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An all new full length story spun from the world of Seth King's bestselling Straight series Two best friends One week in paradise One pact that goes explosively off the rails MSM men who have sex with men a growing phenomenon in which straight men engage in casual sex with other straight men which sociologists attribute to loosening cultural norms and relaxing social views towards sexuality Beau Lindemann and Nathan Sykes took their first steps together and went to their first prom in the same limo In fact there’s nothing the twenty two year olds have ever kept from each other – except one long simmering secret Today Beau and Nathan have major girl problems Each dumped by their girlfriends they find themselves single lonely and tipsy in Key West After a boozy night of commiseration takes a shocking turn Beau and Nathan decide to throw caution to the Atlantic winds forget about girls for a few days and make a pact to use each other’s bodies for sex That was their first mistake But why worry about tomorrow when today feels this good? Warning this is not a warning This book is about two dudes who love each other and that's fine and no warning label or trigger warning as I often see on LGBT related books is needed because there's nothing wrong with love These warning labels only spread the idea that gay people are associated with shame and scandal and you won’t ever find me using one Thank you for reading – Seth King

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    Wow that was some painfully schizophrenic plotting at times I started out really enjoying what seemed like a story that couldn't quite seem to decide if it wanted to be an MM romance or just the latest erotic gem available on Nifty Gay Stories Highly recommended story site by the wayThe writing was steamy and I genuinely liked the best friend MC's even if their voices were very similar however I began to get very frustrated when these guys would think one thing on page then immediately turn around and do the exact opposite in the very next paragraph This tendency started to feel contrived pulling the story in weird directions simply for the sake of upping the drama factor In short it felt very forced to meThis next part is an itty bit SPOILERY so proceed at your own risk This got worse and worse until the big decades long “ dream sequence” toward the end that made me feel like my head was about to blow clean off my shoulders No I'm not even joking about that I already had my Divorce Papers drawn up and signed ready to break up with this author once and for allThen suddenly everything turned on a dime going from post apocalyptic levels of Emo Angst to a sunshine and rainbows perfect endingI hate fuckery and feeling like I'm being jerked around by an author which is precisely how this story left me feelingSo while the sex was generally hot and the characters likeable and this story was less preachy than its predecessor Straight taking everything into consideration this was about a 275 star read for me at best This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membershipSee All My Latest Reads Review Quick Links