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Let’s summon a succubus they said It’ll be fun they said I have some friends and we had a crazy idea let’s summon a demon Not just any demon but a sexy devil chick that will do anything we want—even butt stuff It’ll be easy It’s not like it’s going to work Monsters aren’t real We were wrong Really fucking wrong The demon is not what we thought and it’s making horrible things happen People are cutting into each other's junk some guy is fucking his dog and sex slugs from Hell are raping us and stealing our semen in order to build a goddamn hive We didn’t mean for any of this But we’re gonna fix it Just after a few beers and bong hits From Christine Morgan author of Mythic Lust the Minotaur and The Raven’s Table Viking Stories comes a sleazy and deviant satire about sex occultism and nerd culture

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    One day Jeff Burk head editor for Deadite Press sat alone pondering what direction his cult horror press needed to go Deadite Press had tackled zombies and vampires and giants and cryptoids and giant worms and grotesque body horror and well everything but the kitchen sink it seemed He sighed Where does the premier cult horror press to the world go from here?Thats when author and doll mutilator Christine Morgan strolled through the door and slapped down a slimy teal glowing slug on his deskWhat the fuck is that? Burk exclaimedIts an old He Man Battle Cat that I lopped the legs off of repainted and added a bit of home grown special lighting effects to But that's not the question it's the answerThe answer? Burk asked intriguedThe answer to your conundrum It's a succubus from SPERMJACKERS FROM HELL the book I wrote and you're going to publish because there is a giant gap in succubus books from DeaditeJeff Burk laughed having gone mad with delightChristine Morgan wrung her hands an evil gesture that could only mean one thing she came up with a great idea to mangle another child's toyMeanwhile somewhere else and quite sometime later Frank Edler wrote this ridiculous review for said Deadite Press publication of said Christine Morgan succubus cult horror classic He enjoyed it

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    I have the paperback edition of Spermjackers on my desk right now open at page 34The last line on that page readsBut it'd be sick gratuitous and wrongFew people as long as they're not prudish or easily offended will read that line without laughing out loud or at the very least cracking one hell of a smile because of the paragraphs that immediately precede itThere are other lines which work to similar effect but this is the one that sticks in my mind for some reasonSpermjackers is funny at times hilarious but for all its humour quite horrific when it reaches its sickening climax I don't want to give away any plot spoilers let's just say that in keeping with tradition in the horror genre not every protagonist comes out of it wellFeatures I'd like to pick out for special mention are1 This book comes out fighting from the opening bell Things happen quickly You won't get bored waiting around for the plot to develop2 The dialogue of the teeanagers at the centre of the story I'm guessing the author has teenage kids herself because it rings very true at least to me3 Throughout the tale beginning at page 30 the author deconstructs the novel format This was a high risk strategy which could have gone horribly wrong That it doesn't and that it adds to the entertainment value of this fine if deeply perverse book is testament to Christine Morgan's writing skills4 The perverse scenario that drives the plot forward is tackled with a gleeful gusto I suppose it had to be all or nothing with this sort of concept especially as the publisher is Deadite Press I confess I haven't read any other books with the Deadite imprint but I know of their reputation and I'm guessing that this book is on a par with the most extreme they have to offerIn a nutshell of you want something fast paced deeply and perversely funny topped off with a good measure of genuine nasty horror then look no further this is your book

