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As part of the relaunch of the My America series Sharon Dennis Wyeth introduces readers to Corey Birdsong a slave boy in antebellum Kentucky This is the story of his family's attempt to escapeCorey Birdsong is a lively young boy in search of freedom in the same country that made an economy of slavery He and his family are owned by the Hart family of Kentucky But when Corey's father Roland flees to the North and Corey and his mother followCorey records his daily life on the Hart farm with incredible insight and honesty and later he describes the difficult journey along the Underground Railroad to the North to be reunited with his father With the help of many kind strangers Corey his parents and his new baby sister arrive afely in Canada

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    Summary This is a historical fiction book about a little nine year old boy named Corey He was a slave along with his mom and dad back in the 1800's The book consists of different journal entries from Corey talking about his days and what is happening Corey's dad leaves first in hopes of finding freedom and not long after Corey and his mom flee as well Corey makes it safely to America with the help of the Underground Railroad Evaluation I enjoyed reading this book and think it would be wonderful for students to read or to read with students as it tells a story of how it was for people in slavery It is a longer book but a fairly easy read and would suit well middle to upper aged elementary students Teaching I could use this book in a history class when discussing slavery and the use of the underground railroad I would read with my students the book or parts of the book and then we could have a class discussion about the book and what happened in it to begin a discussion about slavery