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If you don't deal with your demons they will deal with youAnd they're going to hurt Since the day Jess met Nick Roman she was lied too deceived and manipulated Enough was enough She was exhausted of coming in second Now the walls were down and it was time for the real Nick knew her questioning would lead to hurtful truths Truths he never wanted to face with her In fear of losing her forever once they were admitted But he never lost He wouldn't lose her She couldn't leave him She wouldn't leave And yet there they were with secrets to uncover More lies to reveal Some good Some bad Some horrifying Some scores would be settled Somejust beginning The time of reaping had begun Fallen Angel is a mafia romance serial novel Due to sexual content infidelity implied and actual scenes of abuse violence organized crime language and frequent illegal drug use we recommend this to mature audiences ages 18 and over who are comfortable with this subject matter

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