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A young woman with a dangerous power she barely understands A smuggler with secrets of his own A country torn between a merciless colonial army a terrifying tyrant and a feared rebel leader The first book in a new trilogy from Heidi HeiligJetta’s family is famed as the most talented troupe of shadow players in the land With Jetta behind the scrim their puppets seem to move without string or stick a trade secret they say In truth Jetta can see the souls of the recently departed and bind them to the puppets with her blood But the old ways are forbidden ever since the colonial army conuered their country so Jetta must never show never tell Her skill and fame are her family’s way to earn a spot aboard the royal ship to Auitan where shadow plays are the latest rage and where rumor has it the Mad King has a spring that cures his ills Because seeing spirits is not the only thing that plagues Jetta But as rebellion seethes and as Jetta meets a young smuggler she will face truths and decisions that she never imagined—and safety will never seem so far awayHeidi Heilig creates a world inspired by Asian cultures and French colonialism

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    Okay I'm going to paste my preliminary author's note here because it includes content notes at the bottom and I want to get those in front of people now because ARCs will become available soonish and I don't want anyone to be taken by surprise I will format with spoiler tags as well to keep anyone from being spoiledSo Here goes Sometimes the inside of my head seems like the pile of returned books on a library cart A well worn high fantasy beside an account of the lives of party girls in Bohemian New York a Shakespeare play sandwiched between a history of French colonialism and a book about shadow puppetry These flying leaps from topic to topic are one of my favorite things about my own bipolar disorder and they inform my world building in unexpected waysWhen I set out to write FOR A MUSE OF FIRE I wanted to write about a main character who shares my mental illness and seeks a real life treatment for it view spoiler Lithium which occurs naturally in springs around the world is a historical treatment but is still widely prescribed for bipolar I took it myself for a while hide spoiler

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    I'm going to be putting this on hold at about 33% I'll keep this at a bulleted list because I'm almost 200 pages in? and that doesn't uite feel like enough to actually Dislike The Thing and also there is a good chance I will finish this at some point→I think this might just be one of those fantasy books that is heavier on the world and plot than on character and I honestly don't find either worldbuilding or plot particularly interesting→fantasy names for real life things are cool and i absolutely understand why they exist and i also can't keep them straight at all i really do struggle with names→the arc doesn't have all the maps and stuff which makes sense maybe i just need a final copy to appreciate that part of the story?→okay here comes an actual issue the plot is super super generic like i'm 200 pages in and i can outline this book for you→generally however i can go with a generic plot if i enjoy the characters and themes→uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe i'm just missing them?→points for a biracial and bipolar and according to Heilig's twitter ueer heroine→buuuuuuuut i think i'm really struggling to get hold of Jetta as a character? she just doesn't have a very strong voice to me? →Leo has literally no characterization he feels incredibly forced he did NOT need to be here→i can't visualize anything for shit the writing is fine but it's not helping me picture what the fuck is happening→I want to finish this primarily because it's postcolonial literature →postcolonial literature is the only bitch in this house that i respect→I also generally want to feel like I have something to say about books I DNF especially as I am currently higher on this book's page from my prereview than I feel is fair to the book? if you're wondering why this will not be on my blog or be boosted in any way shape or form that's why→i'm really forgetting details of this story only a month after i last picked it up and I think that's probably just a good note to end on i'm not really keeping the plot straight in my head because i'm just not that invested yetBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    Originally I was going to power through this in a few days but I just can'tThis isn't a DNF I'm just going to put it back on my to read pile and pick it up later in the futureI don't hate it but after 100 pages I just can't get into it Nothing has really captured my attention Even the necromancy is lacking substanceHopefully I can read the story all the way but for now I'm setting it down

