Crossroads in the Dark III PDF/EPUB ´ the Dark

A new journey to the Crossroads our childhood fears ripped apart the fabric of our reality Others called it make believe because there’s no such thing as monsters Right? The monsters that were lurking under our beds when we were children How many nights did we lie awake and pray for daylight? We snuggled next to Teddy bears curled up under makeshift blanket tents and prayed for our night lights to banish the shadows Did those monsters really exist or were they fabrications of our overactive imaginations? Nobody knows except us and the monsters During those childhood years they crept out from the darkness under our beds and scraped their claws at the bedsheets Never to be seen in the morning light As we grew up they changed along with us but they never went away They were never believed inexcept by those held hostage when nightfall came once

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