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Clarice Larrabee is expelled to the Holy Order of St Anne to atone for her scandalous dalliances while working as a scullery maid at the Oakesdale estate Lord Frothingham’s calculated seduction and Clarice’s romance with his handsome son George led to social and spiritual ruin leaving her heartbroken scorned and bereft There is no place in Victorian English society for a lover so passionate nor a will so bold nor a mind so bright as Clarice Larrabee's who now dedicates herself to the convent praying with all her might for redemption Yet how long can she run from her true nature? An amorous visitation from Angel Jabazael reawakens her sensual side and there is no turning back After a night of wanton lust in the arms of this powerful being she realizes her destiny is not within the confines of a manse nor the walls of a cathedral but in another realm altogether Following her surrender to Angel Jabazael she encounters Daemon Maelfar who reveals Clarice’s unique role as a receptacle of angelic light and diabolical darkness a living bridge between the spiritual and material worlds But her role in the universal balance can only begin after a ritual of erotic pleasure when both holy creatures share her body where she eternally submits to being ANGELS’ PREY

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