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Isabella He found me Just when everything was starting to go great in my life my nightmare came back to haunt me My heart is broken Is it possible that Tony has changed for the better? Or am I fooling myself? What lies ahead for Nick and I? Tony I've finally found her Nothing is ever easy She doesn't trust me and has the hots for the guy next door Well she is mine like it or not I will do whatever it takes to keep her where she belongs With me Nick I can't believe I trusted her I let myself fall for her and hard Only to find out she is married Yet somehow something about that situation doesn't seem right I don't like Tony and I don't trust him And to top it off my best friend is in the hospital My life is spinning out of control Somehow I will find a way to make things right This is the second book in a 2 book series The first book should be read before this one WARNING This book contains graphic descriptions of abuse and lots of hot sexual content Can pose as a trigger for some Not for the faint of heart

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    Mind blownThis was the second book in the series I loved everything about this book and the story There were plenty of oh my god moments and my emotions were on overload I was sad when the story came to an end Don't miss out on your chance to read this book or the series Get your copy today

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    3this book starts off right were we left off These characters have amazing chemistry Nike is hot Tony's a douch bag Isabella is kinda hor ish going back and fourth can't make up her mind about any thing

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    I read both books in this series and absolutley love them These books take you on a rollercoaster of emotions I didn't know who I was routing for from one minute to the next And talk about hot Wow These guys will definitely make you need to change your pantys if you know what I mean You get your hero and your bad boy all in one With tons of suspense thrown in Love love LOVE these books I couldn't put them down Not a single boring chapter from beginning to end I hope there will be a 3rd book soon Roxy Love I highly recommend