Miss Marples BB Southern Grace 6 eBook ☆ BB Southern

Agatha O’Malley has led a charmed life going straight from a wealthy family into a marriage with Charlie a doctor ten years her senior She’s had the best things money can buy but when Charlie dies two weeks after their 35th anniversary he seems to be playing games from the grave The old adage of 'you can’t take it with you' isn’t holding true for Charlie His fortune has mysteriously disappeared and his attorney claims to know nothing about it With her small savings account dwindling Agatha has nothing to fall back upon except the Victorian home that’s been in her family for four generations and turning it into a BB is her only hope to stay afloat The kindness of each guest arriving at the BB during this Christmas season soon brings Agatha to the realization that God is putting these people in her path for a reason but she’s caught off guard when He reveals His purpose? A sweet romantic story of faith hope and redemption

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