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Talk Triggers is the definitive practical guide on how to use bold operational differentiators to create customer conversations written by best selling authors and marketing experts Jay Baer and Daniel LeminWord of mouth is directly responsible for 19% of all purchases and influences as much as 90% Every human on earth relies on word of mouth to make buying decisions Yet even today fewer than 1% of companies have an actual strategy for generating these crucial customer conversations Talk Triggers provides that strategy in a compelling relevant timely book that can be put into practice immediately by any businessThe key to activating customer chatter is the realization that same is lame Nobody says let me tell you about this perfectly adeuate experience I had last night The strategic operational differentiator is what gives customers something to tell a story about Companies including the 30 profiled in Talk Triggers must dare to be different and exceed expectations in one or palpable ways That's when word of mouth becomes involuntary the customers of these businesses simply MUST tell someone else Talk Triggers contains Proprietary research into why and how customers talk More than 30 detailed case studies of extraordinary results from Doubletree Hotels by Hilton and their warm cookie upon arrival The Cheesecake Factory and their giant menu Five Guys Burgers and their extra fries in the bag Penn Teller and their nightly meet and greet sessions and a host of delightful small businesses The 4 5 6 learning system the 4 reuirements for a differentiator to be a talk trigger; the 5 types of talk triggers; and the 6 step process for creating talk triggers Surprises in the text that are of course word of mouth propellantsConsumers are wired to discuss what is different and ignore what is average Talk Triggers not only dares the reader to differentiate it includes the precise formula for doing itCombining compelling stories inspirational examples and practical how to Talk Triggers is the first indispensable book about word of mouth It's a book that will create conversation about the power of conversation

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    The main point of this book is that your business's sales will increase if you give your customers a story a talk trigger to tell their friends and family For example people talk about The Cheesecake Factory 's exhaustive menu and Hilton Double Tree's warm cookies at check in Give people a story to talk about and they will market your brand for youThe book outlines what counts as a talk trigger Then it talks about how to create talk triggers how to measure their success and then how to expand and amplify them In a nutshell a talk trigger must be remarkable relevant to your area of business reasonable and repeatable It should focus on empathy usefulness generosity speed or attitude You'll know it's working when customers feel compelled to share their experiences with othersOne of the sections I found most useful is the one on potential obstacles that you might face as you consider a new talk trigger for your business Author Jay Baer statesEmployees and customers share an inability to envision things that are different Different is hard Different can be an unfortunate reminder of the unimaginative side of human beings Sometimes the gatekeepers blocking your way are afraid the idea won't work which might blow back on them or they're worried that it will work and its success will somehow tarnish their reputation for creativityNo matter what though Baer encourages readers to keep thinking outside the box to consider new ideas Allow new ideas time to work he says yet don't be afraid to abandon them if they aren't Above all don't let the haters get you down and don't give upOverall Baer delivers a positive and empowering message using uniue and creative strategies I ended up really enjoying this book Thanks to Portfolio and Vine for the ARCSee of my book reviews at wwwbugbugbookscom

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    There are a lot of good tips in here that can be applied to smaller businesses however the examples in book are primarily huge chains Well written and packed in a easy to digest format I'd recommend for any business owner or brand manager for creating something special that will get talked about can be repeated and will last

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    One of the greatest challenges for a brand I've been working on generating client referrals and social media buzz for our construction euipment for years in my current role Reading this book has pushed me up a level in my determination Key insight are to involve the whole team and to also include the talking trigger subtlety in other marketing activities

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    Highly recommend to every business owner and marketerThis book doesn't just explain why word of mouth is important and it doesn't stop at defining the four essential criteria for an effective talk trigger or conclude after suggesting the five types of talk triggers It follows through with six steps on how to create a talk trigger in your businessThis book is a resource for real business changing actionI really like the uick reference guide in the back that summarizes each chapter I'm sure I'll be pulling this one off the bookshelf once in a while to referenceEvery business values word of mouth but less than 1% of businesses have a plan to earn word of mouth Read this book Be one of the 1%

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    This is a great book for business owners marketers and salespeople It'll get you thinking outside of the box on ways to grow your revenue in a meaningful way I first learned about Talk Triggers through a podcast episode and thought that it was enough Yet the book goes much into detail as expected duh Flow 55 easy to read and bingeable Actionability 55 the book shares some specific step by step instructions that you can follow to apply what you will be learning Mindset 45 it will offer new perspectives for business owners marketers and salespeople on how to engage your current and potential clients in meaningful and memorable ways Some Of My Highlightssparking a conversation about your brand among a network of loosely connected humans is cheaper but infinitely complex It reuires patience faiths and agility not traits that have traditionally been valued in CMOsReal influencers rarely need to be paid In fact most of then can't be bought It's a failure of our profession that so many marketers still don't get thatthe success of brands like Slack CrossFit Chipotle Dropbox Tesla and Google have proved that word of mouth marketing creates not just customers but loyal passionate advocatesResearchers David Godes and Dina Mayzlin found that a single word of mouth conversation by a new customer leads to an almost 200 increase in restaurant salesA USP is a feature articulated with a bullet point that is discussed in a conference room A talk trigger is a benefit articulated with a story that is discussed at a cocktail partyWord of mouth is perhaps the most effective and cost effective ways to grow any company19 percent of all consumer purchases in the United States were directly caused by offline or online word of mouth activitythe impact of recommendations and referrals in business to business B2B scenarios is actually far greater due to the considered nature of most purchases the high average prices and the limited number of total customers63 percent of business owners believed that than half of their overall revenue came from referrals Yet 90 percent of those respondents had no defined system for generating those referralsTypically messages passed within tight trusted networks have less reach but greater impact than those circulated through dispersed communities

