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The genetic secret to all life in the universe revealed and so begins the countdown to ArmageddonFor over seven hundred and fifty years the harvesters had been voyaging into deep space but each journey was becoming longer and dangerous because suitable planets were getting fewer and difficult for the scouts to discover Terrillia was a dying planet and nothing could be done to prevent the inevitableMaster Maulik carried the responsibilities of feeding his race with pride and he performed his harvesting duties with diligence and compassion yet his heart longed for adventureBut it is often dangerous to long for sometimes the heart receives that which it desires most and Maulik finds himself plunged into a game of political intrigue and brinkmanship that could alter the balance of power in his galaxy as rival species form an uneasy allianceFor the ultimate doom approachesAnd as opposing factions draw together he finds himself a pawn in the great game his only true ally his new found friend the KressaDiscover how the story begins the preparations for war deceit and double dealing plans within plans the strangest of friendships and an entire race reduced to the status of livestock

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    Just did not hold my interestCharacterization was lacking no explanation about different aliens no info about different planets the plot was too sketchy seemed like it was written for young boys