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After the tragic death of Will Tidwell’s sixteen year old sister his father moves him and his mother to an unusual neighborhood one in which is incased in a mysterious fog and Will can’t find it on any map A place where kids roam freely until dark and the only teachers at the time warped school glide through the hallways unmindful of their students Will’s mother lay in a state of hopelessness while his father drifts aimlessly among them leaving Will to wonder if his family is aliveAlongside the humans that walk the earth are earthbound spirits who have not properly followed the light to the other side also known as heaven They remain here on earth whether they know they are dead or not it accounts for many ghost hauntings and sightings One only sees what they want to see Money tossed on a table could really be flowers tossed on a grave Mista Daken is a story of fiction about a young boy caught between a spiritual world