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    With the advent of the Internet and social media word of mouth marketing has come into its own Word of mouth was always a potent force offline but online its force has only amplified The trouble I find is the excess noise Yes everybody’s doing it and your product’s survival is at stake What can make your product thrive via word of mouth? Baer and Lemin offer some answers with their concept of Talk TriggersTalk Triggers are things that cause people to talk freely about a product Examples include Doubletree’s free cookies and The Cheesecake Factory’s expansive menu These emblems end up defining a product and sponsor its success Baer and Lemin talk about what makes an effective Talk Trigger and differentiate it from mere gimmicks They also provide a couple real life examples in each chapter of how a business thrives using some element of a Talk TriggerThe authors also provide a template on how to create and re create a Talk Trigger for the reader’s business They reference online resources worksheets that help the reader put the penpencil to the paper and shape their business ventures Their goal is not simply to introduce a new concept; they aim to enhance business practiceI find their concept very practical and easy to implement The work of inspiring the reader is achieved by abundant instances of real life use It’s fun and interesting to read about how businesses have been successful via viral word of mouth campaigns It seems that Baer and Lemin are especially aware that they merely highlight an existing practice instead of inventing something newIt would be nice if the authors extended their work from the study of business practices vis a vis word of mouth into the psychology of how to come up with effective Talk Triggers Obviously some Triggers are effective than others They acknowledge this fact suarely but they do not delve deeply into the psychology of what makes a particular Talk Trigger effective than another If they were to write a follow up work on this topic I’d definitely take the time to read it

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    I find books about customer service and customer reactions interesting so that's why this book caught my eye it's about talk triggers and word of mouth marketing I'd never heard the term talk triggers beforeThe sections are Why word of mouth works The four talk trigger criteria be remarkable relevant reasonable and repeatable The five types of talk triggers talkable empathy talkable usefulness talkable generosity talkable speed and talkable attitude Creating talk triggers in six steps gather internal insights get close to your customers create candidate talk triggers test and measure your talk triggers expand and turn on and amplify your talk trigger Appendix summaries of the chapters including the key points and key dataI liked that there were case studies in all the chapters For example they discussed how Doubletree Hotels by Hilton give you a warm cookie when you check in I've stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Regina SK a few times and yes they do give you a warm cookie sometimes two when you check in And yes I've told others about it and mentioned it in my blog posts and Yelp posts And yes it is one of the reasons I stay at this hotel when I go to Regina I didn't realize there was a term for it ie talk trigger The book also discusses Five Guys Burger and Fries I've had a burger and fries at a few of their restaurants Even if you are eating in your order comes in a bag And regardless of the size of fries you order they intentionally give you hence the bag and yes they do And yes I have mentioned the abundance of fries in my blog posts and Yelp posts without realizing it was their talk triggerBlog review post

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    Based on my views the book is an exciting piece that demonstrates the right way to increase sales by giving customers stories about products and services I also indicated that the material provides crucial insights into the best ways to encourage customers to share information with their friends and relatives For example I captured the talk about The Cheesecake’s menu that gives clients something to talk about and market the company’s brand Baer Lemin 2018 I further argued that it outlines the various elements of a Talk Trigger including the process of creating the triggers testing and measuring their effectiveness I agree with the idea of Talk Triggers being relevant reasonable and remarkable to capture the interests of different clients The three factors create a compelling message that motivates clients to share experiences with other people I also identified chapter one of the book as one of the most insightful parts that reveal the challenges faced by organizations as they strive to implement Talk Triggers For instance Baer and Lemin indicated that employees and customers share an inability to envision different things In this case it is crucial to understand the unimaginative aspect of human beings that influences their creativity My thought about the book concludes by stressing that it encourages readers to be critical thinkers who consider new ideas

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    Fantastic book I help companies design experiences for their customers and far too often they think that means nothing than making the process faster and friendlier But if your goal is to get the process over as uickly as possible that's just better service; not an experience Too often those businesses just make themselves less remarkable rather than This book along with its free online worksheets gives you a way to avoid that trap; by designing something remarkable into your operations They call it a talk trigger and give examples like the warm cookie upon check in at a Doubletree Hotel the huge menu at the Cheesecake Factory free soft drinks at an Indiana amusement park and many If I have one criticism of the book it's that they have the same limited definition of customer experience that I referenced above Most of their mentions of customer experience are what I would call customer service A customer experience only comes when you have something remarkable enough to create a memory in the customerBut while their definition of customer experience was a bit off their solution is right on design something repeatable into your process that gets customers talking about you Design a talk trigger

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    Jay Baer has been making the podcast circuits with his new book Talk Triggers The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth I found his interviews to be convincing enough to purchase the book He definitely added to the conversation of branding with this book What is the talk trigger for your business? Do you have one? This book will help you discover or create one Read