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SUGAR IS A FULL LENGTH STANDALONE ROMANCE Country’s hottest bad boy That’s what they call me My label ate it up until I became “too bad” for the good folks of country music That’s when Hard Candy Records picked me up and took a chance on me Probably not their smartest move but I won’t tell them that Especially when they’ve assigned me a babysitter to try and keep my ass out of trouble One smart mouthed unimpressed sexy as homegrown sin Addy Mae Masterson She likes to pretend that she doesn’t like me and I like to let her I may have a past that haunts me and she may have a habit of getting attached but damn if I don’t want to show her just how good this bad boy can be

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    This was a fun easy read All the characters were amazing even the supporting ones It was funny it kept me on the edge of my seat the sex was hot and meaningful the romance was awesome really such a good read Addy Mae and Beau's personalities provide a source of both conflict and comedy The dialogue sparkles but I truly love the sexual sparks these two emit More than the plot itself what endeared this book to me is the dynamics between characters A really fun read overall and I definitely recommend giving this author a go In shortHero 55 | Heroine 55 | Plot Point Originality 45 | Writing Style 45 | Steam 45 | Romance 45 | Angst Suspense 35 | Darkness 05 | Humor 45 | Secondary Characters 45 | Drama Conflict 35 | Mystery 05 | Twists 35 | Pacing Steady | Action 35

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    Get it here US UK Sugar was an easy and fun read I liked all the characters involved and actually have plans to go stalk this author now to see if I'll get any of the secondary characters stories There really wasn't a ton of drama but I still felt that heat and tension between Beau and Addy that always adds an extra zing factor to a story Overall this is something I would recommend to my fellow readers and I'm excited to see what else I can find from the author

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    Welcome to Hard Candy RecordsI really enjoyed Sugar It is a fun reluctant ish romance Beau is the bad boy of country music who after a tragic loss starts acting out even Addy is one of the top movers and shakers at Hard Candy Records Imagine what happens when Beau is signed to HCR and Addy is put in charge of being his baby sitter Things are tense to say the least The question is is the tension attraction or is it just plain old conflicting personalities?I loved the tension between Beau Addy from the very start I loved the ups and downs of their relationship as friends and as I also enjoyed that even though this is a standalone it's actually part of the Wrecked series world Needed another visit with the Wrecked crew and this was perfectIf you like reluctant romance where the couple plans to remain just friends with some extra benefits then this is the story for you

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    4 Bad Boy Did Good Stars Spoiler FreeThis was a huge surprise for me I hadn't read anything by this author so all I had was the blurb I am glad I took the chance as I just spent an enjoyable day reading about a couple who risked getting attached and how that risk eventually paid off I got everything I wanted from this Country boy a bit bad a lot sexy tortured and then redeemed The woman who is able to take him on has her own stuff to handle She is recovering from a bad relationship has the focus of the new record company she is part of and the pull and attraction to this man It is a combination we all have read before but in this author's hands it worked just right for me Give me good ole boys country music women who are strong and also know how to be soft and a story which worksjust enough heart enough angst and smokin' hot times too Will totally look for from Ms Beck A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    3 ⭐⭐⭐ OK decent readsAfter the house band plays another set blondie sidles over slipping onto my lap with ease pressing her body into me I should probably tell her she doesn't have to work so hard at it I'm gonna fuck her regardlessThis isn't the kind of girl you bring home to your mama but she is the kind of girl you fuck the hell out of and then maybe watch as your friends do the same It takes all kinds I don't discriminate I love ‘em all And then I leave ‘em“Beau could you please stop sleeping with waitresses?”“Soon for what? We’re not together But even if we were I’d expect you to welcome her the way you did Jenny” She takes a step back and shakes her head “She was like a daughter to me There will never be anybody able to fill her shoes”“I want to fuck you right here in this river with nothing but the stars in the sky and the moon shining down on us to witness you coming apart in my arms as I take you over and over again”I just had sex with Beau McCrae my client outside in a river without a condomI’m standing rigid staring straight ahead but not actually seeing anything All of a sudden I’m hyper aware of Beau standing next to me with his hand in mine while people remember the life he had with their golden girl To everyone who knows Beau he belongs to Jenny His mama all these people standing here with tears in their eyes and sadness marring their faces that just moments ago were beaming with happiness and pride Then there’s me The fill in The imposter“Pussy is pussy Addy girl If I didn't get it from you I would've just got it from someone else” I say snidely Each word a physical blow to both of usI told you earlier that Jenny brought out the worst in me Made me be someone I didn’t always like With you it’s just the opposite I wanna be a better man when I’m around you Not just for you but for me too”“Let me be the one I promise to always do the watermelon crawl take you to church swim in the river by the light of the moon and to always walk the line”

