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The Dark Priesthood Confessions of Malevolence is a series about the Sanguine Lineage and coven The main character Queen Deviaun Sanguine is first introduced to readers in this premiere story in the novella created by Sai Marie Johnson In this story Deviaun is positioned as queen of the Malevolent Order and some thereafter faces the grave threat of being overthrown by her twin sister and her very own son A gothic story with erotic elements this tale is sure to get lovers of vampire tales enthralled all the while bringing a new take to the typical witch and vampire coven make up

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    I have no idea what I just read Really at all There are no wordsNo wait there are words most of them involve swearing though so I'll try to edit them downThis was not a story It had no plot a good 13 of it was just sex The characters were so thin I don't think you could even call them that The names were atrocious actually I'm surprised that wasn't someone's name and can I mention the lack of plot again? Yes alright NO PLOT Seriously girl kills someone girl becomes vampire and evil 200 years pass woman has sex suddenly vampires and what is probably supposed to be a plot and then THE ENDIt made my brain hurt One of the most horrible bland and just uninteresting stories I have ever had the misfortune of reading At least it was short Though it really didn't feel like that at the time of reading

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    Where do I even start I went from somewhat amused to confused to honestly annoyed There is no part of storytelling in which this book does not fall horribly shortOne of the biggest issues I had with it was that reading it was actually painful It's very clear that little to no editing was done because this thing is full of errors Most of the sentences are either fragments or run ons there are words capitalized where they shouldn't be commas where no commas are needed and in general baffling word choice It reads as though the author had a thesaurus open while writing using the word 'oculars' for eyes is never advisable Mashing up purple prose of that nature with phrases like 'scratch that' and 'takes one to know one' is even jarring Pick a voice and tone and stick to itThen we get to the characters Really there aren't any We're given very little establishment even of our main character her backstory is confined to a few paragraphs at the beginning and then it's straight into an attempted rape scene and then straight out of that into her becoming a vampire and then straight out of that into her becoming the queen of the vampires for no adequate reason other than the vampire that turned her just decided to do it on a whim All the other characters are defined solely by how much they like or dislike the main character and whether she's sleeping with them Beyond that they're all interchangeable cardboard cutouts with no distinguishing or unique traits The pacing in general is terrible As mentioned above there's no sense of timing at all There's no time to get used to the setting or the characters in any given section before we're subjected to another huge timeskip and have several new characters dumped on us and are given no real information about them or why we should care This is perhaps my biggest problem with the book save for something else we'll get to later that actually offended me There is no actual plot There's the barest beginning of one and I was honestly sad it wasn't actually ever done much with because I am all for a good political intrigue plot with lots of double crossing and not actually incest because no one is actually related However there's no actual character plot There is no arc for urgh Devi We see her at the beginning as a shy and innocent girl and I was expecting that the narrative would concern her corruption into a dark queen of the night but instead she's head bitch in charge just a few pages later and entirely out of the blue before the timeskip to 200 years in the future There's no actual development If the book had actually covered those 200 years and shown her slow progression from the girl at the beginning of the story to the woman at the beginning of the section after the timeskip I would have been a lot interested in her but being told that she is suddenly evil and wicked instead of seeing it happen and experiencing her corruption was about as boring as watching grass grow while covered in half dry paint A good story especially a corruption narrative with a heavy political intrigue background needs to have above all strong characters and strong character arcs and those were entirely absent here The main character is static as a broken television and the rest of the characters are basically just crude pictures drawn in crayon So if the actual plot and characters are terrible at least the sex is good right? That's what we all really pick up novels marked 'erotica' forHahahahaThe sex is terrible This book is supposed to be 'not for the faint of heart' but I didn't find anything in it remotely frightening disturbing or indeed that far past vanilla The author can tell us all she likes in the narration that it's wicked and sensual and depraved but that doesn't mean it actually is and after the fourth or fifth page of having the same few descriptors constantly repeated it started to grate on my nerves The closest thing we got was the werewolf sex but even that was bland and uninspiring Not to mention it included the cardinal sin of cervix penetration Erotica should be erotic not something that makes everyone within a ten mile radius cross their legs in sympathy and lose all arousal they might have hadAnd then we get to the 'sadomasochism' which strongly suggests that the author has no idea what BDSM SM or Ds even are despite her using that word to the point where I wanted to reach through my screen and shake her As someone who practices kink in his day to day life and has a great many friends who do as well I was honestly offended by how very little thought or work seemed to be put into including it in this story except as a buzzword to ride off the hype of 50 Shades of Grey which by the way is so woefully uninformed and downright dangerously wrong about how kink works that the girl I know whose body is covered in burn and knife scars given to her by her loving Master can't hear the title of it without going into a fit of rage So there's no plot the pacing is nonexistent the characters are bland the sex scenes are either dull trying too hard or offensively uninformed and to top it all off there's so many grammatical mistakes reading it is a chore The sad thing is that this could have been a decent novel The idea of a coven of honestly terrible people all trying to one up each other and having incestuous affairs that double as calculated power play could have been amazing especially with the age old vampire erotica novel base to play off of But there's no spark of creativity or originality to it and it very clearly needed several sessions of editing before it went live I hope the author takes these criticisms to heart because there's the makings of an interesting story there But as it is don't read it definitely don't buy it it's not even worth it for a laugh

