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Tobias an eight thousand year old demon has lived his life on cruise control longer than he can remember Nothing excites him Nothing awes him Then turning his world upside down his long awaited eternal mate hijacks his mind and works her way right into his heart into his soul Hunted by a sadistic immortal for three years Jessie doesn’t want to know a damn thing about vampires werewolves demons or shapeshifters Then tempting her to reevaluate her hatred for all supernatural beings the most powerful immortal she has ever encountered walks into her life vowing to protect her and claiming to be her mate

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    Tobias Daniels is a 8000 yr old dragon who never thought he would meet his mate after all the time Well he has Jessie Kraai who is a very powerful human psychic and who fights him tooth and nail I wanted to slap her she just was so frustrating Then we have Tobias' friend Otaktay who is a 12000 yr old saber tooth tiger and I just loved him he's got a sassy mouth There is also an evil demon Guss Eckhart who wants revenge against Tobias by getting hold of Jessie Guss considers himself a God and is head of a Cult Wes Corbett a bounty hunter who unbeknownst to Jessie is trying to protect and he's also Tobias' sister Amber's mate Jessie is also looking for her friend Allana Meadows who disappeared from Guss' compound What a wild ride this book is grabs you in from beginning to the endHas plenty of action romance some humor thrown in dragon demons and hell traps Things eventually do turn out and we have our HEA I loved this book and highly recommend it You'll fall in love with Tobias too

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    Well worth the wait I love this series and have been patiently waiting to read Tobias's story and Candace did not disappoint What a great read

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    This is book six in this series This whole series is a great pile of paranormal yumminess I love all the characters In this book Tobias finally meets his mate Here psychic powers are very powerful Jessie is a perfect match for him Takes her a while to realize it though after being hunted for three years by a demon But things aren't always what they seem And I hope the problem causing Amber gets it together soon and starts treating her man better Over all I was very pleased with this book Need 😀

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    What's not to love?Jessie is running for her life and too stubborn to know a good thing when she merges her mind with the sexy dragon shifter Tobias This book has adventure a nasty villan Romance stubborn women and Hott sexy men who refuses to give up on them Seriously What's not to love?

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    Hot Blooded Breath of DarknessI swear I wanted to hit Tobias for acting like a caveman and his sister and her mate for always hiding things from him Although I have to give Wes credit for stepping up and telling him about the demon that was targeting Jessie If not for Wes he wouldn't have found Jessie soon enough

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    This series keeps you on the edge Love the characters Can't wait to read what happens next

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    Book Hot Blooded Breath Of DarknessAuthor Candice StaufferPublication Date 10252017Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook NutsMy Rating 5 Stars REVIEWTobias I have been waiting for his story forever it seems Tobias has always been in control and then one minute he no longer is Something is turning this Demons world upside down and inside out Jessie is a gifted female and is being hunted One second she is on the run and the next she is in the mind of a very sexy stranger Can these two break the odds and live to tell the tale?Grab your copy and find out I have enjoyed all the books in this series and would say you should start with book one “I read this book via Kindle Unlimited”Candice Stauffer