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How do you tell someone you're too damaged to love?When Elora slips on the sidewalk outside her favorite local coffee shop the handsome Greek bodyguard who comes to her rescue makes her insides tremble and her knees go weakBut when Milos recognizes her as Greek's fragile princess—ostracized ridiculed and shunned—Elora's first instinct is to run away Lucky for her Milos followsHe's not about to let her epilepsy or her shame at her past keep him from falling in loveMilos's big Greek family only reminds Elora of what she's lost Can she overcome past pain and open her heart to Milos on New Year's? Or will her fear quell the passion burning between them?Get All Tied Up For New Year's today and find out

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    This was a very enjoyable and well written read It was kink than BDSM but still had plenty of steamy scenes and good chemistry between the hero and heroineThis was much of an emotional story and whilst we got both of their POV's it was mainly Elora's story This took that kernal from Elizabeth's situation in 'In His Silks' that you can choose who your family is and gives us a wonderful emotional and inspiring tale of loveI really liked both main characters you could feel the struggle and pain that both Elora and Milos lived with Their connection and love felt so very believable as did Elora's struggle to have strength to choose loveThe plot held my interest I found the style of writing really easy to read and I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends

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    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a reviewFlora and Milk both suffer from emotional torment yet in each other find that balm for their soul that I of mated healing however it's almost lost when Flora allows her fears over a physical ailment to cause her to withdraw i go herself but her fear of losing her love is greater Will her bravery be rewarded?? Read and find out

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    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a reviewThis is one of those book you instantly fall in love with The character's are amazing and the story is very entertaining and exciting You get a great experience reading this with some BDSM and two people broken find out if they can heal each other

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    45 stars Family can support us or they can be our kryptonite Elora and Milos are both from Greece and the sprinkling of Greek phrases and endeared is delicious one still has a warm loving family while the other is still aching over the abandonment by theirsDisclaimer I'm acquainted with the author via social mediaI really loved Elora as a character She has epilepsy a prominent birthmark and another disability that make her doubt herself as a partner for anyone especially someone as hot as Milos I felt like the author struck the right balance in showing us what it may be like to live with those conditions coping well most of the time but sometimes impacted severely Yet still attractive physically and emotionallyMilos perhaps a little too perfect but he had his demons as well The BDSM elements is all B a little D for those out off by the AM in some stories And since it's a romance yes ends with a satisfying HFN Happily For Now

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    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a reviewWhat I enjoyed about Elora and Milos story was that they were a bit older he wasn’t a bad boy billionaire and she wasn’t a curvy red head The characters were very grounded and fully developed Elora came from a well to do Greek family that disowned her Milos was also Greek and worked as a bodyguard for a wealthy family Elora was born with a physical condition that brought out major superstition in her home country After pulling a prank as a teenager that embarrassed her politically connected family she came to live in Boston Her physical limitations as well as the rejection and subsequent abandonment by her family has kept Elora in a tightly controlled bubble of self protection She supports herself with several different ventures and that is how she came to meet Milos as his employer asked her to design a ring for her upcoming wedding Milos was a soldier in Greece with a large loving family He was offered a position in the states that would enable him to send money back to his family After saving the life of his employer from an attack which left him with PTSD Milos has been somewhat reluctant to get involved with anyone Both Elora and Milos see themselves as damaged goods but can see the goodness in each other Elora is very insecure about her physical appearance whereas Milos sees a beautiful strong woman Their chemistry is very explosive and shakes them both Elora is afraid of wanting than temporary while Milos wants so much to have Elora be a part of his life The rejection from her family makes her feel she is unworthy of love When Milos’s family visits him they immediately take Elora into the fold This easy acceptance sends Elora running as she doesn’t understand how these total strangers can love her so quickly when her own family can turn away from her with ease Milos hopes he is able to show how Elora how worthy of his love she is Will his patience and actions allow Elora to finally give herself the opportunity to be loved?You will laugh you will cry at the heartbreak of an abandoned young woman you will experience the steamy passion that these two share and you will also be embraced by the love that Milos’s family has to offer This was a story with a lot of pain love steam and acceptance The only minor bump was the almost contrived danger that Milos’s employer faced You do understand that something dramatic had to occur because of his job so you go along with that part to get back to the real story of Elora and Milos which is very heart warming