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    “ To the mad ones”I knew I was going to like this book right from the dedication For a Muse of Fire is the first book in a YA trilogy set in a high fantasy world inspired by Southeast Asia during French colonization It's the story of Jetta a girl with bipolar disorder who is trying to get to a magic spring whose waters should be able to help her because of the lithium which naturally occurs thereIt means a lot to me when I find SFF in which the main character is mentally ill For two reasons mental illness representation is only common in contemporary novels but as I do not live in the US they do not reflect my experience of living in a country in which there's very little or even less awareness on these topics The other reasons is that I like seeing mentally ill people being heroes in all genresI loved the representation of Jetta's bipolar disorder It's subtler than I thought it was going to be Jetta's lows are basically shown as a time jumps in the story I think variety in representation of mental illness books that do not show depressive episodes to avoid being too triggering and books that explicitly engage with the topics of depression or suicide is really important especially when it's ownvoices like this bookSubtle of course doesn't mean the representation wasn't there Jetta's malheur is relevant to the plot and to her characterizationI really liked following Jetta and her family through Chakrana as they try to figure out how to live in a place where the tension between colonizers and the rebellion is rising I especially liked reading about shadow plays and the way this aspect was tied to the magic systemThe magic system itself was really interesting and imaginative in For a Muse of Fire you'll find necromancy in a way you've never seen it beforeAnother thing that made this book stand out was the mixed media format some of the chapters are told like plays there's sheet music there are maps letters and telegramsUntil now I talked about what made For a Muse of Fire stand out However it didn't stand out as much as I hoped it would While the themes are very different from the average YA fantasy I found the plot very formulaic There are people in power there's a rebellion at the beginning of the novel the main character thinks the people in power are not that bad but then she changes her minds and falls in love with a boy in the processFormulaic diverse stories are important and the diversity here wasn't just a dressing to make the story feel new without any actual depth to it it isn't tokenism but sometimes I wonder whether I've read too much YA fantasy I predicted every single twist from the beginningIt didn't help that the romance was very bland There wasn't anything wrong with Leo the love interest he was just so forgettable that I had to look up his name and I finished this yesterday He doesn't stand out from a sea of very similar YA fantasy love interestsThe dancers at Le Perl especially Cheeky I want to know about her were far interesting characters This is also the only YA novel I know that has positive sex worker representationThis book definitely could have been better in terms of predictability but I didn't think it was just average it's one of the books that executed this kind of plot better For a Muse of Fire is set in a colonized country and the author shows the ways colonization affects a culture through the details clothing language religion even buildings without any infodumps I'm often disappointed by the worldbuilding in YA fantasy books but I wasn't hereThe writing was solid but I can't say it stood out I love atmospheric books and I would have loved if this had been one of them I wanted to feel as if I was there with Jetta but I couldn't always visualize how things lookedI always say that books longer than 500 pages are longer than they need to be and usually have pacing problems Here this was true only for the ending in which I felt like too much and not enough was happening at the same time Anyway the pacing was very good for most of it I finished this 512 page book in less than three daysOne thing some parts of this book hint Jetta is also into girls and I definitely read her as bipan I didn't know whether to recommend For a Muse of Fire as a ueer book but the author mentioned Jetta is ueer in a tweet so it's canon

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    Disclaimer I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposesJetta is a member of a famed troupe of shadow players where a story is told through the shadows cast by puppets But Jetta and her parents have a secret to their success – Jetta's has necromancy powers and uses it to bind souls to her puppets so they can move without strings With her skills and their fame Jetta and her family are trying to make their way from Auitan and Chakrana the former inspired by South East Asia and the latter by France their interaction and history based on French colonialism fleeing the rising rebellion but also where rumor has it the Mad King has a spring to cure his ills because the spirits of the dead are not the only thing that plagues Jetta But as the rebellion lands on her front step Jetta finds herself facing truths and decisions she never imagined I am a massive fan of Heidi Heilig's duology THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE and so I was ecstatic to get my hands on an e ARC of FOR A MUSE OF FIRE It did not disappoint not in the slightest It's an Asian inspired fantasy with a vibrant and dynamic cast of characters fantastic world building a uniue magic system NECROMANCY and such lush writing The characters – both the main and the secondary – were complex and well developed and the group dynamics and interactions were exceptional I adored Jetta how intelligent caring and kind she was Jetta's malheur is also very much inspired by the author's #ownvoices experience with bipolar I adored Leo I adored the feeling of found family and I also adored the slow burn romance between Jetta and Leo Another thing that makes this book so uniue aside from the exceptional world building and uniue magic system was that whilst most of it was written in the first person narrative from Jetta's POV there were letters and transcripts and folklore stories and it enhanced the reading experience and made it feel so immersive Even though FOR A MUSE OF FIRE is a fantasy it is very much based on history with themes of colonialism I do think that fans of both fantasy and historical fantasyfiction will find a lot to love here FOR A MUSE OF FIRE is a book that I will be recommending to fantasy fans for a long time to come

