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Matte pronounced mah tay is the word used in some forms of martial arts to stop a fight It’s the Japanese word for stop or wait Sam short for Samantha has made a hobby out of learning the various fighting disciplines but she also happens to be a sexual submissive What better safeword than matte?Sam wants to find someone to submit to who she can’t beat in a fight She’s tried to make it work with men from the scene who know nothing about fighting but it doesn’t feel real to her – she needs someone who can truly control her However after dating from the fight scene and discovering not all guys like to spank their girlfriends she’s decided to just back away from the whole dating thing for a while until Fate decides to step in Safeword Matte is a stand alone book You do not need to have read the previous books in this seriesWarning This title contains graphic language consensual BDSM bondage and use of toys including crops clamps canes and floggers

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    I very much enjoyed this book Loved the characters loved the tone respected the author's treatment of BDSM particularly sadism and masochism So often sadists are portrayed as icky and evil or damaged somehow but Ethan is 100% wonderful AND sadistic I like that this author shows us the two don't have to be mutually exclusive The same with Sam the heroine She's strong and yet chooses to submit without shame or doubt I love that this book avoids pigeonholing and typecasting characters based on their needs and desires It was very refreshingAlso anyone into the whole negotiation and communication part of BDSM will love this book The author spends a lot of time letting us listen in on lengthy and detailed conversations between these two people trying to play sanely and safely If you're not into the romance of negotiation as I view it you might not find those sections as appealing but I found it HOT And once the negotiations are overwhoa nellyokay the sex Let me just say this I made the mistake of reading this book out in public and I literally started to have an uncontrollable and embarrassing physical reaction to their sexual encounters They were really hot and well written I won't post any spoilers but their second encounter in particular had me suirming blushing breathing hard and really wishing for some privacy So BEWARE the sex scenes are reallyAROUSING Alpha alpha ALPHA male here If you are into demanding yet sensual alpha males this book is for youI recommend this book to anyone who wants something fresh and different in the BDSM romance genre Not lite for sure but very responsibly written and SEXY

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    Have you ever read a story and have a specific song run through your head while reading it? In the latest installment from the talented Ms Blevins I had one song running through my head How does that song by the Judybats go? Here are the lyrics in the song which summarize this story for me so very wellPain makes you beautifulI give you what you want the pain and the pleasureNo sorrow tiedTied to my hurting youWe delight in every torture I put you throughHow did we find this placeThis state where we satiate where pain makes you beautifulMs Blevins is back with an awesome story SAFEWORD MATTE This is the book I was expecting to follow up SAFEWORD RAINBOW In this story Sam is a hard assed divorce attorney with several martial arts championship awards under her belt She's good at analyzing fights to figure out the weakness of her opponent Basically she can kick butt verbally and physically I love Sam She's a strong independent woman who knows how to take care of herself She's also pretty kinky Too kinky that she's not able to find a man who can handle her kinkTired of dating from the Vanilla pool she's made the hard decision to only date within the lifestyle group The problem – she's afraid that if she starts attending BDSM socials locally she may run into another attorney and she'd loose respect and credibility How is she to find a man if she doesn't date locally? Did I mention Sam's a submissive?I understand Sam As a strong professional woman who gives off uber Domme vibes I command respect and sometimes fear I can sympathize with Sam's fear with her professional life mixing with her personal life In her cutthroat world of lawyers showing no weaknesses is top priority While one of the cardinal rules of the BDSM lifestyle is to keep it separate from the Vanilla world people are human Not to rip on lawyers they do use every little advantage they can get to win their case After all they make money if they win their case no?Fortunately we never run across this scenario in the book Instead we are treated to a very fine Dom specimen – Ethan Oh how I drool over Ethan He is everything Sam needs and wants in a partner Their dynamic is out of this world for me Ethan is literally perfect for Sam He is strong enough to overpower her which is what she desperately wants Personally while I drool over Ethan Sam can have him He intimidates me As I read and play with impact play I've learned I'm not into pain I do enjoy it to a degree but definitely not to Ethan's sadistic style I would not be able to satisfy his needs to dole out pain Fortunately Sam's threshold for pain is very high and suits EthanThere are so many things in this book I liked The fight for physical dominance is a total turn on for me The willing submission from Sam with the rule of no speaking was just that little added extra which gave me a happy reading high Ethan's manner of 247 Ds caused me to nearly overload in sexual desire Speaking of sexual desire Ms Blevin delivered blow by blow of the sex I read the scenes over and over again They were blazing hot So hot that just thinking about them again makes me want to re read the sections and search for my spouse to jump Make no mistakes; the sex in this book is rough and hard It's the kind where the woman will walk like a duck afterwards that is if she can actually stand up and walkI love Ms Blevin's brand of BDSM She mixes just the right Ds and SM for me I need the Ds as that is my preference in a BDSM relationship The way she writes it makes me yearn to be able to handle SM from a masochistic side I just can't handle that much pain and turn it into pleasure While I would be able to survive the brutal beatings given by Ethan I wouldn't enjoy it My endorphins wouldn't be able to start firing into pleasure I'd just be in a howling mess Still the way Ms Blevin's describes how Sam feels I can understand and wish it would work for me the same way Sometimes living vicariously is betterLastly I have one comment on Ethan's endowment NO BLOODY WAY I'm intrigued and honestly wish I could try it out I do wish Ms Blevins will write a little one off story about the preparation for the honeymoon and the detailed honeymoon sex because my immediate reaction is – NO BLOODY WAYI loved this short story There is not a single stray scene or a wasted word I do wish this story was longer or that we receive another episode in Ethan and Sam's life I highly recommend this story to BDSM lovers who want to read a well developed Ds SM story that includes hot rough sadistic sex This is a must read