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    I enjoyed this book Not as much BDSM in as I thought there would be or even hoped there would be I still enjoyed the storyElora I love this name by the way A woman who has not had any contact with her family since college mostly due to drunken phone calls and her father never wanting to see or speak to her again So everything really started with her birth the red hair and her redden mark on the side of her face and down her neck Later it was due to her seizures At 15 when her family took her to the state dinner she had a seizure which broke a precious statue From there they sent her to the states as she lived in Greece to live with her aunt in Cali When she went to college is when she made some terrible phone calls to her family about how she hated her family Years later now she designs her own jewelry and sells it She was actually making a delivery to the coffee shop where she sells some of her pieces when she slid on ice and fell That's how she met Milos and ElizabethMilos actually knew of Elora from back home in their homeland of Greece Had seen all the stuff reported about her when she had been 15 and had her seizure at the state dinner After that it was like she disappeared from the face of the earth When he saw her he felt something for her He was sort of surprised when she took off as quickly as she did when all of them were having coffee after Elora realized Milos recognized her What he didn't know is she was trying to get away from everyone before her seizure hitThey spend a bit of time together when Milos isn't on duty as bodyguard for Elizabeth and Alora isn't designing Elizabeth and Alexander's wedding rings She feared he would think she was broken when she told him all of her conditions Her epilepsy the blindness in her right eye the weakness on her right side and the reddening mark on her bodyShe fears falling in love and fears being rejected yet again as she was from her familyCan Elora get over her fears and fall for Milos?The only way your gonna know is to read the book There is slight BDSM in the book Like I said at the beginning not as much as I would've liked to read but there is some Doesn't go into much detail either Something else you expect out of an erotica I expected a lot in detail scenes with BDSM You really don't get there here I would so call this contemporary with a little BDSM spice Not to say I don't like it I did thoroughly enjoy the book Enough for me to finish it in a few hours I would love to read by this author Thank you for such an enjoyable storyReceived a free copy via ARC reader program for honest review

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    I am voluntarily leaving this review for this book I received through BooksproutsElora is a jewelry designer and as she was walking along she slipped on some ice as she goes down When a women walks over and the man she is with holds his hand out to help her She talks the women into going to her friends shop for coffee along with the man who Elora sees her bodyguardElora has physical problems and mental problems so she is very self conscious especially when she meets Milos Elizabeth the women who helped her finds out that Elora is a jewelry designer and asked her to make her rings for her weddingMilos and Elora get together he doesn't see her frailty but she's a beautiful and talented women Elora feels safe when she with Milosbut she is afraid of showing her feelings Also Elora hasn't spoken to her parentsbrother or grandmother since her father threw her out of the house She longs to speak to them so she calls and gets her grandmother who spoke briefly to herMilos's family come to Boston from Greece for Christmas Milos introduces to his family who immediately fall in love with her While she is showing his family around she has a epileptic seizure His parents try to talk to her but her words were coming out wrong Finally they get her back to her house Milos's family take care of her while she is at homeElora is having a hard time his parents want her to come to Christmas dinner she was suppose to go and she freaks out and tell Milos she couldn't go which broke his heart Elora knows she needs to talk to Milos's mom to straighten things outElizabeth's wedding is coming up on New Years Eve and she was a guest She was looking around for Milos when she spots him Elora needed to speak its Milos and tell him what happened and how she feels about him Will Milos take her back when she tells him that she loves him Will he tells her that he wants her forever?

