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UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATIONOmni Systems the world’s leading technology company has discovered a way to combine the experience of lucid dreaming with advanced AI and online role playing games They select five teenagers from across the globe to take part in the trial run of the revolutionary technology DreamscapeA backpacker a professional gamer a nursing student a soccer coach and a brittle bone disease survivor these five individuals must learn to master their fears and tap their imagination to fulfill a quest Dubbed the Fearless Five they will journey through the highly unpredictable environment of their collective dream to meet a mystical character known as Somnos the Sandman Along the way they’ll encounter unicorns dragons orcs goblins and a host of other fantastic beings

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    Interesting and exciting idea but felt a little juvenileThe dream world was cliche and boring the characters were one dimensional and unsympathetic and the story just didn’t flowI received a complimentary copy from Voracious Readers in return for an honest review

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    Absolutely amazing I love how the author incorporated the gamer's world into words I am really looking forward to the next book I've got so many questions in mind about the characters and about the story but I'd rather wait Again AMAZING

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    That book was so great