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A boy imprisoned by an abusive recluse mother alone in a mansion in the 1920's begins to get ideas of his own when a goblin in his closet comforts him in the dark The Goblin is now a feature film The movie trailer can be seen on YouTube under The Goblin movie trailer The film is coming soon to video Check it out Follow on FB or Twitter to be notified of its release The Goblin is a terrifying tale of madness terror and trickery that will leave you pleasantly stunned For all lovers of intense suspense period thrillers of the 1920's and 30's stories that make you afraid of the dark and poetic books from classic authors of Victorian Horror Follow thegoblinmovie Facebook facebookcomthegoblinmovie

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    Not my cup of teaMinor spoiler A goblin befriends an abused boy only to end up manipulating him and bringing his downfall in the end I watched the film which was alright and ends in the middle of the book It intrigued me enough to look for the book itself and that’s where I ran into issues I’m not sure if the author was doing this on purpose but the writing style and word choice was maddening The entire book was full of awkward sentence structure senseless and often nonsensical description misused words and The entire narrative was mostly nonsensical to be honest The voice which one could assume was done in an attempt to create an antique and particularly creepy unsettling mood really only served to engender a sense of ridiculous and absurd pretentiousness throughout the narrative I liked the idea behind the story but the writing style was just way to overdone for me