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    Review Rating 50 out of 5 starsAcceptance is a gift in itselfI received an Advance Reader Copy for All Tied Up For New Year's Restrained Volume 3 written by Patricia D Eddy and voluntarily reviewed this book Because of a combination of youthful bad decisions and health issues the consequences lead to Elora being essentially exiled from her homeland of Greece and her prestigious politically famed family When she bumps into a couple outside of a coffeeshop while delivering her latest jewelry designs to sell Elora comes face to face with a woman in wedding planning breakdown and her very sexy hunky bodyguardMilo silently observes Elora while his client Elizabeth seizes an opportunity and asks Elora to design her wedding rings He recognizes her name and recalls a bit of her family history and much like her he is far from family The attraction is definitely there between them but Elora is not really sure about being with a man who brings not only excitement into her life but heartache as well because of his shared heritage causing her to long for her family When all her secrets and shame of her past come to light will Milo accept all of them and love her for herself? But the bigger question may well be can she let anyone she cares about back into her life and trust in them to not break her heart as it has been broken in the past?I really enjoyed this story I understood where Elora was coming from emotionally as well as Elizabeth’s story and background Milo has a heart big enough to share his family with her especially at such a tough time of the year the holidays when it really hurts her to not be with loved ones Her heart was so lonely fragile and barely pieced back together not that she didn’t try to make amends with her family Milo and Elora’s relationship though was very fulfilling and loving as well as hot and erotic as they explored their likes and wants and needs together

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    WE'RE ALL BROKEN💔 THAT'S HOW WE KNOW WE'RE ALIVE💘ARC received for a voluntary and honest reviewIn this book📚 we meet Milos a tall rippedgorgeous Greek man🐺🍆🌋✋ and ex Greek special forces💪🔪🔫 He is the personal bodyguard💪 of Elizabeth Bennet and Alexander Fairhaven from the previous book In His Silks Elora💋👩💔 was a Greek princess her father a politician running for President of Greece After a massive scene Elora👩💋 causes at a state dinner she is completely estranged💔 from her family in Greece She goes to America and she lives in Boston now When she falls on the ice in the street Milo🐺🍆🌋✋ and Elizabeth💃 are there helping her up because they were all three happen to be going to the same nearby ☕coffee shopElora💋👩💔 is in self exile and she also has a debilitating disease that causes her to have one side of her body much weaker than the other She is blind in the eye on that side and she also has epilepsy She's a mess But Elora👩💋 has a huge talent she designs and makes beautiful silver and gold jewelry to sell online and in her friends ☕coffee shop Elizabeth decides she wants Elora to design her and Alexander's wedding rings💍Milos🐺🔪🔫 being the soldier that he is sees only how brave she is He doesn't see her skin discoloration her milky eye her limp he only sees a brave beautiful woman💃💋 that he wants to love💘 Elora👩💋 tries to push Milo away because she is so self conscious about her disabilities she's sure no man would want her She is so estranged from her family she feels her heart💓 is permanently broken💔 At the same time Elora👩💋 wants Milo🐺🍆🌋✋ to dominate her completely Milo🐺🍆🌋✋ is a very dominant man and he won't allow her insecurities to keep him away He won't take no for an answerYEHAW Ride em Bareback🍆 Cowgirl🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

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    Elora is a strong little woman Having to go through all she's been through I don't know how I would have reacted to having all those things and problems in my life She came out the other side a survivor but every survivor has his own demons and she is no exceptionMilos is a great man I loved it when I realized it was his love story He deserves the best and he got the best but sometimes the best doesn't come as easy as we hope He kept going after it though and in the end he got the girlThe way the relationship developed in this book was something that I enjoyed quiet a lot Not only the trust Elora put in Milos hands but also that they were forced to speak about their problemsI won't deny I wanted to smack some sense into Elora at some point or another but I also understood where she was coming from It wasn't easy but she did itSeeing Alexander and Elizabeth again the couple from the previous book in the series was a great bonus I really love them and I was happy to check on them and their lives a little bitAll that being said even though I truly enjoyed the book there was something missing that I couldn't put my finger on I was very satisfied with the ending but I guess I wanted drama with Elora's family ? I don't knowWhat I do know is that I can't wait to get my paws over In His Collar Nicholas book The sneak peek was awesome I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review