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From internationally best selling author of historical romance Walks With Him Comanche Bride Moves The Windis how the Comanche describe a stallion that eludes capture It is said that the beast is both horse and spirit running free between this world and the next To ride this horse is the greatest desire among men—until she came into their world Abandoned in the wilds with sickly baby sister Ivy wanders into the path of a Comanche out on the chase He is terrifying with his long hair and body made from the granite cliffs that surrounds them but she needs him to save her sister’s life The Comanche name her Walks With Him and her beauty has started a war from within One man wants to enslave her while the other wants to capture her heart and set her free The price is impossible The first to capture the spirit horse will be given the woman The real gift is who the woman gives of herself Her name is Walks With Him and this is her story Each book is a stand alone and does not need to be read in order This is for the over 18 reader due to sexual content Be sure to read to the end for the captivating Epilogue and for Author links Thank you for taking this journey with me Author Elle Marlow

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    I love this I can't wait for I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads And letting everyone know about itSo i gave it a 5 Stars

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    Eh was kind of boring

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    I'm a huge fan of Native American romances There's something about people living off the land the sense of community in tribes and the alpha maleness of the men I always find the names and customs so interesting to read about as well I loved how 'Moves the Wind' the mystical horse was woven into the story Horserunner is a fascinating character with his half white half Comanche blood He doesn't quite fit in anywhere Although Ivy or Walks With Him had moments where I wanted to shake her in the end she won me over I really wanted these two to find a happily ever after The ending is great I also enjoyed the secondary characters Overall this is a lovely story There is a bit of 'telling' and there are grammar errors throughout so fair warning if those are your hot button Personally those did not bother me because the core story was so lovely I received an ARC from the author This is my honest and voluntary review

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    All stereotypes of the great plains Indians are mentioned horses buffalo hunts etcetera and I am not certain things are represented historically correct Feels a bit as a young adult tale with some bedscenes to spice things up And to think you can understand a language in just a few days I travelled the Middle East for 5 weeks and could come up with good morning a few numbers and coffee and tea and thank you

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    WALKS WITH HIM COMANCHE BRIDE BRIDE Elle Marlow writes a heart warming love story about circumstances that will either break a person or make them stronger Very well written about a time that today's society would rather forget ever happened however this may be a work of fiction but the era that the book is about was very real This writer is very talented☺☺

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    Walks With Him Comanche BrideI gave this book a rating of 5 The author is quite deserving of this rating The book which she wrote is very interesting and a pleasure to read I love reading Native American Historical stories and this was excellent

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    A Very Good ReadI thought this was a very good read I wish it wouldn't have ended as abrupt as it did but it was still a good read and I was surprised to read it was based on real life characters

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    5stars5 stars for this book great book to read i did not much about the Indian nation but very interesting book to read i would love to find out if her sister baby deer became a healer

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    A heart warming storyWalks with him is a story of two sisters trials of life in the 1800s They find heartbreak fear and loneliness They also find family love and acceptance It was well written and kept me turning the pages

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    This book was well written I couldn't put it down once I started reading I absolutely loved reading about the characters and their adventures I can't wait to read from this writer