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Even as he devotes himself to catching the Internet’s most despicable criminals Wyatt Blackstone has become a master of detaching himself from his work But after losing the vulnerable young agent for whom he cared deeply Wyatt’s famed icy control is starting to crack He finds himself haunted by her beautiful image especially now that someone has started picking off evildoers with one brutal murder after another Because the clues point to an absolutely impossible suspect the woman the world thinks is gone forever

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    On the night of Lily Fletcher's memorial service someone dialed Wyatt Blackstone's number a voice from the grave begging for helpNow seven months later someone is offing in the closet pedophiles luring them to out of the way motels through known deviant websites using very familiar names The murder scenes are similar the evidence of murderous rage no usable fingerprints no possible DNA samples but the killer always lives a lily blossom beside the victim's bodyWyatt Blackstone the rather mysterious and reserved leader of the new CAT unit dealing with Internet related murders is particularly interested in this case so interested in fact no one in his team but one Brandon Cole the IT specialist he's asked for help that night seven months ago knows about itWyatt refuses to believe the convenient clues but the nagging doubts won't go away until he talks to the only suspect he hasWhoa what a ride After the heart breaking prologue with a nice kick in the end we're immediately thrown into a gruesome murder scene and in the very thick of the investigation The fact Wyatt is playing this pretty close to the vest should've been a good indication of just exactly was going on but still the truth surprised the heck out of meLily Fletched that voice calling Wyatt from the grave is alive recuperating in his beach house in MaineThe second surprise of the day was Lily herself Gone was the shy quiet woman in her stead we meet the strong determined scarred both inside and out warrior The surprise was very pleasant indeed I never much cared about the Lily from the past but this new Lily the Lily shaped by that horrible night when all went wrong and the seven days that followed it now this was a woman to be reckoned with and admiredThe details of what she's been through were never fully explained which I could as a blessing because the mere tidbits we've been fed were reason and explanation enough for meThis new Lily at first appeared cold but it was as usual only a defense mechanism she was strong she was skilled she knew what she wantedClosure and the man she's loved for what a while her enigmatic boss Wyatt BlackstoneAnd can you blame the girl? I've been itching to know about Wyatt from book one in this amazing trilogy He was a true enigma a man evidently burying his emotion deep aloof unflappableGorgeous and sexy as hell It was heart breaking to learn the truth about his past it was rather annoying see him resist the temptation that was Lily and it was HOT to see him finally lose some of that famous controlThe suspense part of the story the major part was yet again amazing with the serial killer on the loose wondering if it was possible Lily was behind it the hunt for the Lovesprettyboys bastard who kidnapped Lily and held her for seven days the bomb that the truth about it was and the tension after learning the true identity of the murdered and his reasons that was strung until the epilogueI loved the Black CATs it was evident how the team progressed from virtual strangers to a group of people that would do anything to protect one of their own without judgment without needing all that much explanation even putting their careers on the stake It was nice to revisit those old friends Dean and Alec learning of how their lives went on after their own stories It was wonderful receiving some sort of vindication when learning just what went down after the failed pedophile bust seven months priorBut in this story I did miss the romantic aspect a little A tiny little bitDon't get me wrong there was plenty of tension wondering whether to do something or not tapping around the edges and when the moment finally came it brought a relieved sigh and a was about time to my lips but I find it wasn't enough I wanted to see of that Blackstone control slip I wanted to see Wyatt and Lily happy together I've been rooting for them since the beginning despite the fact Lily wasn't my favorite character back then it just wasn't meant to be I guess I'm not disappointed with the romance subplot I just wish there was Only a little bit maybeAnyway with the tight strung suspense good pacing chills and thrills great action gripping tension that little bit of romance that could've been and wonderful characters Black at Heart presents a wonderful finale to this great and highly recommended seriesA 5 star keeper

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    Black at Heart3 StarsFollowing the death of one of his agents Wyatt Blackstone the enigmatic leader of the FBI's Black CATs unit is questioning himself when a late night phone call changes everything His agent Lily Fletcher is very much alive and in desperate need of rescue from the depraved pedophile who attacked her This phone call sets in motion a series of events that may culminate not only in the disbanding of the Black CATs but in the death of the woman that Wyatt has come to admire and loveThe final installment in Leslie A Kelly's Black CATs series is an improvement on the previous one but is still missing that elusive element that makes for an excellent romantic suspense read The suspense plot is well written and compelling with some excellent twists and turns particularly the identity of the killer and a gripping climax Unfortunately the romance is very weak and underdeveloped as Wyatt and Lily's chemistry from the previous books fizzles to nothing Kelly wastes the excellent potential for an office romance type relationship by focusing on Wyatt's hangups and Lily's transformation in a kick ass Wonder Woman The latter is not necessarily negative in fact it makes Lily a particularly admirable heroine however it does undermine the romance as Wyatt is confused and finding it difficult to reconcile his previous ideas of Lily with the new take charge woman in his life It makes their romance feel contrived and unconvincing All in all not a bad ending to the series but the uneven mix of suspense and romance is problematic

