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Jess L’aurant never expected her life to unfold this way Running from a lifetime of pain and torment her dream of making it big was becoming less and less of a reality Falling victim to all the tempting vices always present in the world she lived in now she was sinking further in the abyss She never expected to find herself at his dooror at his club Every instinct warned Jess against knowing Nick further but she always did like playing with fire Nick Roman took one look at Jess and knew she was trouble from the very start But something about the defiant twist of her mouth and the wide haunted eyes of a damaged soul touched him in places he'd long ago thought dead He knew he needed to stay far away from her for his own sanity but like a moth to a flame he was helpless to resist Enemies and bitter hostilities build around them as lovers and spouses hang on with a vice grip refusing to let go Their love was all consuming risky life threatening Would it destroy everything and everyone around them as well? Fallen Angel is a mafia romance serial novel Due to sexual content implied and actual scenes of abuse infidelity violence organized crime language and freuent illegal drug use we recommend this to mature audiences ages 18 and over who are comfortable with this subject matter

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    ReviewThe character relationships were rushed and the plot was forced The romance scenes were also a bit awkward and lacked flow