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When Corrie Windsor's roommate dies in a car accident she leaves behind her four year old daughter Ella Corrie loves the little girl and hopes to adopt her but instead she’ll have to stand by while Ella’s uncle steps in to take custody If things aren’t awkward enough there’s a chemistry between them that neither wants to acknowledgePreston Ford can’t imagine instant parenthood especially considering he just chickened out of proposing to his girlfriend However once he meets Ella there’s no other choice The time he spends with her and Corrie solidifies an alliance between the three of them a plan to give Ella the stability she needs But reality can sometimes turn the best of plans upside down With than one heart hanging in the balance how long can their platonic teamwork really last? Romance has never been this complicated

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    This was a quick read and I liked it pretty well Most of that is Corrie and Ella I loved their relationship and how it was pretty clear from the start that Corrie has been mother to the toddler than the girl's actual mother was I loved how Corrie was willing to do the hard things and didn't hesitate to uproot herself just to make Ella's transition to Preston's care easierPreston was a lot harder to engage with and a lot of that was how he was entangled with his girlfriendfiancée Nicole It's clear from the start that the relationship is shallow and that he isn't really the man for her any than she's the woman for him So him continuing on with her gets old fast But the worst part is that view spoilerhe's not able to see it for himself Nicole is the one who breaks up out of a kind of neediness that was clear to see from the start hide spoiler

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    The Start of UsRachel JohnReceived from authorTHE START OF US is the first book in the A Change in Plans series Corrie Windsor is baby sitting her room mates daughter four year old Ella Policemen knock on her door to tell her there has been a tragic accident and April is dead Corrie has been watching Ella for three years She met April when she was down on her luck and homeless after being dumped by her ex boyfriend and being evicted Her heart went out to baby Ella and she decided to take them in Basically Ella has known Corrie all of her life What is going to happen to Ella now? Corrie remembers that April has a brother She is contacted by Preston and he lets her know that he is coming to meet Ella and take care of April's affairs Will he be taking Ella home with him? THE START OF US is a very quick read and I was instantly pulled in to this heart breaking story It is filled with romance and fun but also sadness and misunderstandings Preston is also trying to deal with his girlfriend Nicole He has just told her that he bought her an engagement ring but isn't ready to give it to her Well you can imagine how that makes Nicole feel and now he is on his way to meet his niece which might just be a life changing eventCorrie loves Ella as if she were her own daughter and when Preston asks her to move to Arizona to help with Ella's transition she doesn't even hesitate for a second Now the fun begins THE START OF US has a strong lesson that communication is the key These two adults keep running circles around each other because they are both afraid to open their mouths and let their feelings be known It is frustrating but also very funny They both make mistakes but eventually they do learn from them I've never read Rachel John before but I'm excited to continue with this series

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    I loved this one It’s a fairly quick read at 156 pages it is longer than a novella but still short enough to get read in a day or two at least for me The characters were well developed and lovable And while somewhat predictable there was also originality to this oneThis is the first book in a series but they will likely be companion novels as this stands alone I’m looking forward to Rachel’s next book and will most definitely read itRating 5 Stars – I loved itSource Kindle UnlimitedContent Squeaky Clean Just a couple kisses2018 Book 10

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    Alas this was another DNF book I’ve read a couple of other books by this author and quite enjoyed them but this one sputtered on me There isn’t anything bad about it and I almost finished before I simply gave up and moved to the next book I did get pretty close to the end though as you shall soon read if you keep reading this review Corrie Windsor is a young woman who teaches on line She also seems to have absorbed a neighbour and her little girl She ends up looking after the little girl Ella and quite a bit and loves her deeply When Ella’s mother dies Corrie is hoping to adopt her But it turns out April the mom had family and April’s brother Preston who hadn’t had contact with April for years has decided that he wants to adopt Ella though He doesn’t realize at first how close Corrie and Ella have become and when he does he invites her to move with he and Ella and continue to be part of her lifeBut Preston has a girlfriend he’s on the brink of proposing and he’s finding he has growing feelings for Corrie So what is a fellow to do?This was the outline of the book I found the conflict resolved itself very easily as it wasn’t much of a conflict if you ask me So when it was resolved and there was still some of the book left I didn’t bother reading any longer because if conflict did arise it would be manufactured I have a lot of books to read and not a whole lot of time since I seem to be buying at 3 x’s the speed of reading So overall not a bad book just kind of disappointing for me

