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Abby Delaney wasn't expecting Jamison O'Rourke when she scurried into his North End tattoo parlor late one night She was seeking sanctuary from the shadowy figure following her The same shadow that always follows her However by the end of the night she got than she bargained for Like a new hip tattoo and the interest of the mysterious artist who put it there Jamison is inked rough around the edges and absolutely irresistible He's the bad boy of Abby's dreams But dark secrets loom behind his mismatched eyes Abby wants Jamison Jamison wants Abby His past wants to destroy them both He warned her there would be casualties—she should’ve realized her heart would be one This is a standalone novella in a series of standalones 18 MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY This book contains some sexy situations bad words and heavy subject matter READER WARNING For anyone who read Jamison under the Reckless Anthology a new conclusive ending and subtitle has been added

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