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterIn a vivid rich world inspired by Asian cultures and French colonialism A bipolar young woman with a dangerous power she barely understands A smuggler with secrets of his own A country torn between a merciless colonial army a terrifying tyrant and a feared rebel leader Told from Jetta’s first person point of view as well as chapters written as play scripts and ephemera such as telegrams and letters we are taken on a journey that weaves magic simmering romance and the deep bonds of family with the high stakes of epic adventureThe short reviewLet me preface this entire review by saying I enjoyed For a Muse of Fire That is important to note because I also had a bunch of stuff bug me It didn't ruin the read but was uite a disconnect for me at times I feel like the best way to distill my jumbled thoughts that I've spent two days trying to pull together is through a lovely list So please decide for yourself if this is a book for youWhat I enjoyed? The Added POVsWe got other POVs through the plays telegrams and letters in between chapters That was neat even if I didn't really understand where these fragments came from Who was writing the plays? Why was someone collecting this information? I really enjoy getting than just the main female's POV I really liked JettaSuch was NOT the case with The Girl from Everywhere so I was really happy about that I felt for her that she lost her brother and that her and her parents last hope was this ship I wanted to fully understand what was so forbidden about her art and to experience the trials of colonialism And for the most part I got that all through Jetta The shadow puppetry necromancy and blood magicYes these all three are sort of the same thing and a little different Suffice to say THESE are the REASON TO READ THE BOOK I found it a rather incredible use of necromancy and I loved that it was used in such a benign way as a livelihood The spirits and the puppetry truly felt from South Asia too The oppression of an invading countryHeilig has always been really great at creating intriguing worlds even if they don't always make sense and this one does have both that creativity and that problem But it DOES feel like a country that is being overtaken by another country's army Their people are told their old ways are no good and are being killed when they don't accept being oppressedWhat I didn't The bi polar rep I actually forgot that it was in the book Jetta kept calling it malheur and I kept wondering what the heck she was talking about because she didn't seem to be anything but normal? Then when they introduced the treatment I remembered But looking back at Jetta's actions I never saw a manic high or a maudlin low I know uite a few people who are all bi polar to varying degrees and yeah not a whiff of it here Really I LOVE MENTAL HEALTH I would give props to even hints of it But frankly Wintersong is a better representation of bi polar disorder I applaud the publisher for mentioning it in the blurb so readers would be alerted but that effort was really wasted This won't feel very Asian Now I know it IS based on legitimate South Asia cultures I've read a couple books about Cambodia and it lightly felt like hints of that country if I stretched it shadow puppetry the jungle setting the temple Here's the thing though it felt MORE French Like even Jetta felt French Her parents felt even MORE French It was so freaking odd Even the half blood felt FRENCH And yet all the Auitans the invading colonists were described as blondes a sea of blondes was mentioned often and there are French blondes but honestly they are mostly dark haired so I became so freaking confused It honestly felt like a FRENCH world being oppressed by Vikings or late Englishmen and NOT Asian at all The two racial names of the people Auitans and Chakrans were used so often to keep the two people separate that it became one of the few markers of the world It was hard to visualize what each meant So all I had to go on was the day to day life I experienced and that felt FRENCHUnfortunately I READ For a Muse of Fire BECAUSE of the bi polar mental health and the Asian culture So to be disappointed in these two things is pretty disheartening The thing is though that I enjoyed the story without the bi polar bit it added zero even if I believed it and without the cover and the blurb I wouldn't have thought this was so much Asian and so wouldn't have been disappointed that it lacked that element The shadow puppetry necromancy and blood magic ROCKED it Seriously I rated this such as I did because it elevated the story that muchCover Title grade FBetween the cover with a huge Asian dragon and the blurb that boldly states a vivid rich world inspired by Asian cultures I was expecting a vivid and rich Asian world and that is decidedly NOT what I got The expectations were all off To me I would have played up the shadow puppetry and the blood magic instead because that is what really slays in this book As a result the cover gets the lowest rating possible for deceiving me and I don't much like the title either Is Jetta the muse? What does fire have to do with it? Things did burn but why is that made to sound like a positive thing due to the title?Personally as a graphic designer I would have made a vector drawing of the dragon puppet to put on the cover that would have been so awesome I would have bought the book for that coverAs a WriterI applaud utilizing your #ownvoices in the writing of your book as a writer myself Even though I don't LOOK Asian I still apply my love for my culture to my own writing I'm sure the author's feelings as a bi polar and Asian POC are totally accurate and real I just didn't feel it come across the page shrug It's pretty bad when I can't even remember what the hell malheur was or why it was such a concern And as a reader it makes me uncomfortable when I start rationalizing for the author why I'm not getting the world building I was told was going to be front and center That's a risk we authors take putting ourselves out there at the poster child for our storyI really enjoyed the necromancy and blood magic in For a Muse of Fire and feel you'll enjoy it if you read for that Please though don't rely on this to get a sense of the bi polar mental health condition And don't be disappointed that the Asian culture is uite light the cover misrepresents the story and that's just a sad sad thing⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐⭐ Plot Pacing⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐ World Building Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter