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    Samantha is a kick ass martial arts expert at the top of her game and has the physical strength and intelligence to beat most men on the fight scene she is also a high powered divorce attorney battling daily in the dog eat dog world of the courtroom where she needs her mental strength to perform and out manoeuvre the opposing councilIn both cases she needs to defeat her opponentSam has tried the dating game but was always left unsatisfied wanting Realising that what her body craves is a man capable of beating her in a fight someone worthy of her submission and knowing her limits without her having to direct She vows from now on she will date only within the BDSM sceneWhat Sam needs is someone to control her dominate her both physically and mentallySam goes along to a fight with her friends from the dojo and meetsEthan Levi Six foot five inches tall Weighing two hundred and seventy one pounds Muscle on muscle With a voice that was sexier than his bodyHell yesI want me some Ethan Samantha however decides that she is not interestedIs she blindDue to the fact that she made that vow On a visit to a play party with her friends who should be there? Yes you guessedEthan Levi Drop dead gorgeous and a Dom to bootThis story is definitely not for the faint heartedat the end of the day Ethan is a sadistDom and Sam is a masochistSubmissive This is not dark or non consensual nor is it fluff and puff They each have wants needs and desires but they are dealt with so beautifullyIf I were into this lifestyle I would want to have a Dom like Ethan He is understanding compassionate Caring for Sams every need Taking his time to learn and discuss everything To fully assess what is reuired to give Sam her deepest desires to know her limits whilst also outlining his own they were both so open and honest agreeing and developing the relationship before any sexThis is a short read and I have rated it a such I was totally unable to put it down once startedI thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe me when I say the sex was hot and Ethan's voice alone had my stomach flipping and heart poundingthere is also a nice epilogue which leaves you smiling

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    Really enjoyed it I didn't care as much for the second Safeword book but the first one was also great to mePretty heavy pain no sugar kink here but I found it believable LOTS of negotiation and communication It wasn't long but by the end I really felt like they had earned their HEA and it felt real Heavy Dom but caring and sensitive This reinforced for me I am FAR masochist than submissive I just cannot get into orgasm denial and things like preventing speaking But again I'm masochist than sub so my interest is really in the painpleasuresensation dynamic Creative guy some new implements here you'll have to read it to find out and a variety of play Very high on intensity scaleFootnote We've had many discussions on the BDSM board about the difference between sadism and domination and masochism and submission but it bears repeating here Ethan is a sadistic Dom and Samantha is a submissive masochist They are in it not only for the pain but for the power exchange One does not have to euate with the other There are masochistic dominants and sadistic submissives and folks that are not dominant or submissive but definitive into SM Here is why I mention this Samantha would NOT have been happy with a Sadist She had a need to give up control so she needed a Sadistic Dom or a Dom who was also a sadist Because the book portrays the pain aspects so well I think folks will focus on that aspect but the Ds here is just as strong as the SM This is important because this is an excellent book and there are very few that portray BDSM in a honest light it's still fiction guys Yeah yeah they are both hot and gorgeous but it's fiction in real life you have receding hairlines and rollswe all just deal with itI point this out overall because many reviews are focused on him being a sadist but he is also one helluva dominant Sometimes people who aer NOT into pain avoid books with pain SM because it is not their kink I'm hopeful that will not be the case here as I think the way they negotiate the honesty and communication between then and how he is as a dominant will strike a chord with the solely Ds crowd I'd hate them to miss this onePS As a masochist with some submissive tendencies he would not work for me even though I would likely love to be on the other side of his pain giving some aspects I could deal with but the speech restriction would be a No I'm unwilling to give up my power of verbal communication