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    This isn't the worst book I've ever read I say that because I've read a lot of books and to be truly terrible you have to work really really hard for it This didn't work nearly hard enoughThis is a story about someone who apparently really enjoyed the text game Choice of the Vampire and decided that writing a book about it would be awesome It's a story about a girl who's named after a really disgusting species of ant It's a story about I don't know vampires? That have some kind of society? And families? My eyes were glazed for most of this as a sort of defense mechanismEveryone has really terrible namesLike really horrific names You don't understandThis is supposed to be an erotica book in truth it's two slabs of boring plot with about ten pages of weird flowery sex in the middle Though the sex is supposed to be libertine and depraved it never really goes beyond PIV and oral with some misogynistic dirty talk thrown in for flavor Even Fifty Shades had bondage and that scene with the tamponAll in all it's free and free is good So if you want to laugh a lot get this book If it ever costs money don't pay for it It is not worth it

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    This book has some tiny nuggets of promise and interesting ideas but they've been abandoned in a sea of clumsy prose and un erotic erotica The core concepts in the book could be fleshed out into a dark and disturbing tale But there's no time spent on character development no attempt to draw readers into the plot or provide them with an explanation of what's going on the characters all speak in the same anachronistic voice the politics and machinations are dull when they're not confusing and the sex is not kinky Nor sexyIt's a short read and that's merciful but even if the read itself were enjoyable it simply ENDS It sets up a dilemma raises some stakes and then just stops full halt It does seem that the intent here is for there to be a sequel but a book ought to be able to stand on its own This book mostly wobblesThis is not a good book This is barely a book This is the outline of a book with additional fragments glued into it It's choppy badly paced full of errors and just generally awful

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    The Dark Priesthood The Confessions of Malevolence was my introduction to Sai Marie Johnson's works Now this one falls into the ParanormalErotica genres I would liken it to maybe Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy or Poppy Z Brite It tells the story of a young girl in 18th Century New Orleans who one night has a rather unwelcomed or maybe welcomed however you want to see it visitor She finds herself placed in position of queen in the Malevolent Order and 200 years later she finds herself being under threat of being overthrown by her sister and her son of course all in the midst of some very intense extracurricularsit is erotica after allAs far as this one goes I started to enjoy this alot once I passed the beginning Not that the beginning wasn't enjoyable but and this is just a personal thing you can take it or leave it I would have liked to have seen a little of a build up to Deviaun's 'change' and maybe get to know who she was a bit before her transformation Other than that I found the story to be an enjoyable read especially if you enjoy Paranormal Gothic Erotica Ms Johnson creates some really cool and interesting characters each with a name that defines their personality gifts and place in the Order She also doesn't hold back during the erotic scenes eitherThis one is also the first in the series and if you are looking for something off the beaten path that is of the dark erotic nature I'd say pick this one up

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    After reading this book I am of the opinion that either the people who have been attacking this book have either A not read it or B skimmed it so that they could use minor information to make themselves seem as though they read it It is Erotica which is not my normal genre With that being said I found the plot decently thought out The character names which I have seen complained about were different They maybe seemed strange to some but so is a blond girl named Flower Power and I have seen that before These names actually made sense and the meanings of them seemed to fit the characters they went to So over all I would recommend it if you enjoy Gothic Erotica or if you enjoy seeing a book that is obviously a work that the author truly enjoyed the writing of as much as you will enjoy the reading

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    This story is not for the prudish It's a dark erotica and it is a fantastic one at that I love the book and I cannot wait til the next one comes out The description and the story elements are enthralling Again this book is not for sticklers or the easily offended If that's you walk away now and don't look back If you love gothica erotica or anything remotely similar to dark paranormal romance then you will love the story