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A secret hidden for forty years is about to come out The man at the centre of this secret discovers from his dying adoptive mother that he has a family he knew nothing about With nothing to go on he is determined to find them whatever the cost However the he learns the dangerous his quest becomes But when he finds out the truth it is so shocking and scandalous it may well cost him his life and the lives of his family This book's previous title was A Sense of Discovery and includes editorial revisions

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    I received a copy of the audible from the author for a honest review Overall I enjoyed the book however I would give a two star for few reasons 1 The title of the book mentions psychological thriller however the book reads like a cozy mystery with a twist in the end In my opinion a little twist in the end does not label the book as psychological thriller 2 The narrator has a gentle British voice that suits a cozy mystery genre but not a psychological thriller If the genre was leaning towards mystery I would have gladly given a rating of 3 stars 3 The plot was interesting where it starts from searching for his biological mother to escaping the paradise island where his mother lives