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Carter Dixon deals with rumors every day That’s the way he likes it One little hookup combined with a bathroom scandal during his homecoming dance sent the rumor mill into overdrive Now he’s The Man At least as far as everyone believes Who cares if he’s not really what everyone thinks But when he accidentally texts the wrong person he starts to wish he’d never let the rumor mill run rampant Emma Sanchez couldn’t care less about high school drama Senior year is halfway over and she's only focused on applying to a good art school graduating and not getting involved Okay there is the occasional boy talk with her best friend Then she gets a text message from an unknown number and starts to think maybe there is a guy out there unlike every other high school boy Especially guys like Carter Dixon One wrong number can lead to the right person

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    Definitely not worth the read It´s a typical high school instant love book

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    3 Meh StarsThe main characters popular sports player and the girl who doesn’t care for school politics fall in love through texting one anotherThis was ok a predictable YA romance Some of the scenes and interactions between the main characters reminded me a little of the movie ‘A Cinderella Story’ 2004 starting Hilary Duff and Chad Michael MurrayNo driving urge to read any of the other books in the series one is on my kindle since it was a freebie won’t be leaping on it anytime soonAcuired via KU

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    This was a great YA romance I engaged with both characters almost immediately and really enjoyed seeing them navigate issues of reputation and intimacy and authenticity I liked how Emma didn't care about some things but couldn't get out of her own way with boys until she had the buffer of anonymity or anger And I liked how Carter didn't care about some things until he found that some things carry a higher cost than he had expected and that maybe he should care after all And I liked how well Tucker handled the anonymous relationship turning into a secret keeping one turning into making the choice to reach for something better for both characters though in completely different waysThe only real problem I have with the story is Emma falling for Carter a little fast even before she has all the facts in Her turn around didn't uite gel with me until she gets the full disclosure I think it ended up in the right place but there were a couple of chapters where I just rolled with it because I really wanted them to be together and was willing to suspend stricter characterization to get thereThere were two additional issues that felt just cheap One was how poorly copy edited the book is It's almost all missing or added words that show evidence of an edit gone wrong And there are a lot of them with some sections having multiple instances on a single page The other was the Epilogue that wasn't an epilogue like at all It shifted to Carter's friend's PoV and amounts to a previewtease for upcoming book with him as lead I felt robbed because though we see a little of Carter and Emma it isn't the kind of closureHEA that I expect when I see the word EpilogueSo this doesn't have the Oomph to get to five stars but I'm happy to give it four I'm definitely interested in from the author but I hope he does better with the copy editing and my expectations for what Epilogues areA note about Chaste These are modern teens so sex is a topic of discussion and some of it is frank though not terribly detailed Neither main character is the type to be frivolous about sex however and this story ends with them deciding to be together so there's nothing on page but some great kissing So I consider it chaste though the talk around and about sex may be than some want to include in that label

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    OMG OMG OMG that was sooo cute 3 3 sooo in love with this book D I loved everything about it if you liked Geekerella by Ashley Potson and the movie You've Got Mail you love this book so so adorable it's short and really sweet and fluffy no drama at all

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    I was just looking for a uick romance read on kindle unlimited and this is what I found Satisfied the romance need but the writing itself was not great Also they fell in love over texting for a few weeks which just annoys me

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    This book was so cute I was gasping and smiling throughout the whole thing I can’t wait to read the next one

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    This was a cute first book in the series I liked both main characters and I thought the way they started up was clever It was interesting to see a rumor mill backfire the way it did it was a good take on the ridiculousness of high school

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    The things we don't correct can be the lies that tear us apartIs it a lie to let people believe that you did something you didn't? I am not sure but as this story shows allowing people to believe lies even if you were not the one to tell them can cause all sorts of problems Sometimes the problems are from those who do not like you because they believe the lies that you allow Sometimes the problems come when people find out the truth and are hurt This story is about reputations and all that happens when we allow people to believe we are something we are not

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    This book kinda bores me a bit If you saw the movie “you’ve got mail” with meg Ryan and Tom Hanks well this is the Book for you It’s basically the same story but through text messages and it’s based in high school I had to skim through the whole book just to get to the text messages they exchange with eachother I’m glad the boom is over it was cute but could have been way better

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    😊😊😊😊Emma and Carter had me smiling throughout the whole book I was rooting for them since they first started texting each other I loved the little mystery there was in the beginning Not knowing who was who I loved getting to know them Emma and Carter were absolutely awesome 📲🎨🏀❤