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    Third and final book in Leslie Parrish's Black CATs trilogy and even though I still enjoyed it a lot I think I'd have to say that it was my least favorite of the series It didn't click with me quite at much as the first two But it was still a good bookSeries noteAs mentioned above this is the last book in a trilogy about the Black CATs an FBI Cyber Action Team and I'd highly recommend reading the series in order This book references a lot of past events and happenings and directly ties in to previous eventsSummaryLily Fletcher has lived a life of one tragedy after another Her parents died when she was young leaving her twin sister and Lily to be shuttled around foster care Then years later her sister's young son was kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered by a pedophile The grief caused her sister to commit suicide Not too long after that Lily joined the Black CATs and go involved in the Reaper case from Fade to Black The case exposed her to a vicious pedophile who called himself Lovesprettyboys and Lily made it her mission to try to stop the evil man But her involvement goes all wrong and she is tortured and almost killed Everyone else thinks she diedBut Lily escaped and has been in hiding since with the help of her boss Wyatt Blackstone and another colleaguefriend Lily needed extensive surgery and recuperation before the was anything remotely resembling normal And though she may be physically almost healed emotionally she'll never be the same person she once was Which is why when Wyatt hears about a string of serial murders that appear to tie in to Lily he has to wonder if she is on a vengeance binge He quickly comes to his senses knowing the woman he has come to care deeply about could never do such a thing But if Lily isn't doing it then someone is trying to set her up And Lily will have to come out of hiding if they have any hope of clearing her name and giving her her life backReviewThe whole plot of this book has been building since the first book of this series It pulls together a lot of stringsLily's personality the tragedies she's been through her crusade to get a pedophile her attraction to Wyatt Wyatt's mysterious brooding nature etc This book takes all those elements and brings them together in a good finale to the seriesI'm not really quite sure why I didn't really really LOVE this book Like I said above I enjoyed it a lot but I never quite totally got into the story There's really only one core storyline but there are a lot of threads to it throughout the book They tug you in a lot of different directions and it kinda kept me from latching on to that core part of the story But I did think the suspense part was still well done I'm glad that the Lovesprettyboys story aspect was wrapped up That dude needed to be off'ed What a sociopath he was And I think the way Parrish worked out that storyline was rather interestingAs for the romance Hmmmwhile I liked Wyatt and Lily together they are kinda like two peas in a pod in a lot of ways I thought the progression of the relationship was a little jerky Lily in the beginning was thinking no I can't be with him then thinking hey sex would be fine But then all the sudden she's all Wyatt's mine That jump seemed a bit off to me Still liked these two together thoughAnd one other thing I didn't necessarily like was how vague the ending was regarding the future of the Black CATs and Wyatt's career For me I would have preferred something a big solidOverall for this trilogy though it was a total winner I'm glad I decided to give it a try because it was well worth the money I spent on the books I'd definitely recommend the series to those who like romantic suspense

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    3755I liked Lily and I liked Wyatt throughout the series but wasn't completely sold on their romanceHEA The plot was pretty good and I'm glad that Lovesprettyboys was dealt with and the twists were interesting and a little unexpected although not too far out from what would make someone into a child molester I was a little irritated at the ending it wasn't concrete and for a trilogy I wanted a solid ending for the Cats I guess maybe she could always add to the series Maybe that is what she is thinking I would love to see Brandon get a book Overall a good series I'm glad I read it

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    My favorite installment of the Black CATs series I didn't know if I'd love Lily and Wyatt but I did Lily's ordeal changed her into this amazingly strong woman who was exactly what Wyatt neededeven though Wyatt figured he never needed anyone The case resolution was fraught with twists and turns and the resolutions were well planned and unique Lots of characters who you love to hate balanced by those who you love to love

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    Two haiku reviewShe's been in hidingAfter kidnapped and torturedHe's her former bossGlad she wasn't deadLoved both of these charactersGreat romance suspense