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    This was a short story and somewhat enjoyable the problem I had with it is the lack of emotion I love when a book can take me on an emotional rollercoaster I understand it’s difficult in a novella but I still need some emotionThe heroine in this book is an attorney and her profession seems to affect her personal life The couple negotiates everything which I guess some people like because there is no misunderstanding I didn’t because it’s sucks the spontaneity and emotion out of everything The sex scenes in this book felt like an instructional manual for a BDSM book And don’t even get me started on the marriage proposal—this book would get the award for most unromantic marriage proposal I’ve ever read I like romance—I’m a sucker for it actually—but romance in itself is all about emotion This book didn’t have it It had a relationship it had sex it had love I think but it had no romance It wasn’t for me

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    Sam and Ethan are the focus of this novella Sam is a divorce attorney martial arts champion and submissive She has taken herself out of the dating scene because she has been unable to find anyone physically able to top her and she is unwilling to submit to someone that cannot physically take the choice away from her Ethan is a 6’5” 170 pound extreme fighter business owner and dominant sadist Although physically attracted to Ethan Sam avoids Ethan’s advances until she runs into him at kink a party Sam decides to gift Ethan with her submission until he can prove that he is strong enough to take it The scene where Ethan finally proves that he is strong enough to take what is his is one of the hottest scenes that I have read in a while The BDSM in this book is uite heavy but very well written At first I found the negotiation scenes a little tedious but when I read the level of pain that Ethan was looking to inflict it made the lengthy negotiation scenes necessary Despite the sadist tendencies Ethan is a very caring guy and Dom and is very careful to not inflict pain than Sam can handle This book seems like a very responsible portrayal of a sadistmasochist relationship The detailed description of the extreme fighting and martial arts training in the beginning added a lot to the book It seemed very well research It was very nice to read about a sub that is both physically and mentally tough I thought the dialogue in the book was well written and of considerably longer in length than what is typically found in erotica There were a few time I got lost in the conversations but for the most part it worked well Plus as a southern girl I have to give a thumbs up to anyone that can correctly use the term “Y’all” without over killing it My only real critiue is the cover The male model just doesn’t do Ethan justice I actually put off purchasing the book because the cover was so unappealing I guess I learned a valuable lesson about not judging a book by the cover I received this book from the author through the BDSM group on Goodreads

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    02232013 Overall Rating 3 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb 35 3 325 StarsWriter’s Voice 35 StarsCharacter Development 35 StarsStory Appreciation 4 StarsWorth the Chili 1 Stars 461 – 499 on BNOkay this is a short story One of the reasons I gave it such a low score for price worth the chili Seriously about 70 pages and 5 I didn't realize until the darned thing ended Very abruptly I might addI did think the author had a good grasp of the whole safeword concept There are many out there writing who write psuedo BDSM who don't seem to understand I liked this story Liked the characters and thought the author did a pretty good job I thought about reading some of the others in this series but nope Not going to do it Gave the author way too much money for this little novella Not going to go there a again All about principle for meIt was a good story Not worth 5 Wished it were longer for that kind of cake or cheaper for the number of pages about 013pageHappy Reading

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    3 starsMaybe I'm not experienced enough in the BDSM world but every encounter seemed practiced or scripted Each encounter read like now we will do this now we will do that Nothing really happened without extreme instruction No flow or rhythmvery textbook in my opinion3 stars for male character being well endowed First book I've ever read with such detail

