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Grey has always enjoyed the finer things in life He maintains control over his darker blood thirsty side by being “human” as much as possible He's immersed himself in the daily life of the living as a history professor and art historian He has no patience for the seedier parts of humanity and revels in honor and propriety That's what keeps his thirst at bay along with the threat of The Directive He's been enjoying his mundane life until he's contacted by member of The Directive and ordered to complete a task one he he's been dreading for centuries A favor he must repay for a time when he exercised less discretion There's a Supernatural wreaking havoc in Atlanta and he has to stop them That's when it strikes The Thirst Like a bolt of lightning crashing into him and rendering him powerless to resist the allure of his target His control has deserted him and his power has increased beyond his comprehension He'll defy anyone and everything including The Directive to fulfill his desire for his blood mate Will anyone survive Grey's dark thirst? Bella Roccaforte brings you book 2 in A K Michaels’ brand new world A Vampire’s Thirst full of hot as hades alpha males in this smoking paranormal romance story

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    2nd story in the new world created by AK MichaelsGrey has been around for a long time He shuns his own kind generally preferring bagged blood and hiding amongst humans as a Professor But don't take hiding as a sign of weakness Grey is all Uber Vampire he just wants a quiet drama free life away from his Maker CharlesBut when a visit from his maker coincides with a dramatic increase in his thirst for blood poor Grey is just about over the edge of no control He drinks from humans and quiet a few time she has to be pulled back from the brink of draining them dryBut Grey's mate is in a bit of bother and has a murderous stalker like betrothed on her heels and an authoritative father who wants her returned to the Underworld tout suite She has a carer Hera who seems to be of a jailer than a friend When Grey finally catches scent of his Bloodmate nothing else will sate his need But with her family the Directive and a pact between worlds all in the mix will Grey and his mate actually get to be together?Grey was totally hot and a panty melting professor But he manages to avoid the over sexed co eds Angus is great as the crotchety sidekick and Brownie to boot Grey's mate is a new paranormal type I have n't seen before and that also kept the story fresh Loved it

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    An ancient vampire who can not only control his thirst for fresh human blood but also his need for sexual release? Grey is a Professor of ancient mythology and being a sexy as sin vampire has all of his students swooning over him and trying to become the ‘teachers pet’Grey is a wealth vampire and his sire Charles uses him for his strength and control to do his bidding well to fix his screw ups Charles send Grey on a mission to find his newest prodigy who is out of control When Grey arrives not only does he have to work with Angus a Brownie who does things by the book but his senses go on overload He can smell all the blood that the humans have pumping through them and he wants itNO needs it He also need to have sexual release NOW Why? What is causing his loss of control? Why this hunger?Mila a Blood Fairy escapes from the Underworld to get away from her controlling father and Elomere her betrothed Elomere is an evil Blood Fairy and Mila can’t stand him But can going topside keep her safe out of Elomeres’s reach and away from those sent to take her back home?Mila becomes an dancer in a scanky night club to make some money and to satisfy her need for blood but she never goes to far she would never hurt anyone Mika believes all lives matter even human lives When Mila is doing a ‘private show’ her thirst for blood and sex get so strong she can’t control herself Why? What is effecting her so strongly?Grey and Mila cross paths and there is no turning back When a Vampire and Blood Fairy hook up there is nothing tearing them apart Or is there? The Directive her father Elomere the pack???? Will they be able to survive them all?Will the Bloodmates serving when they are separated into two different realms? How do you get to each other when neither have the power to open a portal?This is a wonderful addition to this series and I can’t wait for

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    This is a great story I was quickly pulled into the book and couldn’t put it down The author has created complex characters that are very likable I look forward to reading from this authorI received a copy of this book from the author my review has been voluntarily submitted

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    Well this was a unique storyline different from the usual vampire reads and with an unusual pairing certainly using a supernatural I was not familiar withThese elements all combined to give the story a freshly interesting and exciting vibe that easily kept me engrossed in the tension of the plotAs for the very start of the book I was impressed with the writing and that really caught my attention awesome story

