Charlee and the Chocolate Shop Whitsborough Bay 5 eBook

Charlee and the Chocolate Shop is a heart warming tale of family and friendship Master chocolatier Charlee Chambers has plenty to be excited about as Christmas approaches She’s moved in with her boyfriend Darren and she’s about to open a chocolate shop following in her late granddad’s footsteps If only Darren would show interest in helping her refurbish Charlee’s Chocolates ready for a December opening When water starts pouring through the shop ceiling and Darren can’t be contacted to help emergency plumber Matt comes to the rescue From that moment on Matt does to support Charlee in achieving her dreams than Darren ever has and she finds herself drawn to him But Matt’s engaged and Charlee loves Darren doesn’t she? And Darren loves her or at least she thinks he does but he's been behaving a little strangely recently Then Charlee discovers that Darren has a secret But so does Matt And so it seems does the woman who abandoned her at birth

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