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    This is a sweet story with a little four year old girl and a romantic triangle Corrie is already of a mother to little Ella than April her roommate and then April is killed in a car accident as the story begins The reader never even meets her Corrie works online in her Albuquerque apartment teaching eighth and ninth grade students remotely making it possible for her to manage caring for Ella while April was at work It's heartrending situation for Corrie who knows she has no legal status but dreads having Ella taken away from her Ella's uncle Preston who's been estranged from his sister April for years flies in from Arizona to meet his niece and decide what to do about her Preston has been in a committed relationship with Natalie for the past two years but has been unable to pull the trigger on proposing marriage Preston immediately bonds with Ella and decides he'll adopt her Once he realizes how attached Ella is to Corrie and how dedicated Corrie is to the little tyke he proposes that she move to Arizona knowing the importance of keeping her in Ella's life Since Corrie's online work can be done anywhere and she has no real ties to Albuquerque she gratefully agreesNaturally Preston and Corrie are instantly attracted to each other With Ella coming to live with him he DOES get engaged to Natalie so he and Corrie both ignore the mutual attration but must see each other regularly since she watches Ella all day while he worksThe characters are developed well for the most part Preston comes across as a guy who has a good heart but is really really bad at explaining himself While the reader can tell Natalie probably isn't right for him she's not portrayed as a villain or a bad person she's just in a situation she never anticipated and Preston doesn't always handle things well Ella is generally believable as a typical four year old As for Corrie I'm rooting for her of course but she's a bit too unselfish and perfect to be true Then in the latter half of the book her continued resistance to Preston is positively bewildering I also found I wanted to know about April's history Once she and her abusive boyfriend had split why did she continue to rebuff attempts from her brother and mother to re connect? We get clues but no real explanationThe same is true of Corrie There are hints that she had some kind of negative romantic experience in the past Perhaps that's the root of her over cautiousness with Preston but a clear description of what happened is never providedThe writing itself is excellent I do love the unusual premise I enjoyed the first half of the book than the second though the eventual proposal scene in the Epilogue had me smiling Content is clean

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    UnputdownableA compelling read that drew me in and kept my attention from start to finish An uplifting well written story with a lot of warmthCorrie's room mate died in a car accident leaving a four year old daughter alone in the world Corrie wants to adopt the little girl she had helped taking care of when her handsome uncle comes to claim her and move her awayPreston understands that his little niece is attached to Corrie and offer her a place in their life alongside his girlfriend despite his own attraction for herHeartily recommend this bookRated chaste

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    Cute story The main characters were engaging and the secondary characters were very well done and added to the story Will read from this author

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    DNF at 18%Nothing wrong with the writing but the child seems to be the focus of the story and I find her uninteresting I like to read romance for the development of the relationship between the two protagonists not to read about a childNot rating

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    The Start of Us by Rachel John book one in the A Change in Plans series is a sweet and powerful story of the influence of family and true love Although a fairly quick read John brings to life the importance of strong relationships of family and friendship love between adults and children as well as between romantic love between two adults of the opposite gender John has excellent writing skills that draw readers to this story of beautiful and tender emotions that help bring the characters and their stories to life Readers will not soon forget this epic and emotional storySeries A Change of PlansGenre contemporary romancePublisher IndiePublication date October 24 2017Number of pages 156A review copy of this book was provided by the author A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own

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    This was a really interesting premise The story was sweet and I liked the natural progression of the love story