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    OH MY GODTHIS BOOK WAS AMAZINGI started writing this review and it was basically a bunch of fangirling so I’m starting over again From the beginning this time Here goes PLOT So Jetta and her parents are shadow players – they tour Chakra and put on plays with puppets They’re famous for how easily their puppets manoeuvre But what the audience doesn’t know is that the puppets are essentially alive they’re animated by souls because Jetta can do awful necromantic things like that even if she knows she must never tell anyone or she’ll be imprisoned After the reign of terror of Le Trépas a necromancer who set himself up to rule over Chakra such things are regarded with the highest suspicionJetta has a malheur – a madness – uite separate from her necromancy It is said that the Mad King of Auitan has one too and to bath at the Auitan springs of Les Chanceux is the only way to cure it So now Jetta and her family are planning to perform before the King’s half brother General Legarde who’s currently in Chakra in the hopes that he’ll bring them over the sea with him when he returns home Right now he’s busy concluding a marriage between his daughter Theodora and Raik Alaika the Boy King of Chakra or rather the Playboy King who’s been little than an Auitan figurehead since they deposed his parentsBut enter the Tiger A ruthless Chakran rebel determined to expel the Auitans his machinations put a brutal end to Jetta’s plans Instead she’s forced to fall in with Leo a half Chakranhalf Auitan pub proprietor if she wants to have any hope of reaching Les Chanceux It’s going to be hard Leo is deeply untruthworthy the Tiger and his men menace her at every step the Auitans are not in a mood to look favourably on any Chakrans right now and all the while her madness and her death gift are sending Jetta’s stress level spiralling ever higher To make matters worse the old and feared name of Le Trépas is beginning to feature rather in her life than it really should be CHARACTERS Literally every single character was brilliantly drawn Every Single One Even the vast majority of the minor roles Every single character was interesting with a deep story I’m actually shook at how well Heilig made sure that nobody was a throwaway even if you saw them for only a page or two before they faded out of Jetta’s storyJetta of course is in the starring role She’s sharp edged smart but desperate ambitious loyal only to those who deserve it I LOVED HER if you couldn’t tell My only complaint would be that although there were freuent references to her madness none of her actions struck me as particularly insane In fact she seemed remarkably clear headed under her circumstancesLeo remained for the most part an enigma but we got enough flashes of his personality to know what motivates him The death of his mother his relationship with his father his loyalty for his girls – everything combined to make him just relatable enough to root for while unpredictable enough to be interestingEveryone else had their own stories too from Jetta’s parents to Theodora WRITING The fusion of cultures in this one was awesome Auitan is obviously France while Chakra is East Asia; although there are several references towards skin colour I felt like it wasn’t a massive element despite the book being about colonialism The whole white people taking over brown people’s land was a major plot point Jetta herself doesn’t really devote a lot of time to thinking about it but most other characters do and it’s interesting to see their various cross purposesThe format of the book is a little uniue than your average YA too The chapters are all narrated regularly from Jetta’s POV but in between are inserts from other characters in the form of play scenes Not surprising considering the title is a line from Shakespeare’ Henry V and Jetta herself is an actress of sortsBasically I’m dying for the next book and you should totally read this if only because you’re looking for a YA world a little interesting than the usual Russian fareBlog Bookstagram