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    45 Action 45 Emotion 4 Romance 2 Sensuous 45 Intrigue 5 Humor 3 After becoming totally fascinated with the characters Wyatt Blackstone and Lily Fletcher in Fade To Black book one and Pitch Black book two of The Black CATs Trilogy could not wait to read their story in book three Black At Heart Their story has a strange beginning Wyatt is tortured because he allowed Lily to go with Tom Anspaugh's team when they set a trap for the pedophile 'lovesprettyboys' She was presumed killed during that operation After attending her funeral Wyatt received a call from Lily asking him to help herSeven months later Wyatt visits his third crime scene where a pedophile is brutally butchered in an out of the way motel and the killer leaves a lily at the site All arrows point toward Lily Fletcher killing off pedophiles Wyatt immediately goes to his hated childhood home in Maine where Lily is stashed to see if she has been leaving his homeIt is hard to conceive that the shy tongue tied wears her emotions on her sleeve IT Specialist in Fade To Black and Pitch Black is capable of such atrocities But the broken but rebuilt self defense learning Lily might be After Wyatt ascertains that Lily has not left the little town of Keating he decides to stay with her for the long week endWyatt also figures out that Lily has been hacking into the FBI system to be aware that he was blamed for her death Wyatt is not happy with Lily's interest in his private life and battles Wyatt realizes that he will climb no higher on the promotional ladder at the FBI but he feels it was worth it to blow the whistle on internal corruption Since Fade To Black is a work of fiction it seems conceivable that Wyatt could somehow overcome the biases against him to once again find himself on the fast track to one day becoming a future leader in the FBI organization One really good scene displaying Wyatt's amazing leadership capabilities and brilliance is during his interview with Deputy Director Crandall and Tom Anspaugh both who are card carrying Wyatt haters Parrish shines when she wrote that totally amazing sceneWyatt is such a strong tortured honorable hero I fell in love with him way back in book one of the trilogy and was hoping that Lily would be able to reach through his strong steel emotional barriers to rescue him from his aloneness It took a lot of work but Lily was able to pull the story of Wyatt's traumatic childhood from him It seems Lily was able to reach through Wyatt's barriers because he developed a protectiveness towards her when he spent so much time with Lily during her initial recovery after having been rescued from the killer who held and tortured her for a weekWyatt's protectiveness eventually matured into desire Lily had a crush on Wyatt when she was the shy IT Specialist but now that she is a stronger evolved woman her interest in him is even sharper Lily feels the sexual tension between them and since she no longer fears him she decides to pursue the relationship because she is sure that Wyatt will not Although there is sexual tension between Wyatt and Lily it is nowhere near as sharp as that between the protagonists of books one and two Parrish only gives the readers the one love scene but it is full of heat passion and magic There is a definite connection between Wyatt and LilyBrandon Cole is the only other Black CAT who knows that Lily is still alive Wyatt Brandon and Lily start trying to figure out who is trying to draw Lily out of hiding to remove the danger she presents to the pedophile and killer They are sure that the killer believes Lily can identify 'lovesprettyboys' and is determined to kill her to stop such exposureParrish does another great job of providing a set of viable villains for the team to investigate She is so good at building up the suspense and sending the reader misleading clues that when the killer is revealed one cannot help but be surprised The intrigue is further enhanced because not only must Wyatt Brandon and Lily find the killer they must also keep Lily from being arrested particularly by an overeager demoted Agent Anspaugh who wants to redeem his name after his disastrous operation in which two agents were killedAnother aspect of Parrish's books is that she writes vivid realistic characters that draw the reader in emotionally That is such an amazing talent in a writer She does an amazing job with the convicted felon who raped and killed Lily's nephew When she first introduced Jesse Boyd Tyrone in the weight room of Cumberland maximum security it seemed he was being treated unjustly by his fellow inmates and the cruel prison guards That was because Parrish was telling the story from Jesse's point of view and he saw himself as having done nothing wrong Of course once the reader realized who was complaining it was easy to condemn him for the clueless jerk that he wasIt would have been nice to spend time with the other members of Wyatt's Black CATs but the very premise of the plot line prevented that We were able to spend a little bit of time with Jackie Stokes because she saw that Brandon was up to something It was also a nice touch to show the solidarity that Wyatt's team showed him when they stood behind him without knowing what was going on It was also nice of Parrish to let us see progress in Dean and Stacey's Book One Fade To Black happily ever after by announcing they were going to have a babyAlthough Wyatt is my most favorite character in the Black CAT Novels his story was not All the aspects of a great read were present {1} A handsome brilliant alpha hero who doesn't give up {2} A beautiful tortured intelligent heroine who struggles to persevere {3} Plenty of action from start to finish {4} Edge of your seat suspense {5} Sexual tension and a hot love scene {6} Well developed interesting supporting characters But something was missing What I don't know I think it is that I was envisioning a totally unrealistic scenario where Wyatt is able to convince the biased Deputy Director and all those other ambitious Wyatt hating FBI agents that he did the right thing and everybody would magically think he was as wonderful as I do and poof he's the new Assistant to the Deputy Director or something Black At Heart is another Leslie Parrish must read I would not recommend reading it as a stand alone novel There is just too much development of the hero and heroine in the previous two books of the trilogy to miss The Black CATs Trilogy will now hold a prominent position on my to be re read list Parrish really grabbed my attention and my admiration