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    Holy hell I know this isn't something Miss Roccaforte usually right but she needs to keep writing it I'm not normally into the sexy shmexy type of books but good Lord this woman did it just right The perfect amount of sex The perfect amount of love The perfect amount of action This woman is truly gifted and can make the phone book sound amazing In this book we meet Grey the stunning sexy British vampire who can make any woman want to be his blood mate He is the epitome of the perfect gentleman until you make him madHe is compassionate and kind solitary and polite He loves with an unbridled passion Mila seriously is what most women dreamed to be Sexy smart conniving and sassy It wouldn't be a Bella book without some sass These two have a love that transcends time their story is one you must read I won't spoil the book for you but you HAVE to get this one today

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    Book A Vampire's Thirst GreyAuthor Bella RoccaforteMy Rating 5 StarsPublication Date 12122017Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts REVIEWWow Talk about a wickedly good book We get Grey who is a gentleman He has chosen to live life as a good vampire? Is there really one of those? Well his maker aka Father demands that he go to Atlanta to deal with something so against his better judgement he goes Grey starts feeling weird nothing is making sense until her Mila knew from the moment he came in the bar she was in However life has other plans for this female Or does it?Grab your copy and find out You won't be disappointed Bella Roccaforte

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    I was given an advanced copy in return for an honest reviewVampires we have seen them all before right don’t eat food can’t go out in daylight have to take blood from a live host sleep all day out at night Yeah yeah same old story You think wrong Grey is a Vampire but nothing like you have ever read before He goes out in the day he sort of eats food but only for show he hasn’t taken blood live from the vein in years and he certainly doesn’t have sex whilst doing it what was wrong with him he had never felt so out of control in years the last thing he needs is the Directive on his back Our story involves a species not seen before a blood fairy what are they I hear you ask well you could read the book to find out ill give you a clue they live in the Underworld they love blood and are very sexual creatures and one our heroine just happens to bump into Grey and that’s how our story starts Mila is her name and she is trouble with a capital T You will love her and their story Without giving away any spoilers their love affair heats up the pages to boiling point steam comes off the pages I really do recommend reading this book Anything you have ever read about Vampires forget them This book will rewrite the story A highly recommended

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    Grey is a very old vampire and has been controlling his darker side and living off bagged blood he could be held up as an example of how to live a quiet life by The Directive Then he gets a call and has to help another vampire in The Directive by handling a problem for him in Atlanta When he gets there a Thirst for blood hits him like lightening and he loses almost all control as he needs to find his blood mate before he goes insane Can he find her in time to save them both and how far is he going to go against The Directive to find her?Wow great second book in this new series where a vampire is struck by a thirst and his to find his blood mate before it is too late There was a great deal of drama and danger in this story which involved members of the supernatural world I loved the way the story developed and the trials and tribulations they both had to get through before they found each other and were able to have a happily ever after Everything was well written and the people situations and events were well described so that I felt as if I was there experiencing it with them Looking forward to reading the next instalment in this series

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    This is Grey and Mila's story At first I was wondering what was going on with Grey His actions were not what I had expected But once he figured out what was going and why WOW This story took off I love a story that has everything in it and let me tell you this one does If you love reading about heart felt feelings along with drama danger and wow the love then this is the book for you too You will get to read about a new or at least new to me Blood Fairy and let me tell you that Mila is one heck of a strong woman I can honestly say that Grey's story kept me bound to my ereader only getting up when I had too Well done Bella Roccaforte I could go on and on about this book but all I will add is keep your eyes out and grab it as soon as you can This is well written and strongly recommended to all

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    I've always loved Bella Roccaforte's writing style and Grey's story was another notch in her sparkling belt The next vampire to be hit by the thirst and find his Bloodmate is our hero Grey and what a hero Nothing will stop him from protecting and claiming his mate This was a very enjoyable journey that I took with these characters Loved the story and I'm a sucker for a happy ending every single time