could not read in bed as I normally do because I would have kept him awake Not only laughing but digging him in the ribs to read out the funny chapters I love all of Roddy Doyles's books since seeing the film The Commitments I was born in the Irish Republic where this book is set although we are not all as nice or mad as the lovely Savage family I wish they had been my family mine were far too serious Roddy can write a story where I imagine I am inside the book alongside the people in the story Irish people are a humorous lot without realising they are most of the time My UK husband of 40 years still does not understand my wicked sense of humour Most of the time he says ''Your being sarcastic'' I promise I am not I am happy being funny and have no intention of changing Enough about myself I highly recommend this book I will not tell you any of the story because that would spoil it for you You will just have to take my word for it Roddy Doyle you are a brilliant author hope your already writing the next book

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    This was just a witty gruff hilarious slice of life that flowed by very uickly If you can make it through some of the Irish slang this is a splendid way to wile away the afternoon

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    A year’s worth of stories featuring Charlie Savage a middle aged man his family living in Dublin These were submitted to the Irish Independent Laugh out loud funny book

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    My first Roddy Doyle and it won't be my last Originally written as a series for the 'Irish Independent ' the book follows Charlie's daily life filled with uplifting thoughtful and laugh out loud moments Lifted my day😁

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    Absolutely splendid read Such insight and humour Really resonated with me Must be my age

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    I absolutely loved this book I have such an affinity for the Irish culture and humour This was gas I think I’m using that right

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    This is Roddy at his best There is a similar comic style to those classic early Barrytown novels but this time there it's the life and thoughts of a sixty plus year old man in changing world This is a collection of serialised newspaper articles with each chapter generally being a self contained piece but it all goes together so well and Charlie for all his faults is a great character Hugely enjoyable x