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Master of all the benefits of 17th century medical science Dr Richard Oliver Wormset returns to his native Bridgewater to wed his fiancee Deborah Gadney But great events have touched peaceful Bridgewater Deborah and four of her schoolfellows have been transported to the Indies for complicity in the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion

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    The only other reviewer has given this only two stars That I cannot understandI first read this book in the early 70s whilst on shift work and this is a belated re read It is very cleverly written and very funny though to get all the half hidden jokes that abound you would need to know some of the history of the times It amused me sufficiently to get other novels by its author John James Votan just as funny Not For All the Gold in Ireland not uite as funny and Men went to Catraeth not funnyThe tale is of two opposing special agents of the Johnny English ilk told by one of them a doctor well versed in the somewhat amusing cures of the times who supports King James II against William and Mary Five young women are sent as bond servants to the West Indies for an act that they were innocent of including the main man's betrothed who he barely knows After a whole load of misadventures two have died two married and his fiancee returned to England in the hands of his foe Most of the book is fun but there are some very serious moments in it and the Dr learns just what marriage involves from the fate of the four girls who never came back to EnglandI won't give the whole plot as I want you to get a copy of the book and read it yourselfA very very amusing tale

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    John James tries to be Voltaire and fails The joke wears thin after a whileActually the best thing about this book is that Goodreads suggested Did you mean Servants of Satan? when I entered it