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A tale of humane wolves beastly men and a brilliant heroine who must find her way in a dangerous worldRaised by intelligent language using wolves brought back to the human society at the court of Hawk Haven young Firekeeper had to learn to cope with human society and its complexities and discovered that for someone raised in a wolf pack the politics of a royal court were neither complex nor wholly unfamiliarBut the happy ending of Through Wolf's Eyes has proved to have consequences Hawk Haven and Bright Bay are unifying but the power balance of the neighboring lands is threatened by this prospect New intrigues abound The rulers of Bright Bay it transpires have been hoarding a collection of forbidden magical artifacts which Queen Gustin took with her when she abdicated intending to use them to restore her power Melina Shield is still scheming to obtain them and she's older smarter and devious than the Queen And the even devious civil service of neighboring New Kelvin would like to get their hands on that magic as well Which will make life very hard for Firekeeper Because the powers of the world have decided who'll be required to obtain those much contended for magical articles It'll be her

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    This series rocks Blind Seer is the coolest wolf everThe paperback had a different cover than the hardback what gives? Now I have to have bothSusan

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    Grrrr who thought having two covers one for hardback and one for paperback from Julie Bell would be a good idea? have to have BOTH versions thoFirst read in HC 9242002re read 12312003

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    I became so caught up in these books I didn't sleep for weeks Wolves are just the most awesome animals and the whole idea of wanting to be one is very fascinating This just shows how weird and confusing customs and rules that go along with living in this society are and how many of our actions make no sense

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    I like this whole series Lindskold is a good storyteller I need to get the latest in the series

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    Many years ago I found this book sitting in a used bookshop The cover art caught my attention and the synopsis sealed the deal It was my first Jane Lindskold and although it wasn’t the first book in the series I loved it The relationship between Firekeeper and Blind Seer was like nothing else I’d ever read The world building was so rich and after devouring it in one day I knew I’d have to continue reading this amazing seriesNow I have finally been able to finish the series and rereading Wolf’s Head Wolf’s Heart for the first time was a wonderful experience especially since I could finally continue on and see what they got up too next A very much underrated series that I would recommend to anyone who loves well crafted high fantasy

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    FINALLY done with this oneMuch tighter than the first in the series the quest plot structure is inherently easier to write and was fairly high tension for much of the book but so much of the writing was just bog like The plot itself is pretty clearly an action story but the writing is downright meditative clearly this author is highly confused over what she wants to writeThere are also an alarming density of awkwardly placed dialogue tags such that they ACTIVELY INTERFERE WITH THE MEANING OF THE DIALOGUEUltimately I'm left with the feeling that this book is in sore need of a vicious editor with a love of the Red Pen Trim all the paragraphs of unnecessary or repetitive exposition and hey Turns out this is actually a 500 page bookMainly giving it three stars to show the vast improvement from the prequel but I don't care nearly enough to pick up the next in the series even if it were to fall out of the sky and onto my bookshelf Not going to waste another month of my life feeling irritated with an editor for being too nice That or sorry for an editor that they had to deal with whatever the manuscript looked like BEFORE their editing cleaned it up even this much

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    I really enjoyed this sequel It seamlessly continued off where the first book ended while maintaining its own plot and introducing new and interesting characters In fact it is the characters rich and imaginative setting and the meticulous sense of detail that sets it apart from epic fantasies rather than its plot Really to summarize the relatively simple plot regain stolen magical artifacts and rescue a young princess it's almost mind boggling that this story took over 700 pages to tell and that I enjoyed every last page of it The element of the Royal Beasts is my favorite and I can only imagine how much even that I would have loved this book had I read it when I was younger Still I am so happy that I have the rest of the series ready and waiting for me to keep reading I can't wait to see where Firekeeper's adventures take her

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    I enjoyed this one than the first one that is I have grown to love Firekeeper and cannot wait to learn about her Things from her past need to be told Who brought her to the wolves when she was 4 year old and why was she so important that she absolutely had to live ? Important for what ?4 books to go so I think I'll have my answers eventually

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    Too many POV's for my sanity but it was somehow worth it

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    This is the second book in the Firekeeper Saga and it's just as good as the first one I swept through all 754 pages in two days and got very little else done and this is far from the first time I've read the series so that should tell you how good it isFirekeeper AKA Lady Blysse is the sole survivor of a lost settlement in a taboo region Her parentage is uncertain but she ends up being adopted into a noble family and from there here whole life changes Firekeeper was raised by intelligent 'royal' wolves from a young age and learning how to be human is hard for her but she's doing her best to learn the minimum courtesies expected from a young noble woman while still maintaining her own unique outlookNow court intrigue has sent her to the one nearby country where magic is still accepted in fact the citizens of New Kelvin are crazy about all things old and mystical Melina Shield enters into a conspiracy with the former queen of Bright Bay Queen Gustin and Firekeeper and her friends have to follow her to get back the magical items she stole I love the way she thinks the mix between human and wolf and I adore her relationship with Blind Seeker her wolf brother Her conflicting sense of honor when she has to choose between wolves and humans really sucks you in and getting to the end of each book is almost painful While the books are very thick and wordy they never get boring or seem overly detailed