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Patti Jacobson is a young teenager from Duluth Minnesota Hanging out in bars at the age of fifteen she finds herself involved with wrong type of people Convinced that she can make 'big money' as a prostitute she is caught in a miserable degrading spiral of sex crime and disillusionment Running away from her life in one city after another it seemed that she would never escape the ruthless sordid world of prostitution

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    I am not sure how to rate this now if it was back in 1979ish I was 11 when I started that school when I first picked this and the rest of the John Benton books book up off the library shelf at the very small Christian school I attended WHO thinks these kind of books were okay for sheltered naive uninformed kids? Because they had a christian message that made them okay Trust me we were not reading them for that message that's for darn sure I would have rated it 5 stars I was totally into these books as it showed a world I had never seen before and I read them over and over and over again I could have cared less about the message; it was all about the details and the sex and the salaciousness of them And now as an adult who has seen the world and looks at things through a much different lens these books seemtawdry and very sensationalized and a bit scandalous IMO So I am going to leave this one and all the others that I am going to review with this same review with no rating I am really torn now as an adult as to what I think about these books

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    1st Read January 28 January 30 1996 I had run out of reading material again and dove into some of my sister's books that she's had since the '70 and '80's I'd read a couple of the John Benton stories and always liked the outcome of them This was no exception Just this past December of 2014 I had read a book called The Cross and the Switchblade by Reverend David Wilkerson It struck a similarity to these stories So I googled his name and John Benton'ssure enough they worked together after meeting in 1965 They went on crusades to preach to the masses and help get children off of drugs particularly heroin As well as getting them off the streets into a better system of life they founded The Walter Hoving House's