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    Sugar is my first time reading a Mandi Beck author She's been one of those authors sitting on my TBR list for years but I never got around to reading Thankfully I finally changed that Sugar is a fun sassy steamy romance set in the world of country music Beau and Addy were such a delight to read about Mandi Beck wove a southern romance that took me on an adventure and left me wanting to know about several of the background characters I will definitely be reading Mandi Beck in the future

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    35 starsSugar was an ok read for me I love bad boy reads But this one started me off on the wrong foot with the male lead Beau the country music star with a women who wasn't the romantic interest he ends up with Call me a romantic at heart but I am not a fan of the characters sleeping with other people Especially so early on in the book It left a bad taste in my mouth from that point forward I get people aren't celibate but I don't have to read it It can be inferred and still have the same effect for me Beau is a bad boy who is dropped from his label He needs to get his life back on track or his professional career will be over before it got to where he wants to be Enter Addy She is going to help get back him on the right path She is a saint when it comes to Beau This was an ok read for me I was excited to see the Expose series was than another book I read

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    Angst 3Tears 2Value 5Storyline 5Panty Scorching 5Overall Rating 5Holy hells bells I have been on pins and needles waiting for this book Let me tell yall it was worth the wait Beau rocked my world and then some Mandi kicked this sweet books ass I loved the characters and their endless banter and flirting The constant bickering had me literally laughing out loud earning crazy looks from my family So freaking worth it This couple My goodness Some major sparkage going on Super intense chemistry Pasts that are determined to keep them apart Perfect recipe for a kick ass story Mandi I couldn't get enough lady You nailed it As usual This is why this woman is one of my go to authors and I reread her books time and time again They are just perfect Get ready for country's bad boy and a sassy heroine to put him in his place Cause you're gonna love em

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    Beau McCrae hold on to your hearts and your panties This man all swoon swagger and arrogance Who doesn't love a bad boy with a big heart? Could I love this then we meet Addy Mae she's a spitfire his new handler go to keep him in line girl at his new label Well sexual tension for two? It's on The banter the fun BRING ON THE COMBUSTIBLE CHEMISTRY This is hot but when ghosts of the pasts keep living in the present what can happen? Damn I need a drink cold shower and a reread Grab this now

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    Sugar was absolutely AMAZING Beau is the most perfect mix of country boy sex on a stick and at times a complete asshole who loves his family especially his mama and oh yes the ladies Beau is in a downward spiral and needs to get his life back on track before everything is taken away from himAddy is such a sweet yet total bad ass chick who is a BOSS in the workplace This girl knows how to get shit done and I honestly have a girl crush on her Being Beau's babysitter is definitely not what she signed up for but I LOVED her take no shit attitude Girl can dish it out as good as she gets itI enjoyed every single minute of Beau and Addy's journey Their banter their sexy times Ms Beck KNOWS how to write some sizzling sex scenes and their truths just radiated throughout this story I also love how the crew from Stoned was just so perfectly worked into this book Sugar is the perfect blend of sweet sassy and a whole lot of sexy