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    Review originally posted here was super excited to read this book BDSM romance LOVE IT Mixed martial arts hero AND heroine LOVE IT However the execution of this book wasn’t where I had hoped it would be instead I found myself both loving and hating this bookSam is desperate to find someone who can dominate her She is a world class fighting champion and stronger than most men She wants someone who can prove to be stronger than her can take her down and force her to submit unfortunately the only men who can do that are her fellow fighters and most of them are not into her scene When she first meets Ethan at a competition she writes him off as just another fighterSam runs into Ethan later at a BDSM party and their chemistry heats up once again as the two start to play together They embark on a relationship that is mutually satisfying for them both in ways that neither of them expectedThere were some incredible moments in this book and some not some incredible moments Let me start with what I really liked the BDSM relationship between Sam and Ethan Unlike many other BDSM books I’ve read the vast majority of the relationship and play between Sam and Ethan takes place behind closed doors One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from readers in regards to BDSM romance is that so many of the books out there take place in sex clubs While Sam and Ethan have one scene they do together at a party with others watching it doesn’t involve sex and all their intimate moments are with just the two of them I know that aspect will appeal to many readersAlso the BDSM relationship itself was handled beautifully Sam and Ethan were open and honest with each other They had very blunt communication about what they both were looking for how they felt about their scenes and all other aspects of the BDSM play In my opinion Blevins handles that aspect of their relationship with class and grace and in a way that came across genuine and real to me as a reader Plus a few of their sexy scenes were pretty damn hotNow for the one thing that continually seemed to pull me out of the story and ruin the book for me the continual references to Ethan cockzilla The first time Sam seems Ethan in the flesh she actually refers to his peen being the same girth as her fist My first reaction OH HELL NO I do not find that sexy To me that sounds painful I kept trying to read their sexy scene and I kept picturing an arm like appendage hanging from between his legs It completely pulled me out of the sexy times and instead had me cringingThen there was some specific word use that continually threw me off guard and pulled me out of the flow of the book “Pulsing monster” was one that gave me a not so great imagine in my mind During that same scene Blevins used the verb “tearing” to describe what Sam was feeling and again I was appalled than anything else I was so dismayed that I even started the #NotSexy hastag on Twitter To top it all off the most unromantic and least sexy uote I’ve ever read almost caused me to stop reading“He was like this giant fucking machine with this huge cock tearing into her dilating her than should be possible outside of childbirth” It was really hard for me to take this book seriously after all that and that was 60% inAll in all this is a hard book for me to rate There were aspects of it that made it outstanding and incredible and others that had me wanting to cross my legs and run I struggled with how to rate this book especially since the BDSM aspects of the relationship were done superbly Had the rest of the book lived up to that portion of the book A all the way Instead I had to constantly stop and re read sections my eyes bulging from my head wondering if I really just read what I had read It pulled me out of the story and gave the book an air of ridiculousness that wasn’t sexy or romantic for me If you don’t mind the giant peen and overly imaginative prose and are a fan of the BDSM genre you should definitely give this book a try However for me it didn’t workI finally decided to give Safeword Matte a D

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    This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date March 2012Publisher ExcessicaImprint NAAuthor’s Website Source for This Book Gift from the authorPart of a Series Yes Book 3 Safeword SeriesSeries Best Read In Order Works well as a standaloneSteam Level ScorchingRomanceaholic Pet Peeves Public Nudity Oversized AppendagesSensitive readers should be aware that this book contains rape fantasy and intense BDSM This book was intense and I found that very refreshing So many “BDSM” books these day are pretty much light spanking and maybe some nipple clamps and a butt plug or twoThat is not what Safeword Matte was about Ethan was truly a sadist who got off on doling out pain to his partner Sam on the other hand was a very strong woman both physically and mentally and desperately needed someone to earn her submission I really enjoyed how perfectly matched they were but also how there was still a period of growing pains so to speak as they learned each others limits as well as their ownWhile some of the technicalities of a relationship such as theirs were a bit tedious to experience mainly all of the talking and planning that goes into a scene I couldn’t deny that their power exchange was truly delicious and I enjoyed the blossoming romance between them While a few aspects of the story made me uncomfortable as was probably intended I couldn’t deny that many of the scenes were deliciously hot and that the blossoming romance between Sam and Ethan fit their personalities Neither one was a hearts and flowers type of person but even without flowery prose and romantic speeches it was still apparent that they were ideal together and developed deep feelings for one anotherOverall? I really enjoyed itRecommended for fans of strong heroines needing to be dominated of sadist heroes who excel at delivering pain while still maintaining safe boundaries and of intense BDSM combined unconventional romance45 Stars