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    I tried to read this book many months ago as a manuscript and couldn't get into it but the audiobook is GREAT An interesting and uniue world that I have never seen beforePS There is uite a bit of French in here definitely not enough to take away from the story if you're 100% unfamiliar with the language That said if you're a non French speaking Canadian like me the basic education we learned from the back of cereal boxes makes all the French thrown in really fun

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    Welcome to the fourth in my series of reviews of ARCs for which I traded this August and for sure one of the best brightest and most uniue new books of the year Heidi Heilig impressed me a great deal with her first duology The Girl from Everywhere and The Ship Beyond Time Now she starts a new trilogy in For a Muse of Fire another stellar fantasy in Heilig's signature style It's dark and deadly very lavish highly critical of colonialism and decidedly unconventional in its structure Between almost every chapter is at least one piece of ephemera a bit of dialogue between two side characters presented in the form of a stage play; telegrams between officials in the Auitaine armée the colonial power of Auitan being largely French inspired though with some subtle cultural differences; similarly the Chakran people and civilization aren't inspired by any one Asian country I sense aspects of Indian Vietnamese and Cambodian cultures unless I miss my guess; in universe folklore relevant to the story at hand my personal favorite being the tale of the King of Death very definitely a high point; that sort of thingAnother major reason to read this book is because it's #ownvoices for Heilig as a bipolar writer One of the driving forces behind heroine Jetta's journey to Auitan is the possibility of finding a cure for her own illness in the same spring where the Mad King is said to help himself as well But as with all the best #ownvoices leads Jetta is nowhere near 100% defined by her bipolar disorder Her strong family ties help define her as well as do her magic dangerous though it may be using blood magic necromancy and her art coming from a family of shadow puppeteers as she does Though I'm not reading this book #ownvoices as an #ownvoices writer myself for autism I very much appreciate how engaging a protagonist Heilig gives us in Jetta Heilig also helps set a new standard in the business ensuring the inclusion of all relevant content warnings on the copyright page something I'm still seeing in oddly few published booksPerhaps the only issue I had with reading this book as an ARC is that some of the extra artwork details notably maps and sheet music are still TK For sure I'll be taking a look at the final product as soon as it comes out to see how glorious these details are and knowing the lovely map work Heilig's books have gifted us with before that's just another way my standards remain highAnd one last uestion did Heilig name Leo Rath after the actor Jesse Rath? Just curious

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    The cover art is good the title is good the novel is not so good There is a spark of potential that needs to be exploited in subseuent books in the series