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Rob Joleigh has been burned by Christmas too many times He takes his freelance writing career seriously and his claim to fame happens to be de bunking Christmas festivities in towns across America When he lands in South Pole Alaska he has one plan in mindto get to the bottom of the whole 'Backwards Christmas' idea and spoil the holiday for as many people as possible Holly Howard knows there's to life than leading Backwards Christmas tours in South Pole but she's happy with her job town and friends The only thing missing is someone to share it all with but in a small town it's hard to meet new people When a handsome writer comes into town she's intrigued and hopeful that he could be that person But she has no idea he's the famous Jolly Robber It's not just any Backwards Christmas in South Pole Alaska as the backwards celebrations rage and the town comes together to show their spirit in full force

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    A touching Christmas storyA writer that goes around making Christmas towns loses their jollies comes to Backwards Christmas where he meets a gal and town that change his heart

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    5 StarsAnother Backward Christmas is a charming story by Brooke Williams It is a sweet holiday romance full of the wonder spirit and true meaning of Christmas It is a Hallmark movie worthy story that kept me engaged from beginning to end It is a very short story and was a quick easy read I loved Ms Williams book “The Leftover” and hoped that this book would be just as good I quickly found that it was every bit as good Rob Joleigh is a jaded Christmas hating author He is known for his Jolly Robber articles where he exposes and debunks Christmas beliefs and practices His latest target is the Backward Christmas festivities in South Pole Alaska He only intends to stay a very short time to get what he needs and then leave But when he arrives he finds that things are quite different from what he expecting anything he’s seen before Holly Howard conducts the Backward Christmas tours and is a firm believer in everything Christmas and all the Backward Christmas traditions When she meets Rob she hopes he’s the ‘one’ she’s been looking for There is a definite spark between them but with him passing through town she’s unsure if there would be a chance of having But as they spend time together Holly’s enthusiasm and South Pole’s charm begin to work their magic on Rob But what happens when Holly discovers who he really is and exactly why he is in town? Will their budding romance survive the fallout? Will Holly and South Pole manage to change his opinion of Christmas? Regardless of what happens this will definitely be a Christmas that they will never forgetThe story is told from several POV’s has a great pace and a smooth flow A fun Light hearted and uplifting readThank you Ms Williams

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    DNF at 43%It didn't start well when I came across this at 8% Chris turned away from God and Christmas entirely when his parents died in a plane crash on Christmas Eve Oh crap I thought Another 'religious and inspirational' story However God didn't make any further appearances so I read on And then this Rob buys two 'inside out' hot chocolate drinks and is handed two strange looking white mugs Rob threaded two fingers through the handle of one cup and frowned as it squished beneath his touch What is this thing anyway? He set the cup on the table and sat across from HollyWhat did you think 'inside out' meant? The mugs are made of marshmallows Holly began sipping her drink with earnestI get it Rob took a sipThe marshmallows are on the outside instead of on the insideHolly nodded It's really quite delicious You get the taste of the marshmallows the whole way through She took another drink And at the end you get to eat the cupYou've got to be kidding me right? Seriously??Nah No one would do that Would they?? ?? Really???????? I'll hold off rating this for now simply because I am now researching 'mugs made from marshmallow' and trying not to fall off my chair laughing

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    Another Backwards Christmas by Brooke Williams is a fun holiday story Southpole Alaska is a fun small town that celebrates Christmas with a twist Rob Joleigh is a writer with a Scrooge attitude concerning the holidays Holly Howard is a tour guide in town What will happen when the two meet on a snowy night? The setting is charming and the town has a quirky group of residents This is the type of place that makes the holidays fun and meaningful The characters are fun and charming I really enjoyed this story and read this at record speed This story helped to put me in the Christmas spirit and I had to get my tree up immediately This is a fun enjoyable quick read that can be enjoyed by all The unspirited are challenged as well as the spirited and a town comes together to help one another I look forward to reading from Brooke Williams

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    Another Backwards Christmas by Brooke WilliamsThis is a whimsical holiday story that is a super fast read It takes place in South Pole Alaska and yes I do admit Googling it to see if it was a real place where Christmas traditions are upside down and backwards Mistletoe on the ground presents given TO Santa etc This book proves that Christmas isn’t a season it’s a feelingThis isn't the first book I’ve read by Brooke Williams and I enjoy her writing style She gets right into the nitty gritty of the story Another Backwards Christmas is a sweet romance that I would absolutely recommend to my mother and her book club