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    I’m going to hell for laughing while I read this bookDon’t get me wrong Spermjackers From Hell by Christine Morgan is graphic and explicit and has acts of horrifying depravity to shock and disgust you but it is also satirical and funny as all heck in a lot of places—and I truly feel that is due to Christine’s skillful writing style so if I go to hell for laughing I blame herI originally avoided reading this book I was put off by both the title and cover art Then I had a conversation with the author during KillerCon Online and decided to give it a chance She basically described it as an homage to Weird Science but with a succubus This is an apt description but Spermjackers is easier to enjoy because the characters are of age instead of teens But do be warned the level of depravity is horrific This is not a casual read this is not erotica this is not for the sensitive constitution This is horrifying hedonistic and hilariousOne of the many entertaining aspects of this book is how the author breaks into poetic repetition like this is deep and moving verse instead of a brash succubus story Christine Morgan’s daring writing style here is the stuff of legend So many levels of satireThe characters in Spermjacker from Hell I hate that title but it is apropos range from sympathizable to detestable The author also intersperses brief interludes that are both gruesome and hilarious to give backstory on both the characters and the setting This is done in true storyteller fashion and I loved it It works beautifully if the word beautiful can find its place somewhere in relation to this storyI can say so many things about this book Most importantly I wish I had not waited to read it I read it in one sitting and I am certain I will read it again in the future—I do have my own signed copy in my library after all This is one of the most entertaining books I have read in a long timeAnd I hope I don’t go to hell for finding so much of it funny

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    aliens zombies demonesses which ones would you like to fuck or be fuct by? i'd rather choose an evil female with fangs and wings and a point tail

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    I’ve learned a lesson from this book Never think with your member Although most of us guys have all done that in the past But when summoning a succubus read this first consider it your learning manualFilled with pop culture and teenage antics Morgan whips up a can of kickass sleazy sexy satire that leaves you with than just hairy palms And the science aspects of it all says “oops” and there may be on the other side

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    Ms Morgan’s unique style is absolutely amazing It’s difficult to pin down but her usages of lingo slang jargon banter language phrasing timing odd vocabulary punctuation chapter size pop culture and innuendo all mix and flow effortlessly stimulating all 5 senses at once The end result is indisputable proof of her original engaging truly stunning method of storytelling I’ll read everything she writes until I die 55 Sloppy slick Skulls ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

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    Pretty funny story If u don’t like sick humor then this book is not for u

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    giving this book two stars was just a complementI have read Matt shaw and authors who were pretty dark and this was just trying to be dark but fell flat on it face i love my gore and weird stuffthe author should focus on details then jumping off subjecti seen authors like bentley little have different chapter with other people and explainingshe has three or four characters that were off subject who basically tried to have a life of there owni think it was just she trying too hardbut remember this is my opinionbut we got to remember the succubi just smh on that onei can not go into that oneand how she ended the book for a sequeljust smh This author jump off subject so much it was funnyand boy she was feminist in this bookshe must hate sexy comic book heroshe found it all sexist in a bad wayi am female and i find they she was putting vampirella sexy look down and even the shape shiftier from x men downsmhi find that she wanted to be part of the boys then writeto off subject for my tastenot worth the money she had for this bookand i never complained about how much i spent on a book either and i do this one

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    What can i sayThis author jump off subject so much it was funnyand boy she was feminist in this bookshe must hate sexy comic book heroshe found it all sexist in a bad wayi am female and i find thay she was putting vampirella sexy look down and even the shape shifter from x men dowsmhi find that she wanted to be part of the boys then writeto off subject for my tastrnot worth the money she had for this bookand i never complained about how much i spent on a book either and i do this one

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    This was well pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a book called Spermjackers From Hell except of course the horny succubus in question is absolutely nothing like what you'd expect While Christine Morgan absolutely delivers on the premise she does so in ways that are absurdly unexpected which make this a far a enjoyable readBefore we get into the story I have to talk about the storytelling for a moment This is a clever self aware disjointed sort of narrative that begins near the end before rewinding back to the start with frequent vignettes where Morgan breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the reader On the positive side the style creates some artificial tension and serves to keep you on your toes never knowing what's coming next On the negative side those vignettes feel like unfulfilled promises teasing us with unholy erotic retributions that ultimately happen off the page only to be recapped in passing There's almost an entire second book waiting in those vignettesOkay so back to the story This starts out with your basic horror movie premise a gang of slackers decide to summon a succubus and plan to do it from within the bowels of the abandoned bomb shelter in the park It's a great scenario and a great setting and Morgan gleefully indulges in their squeamish excitement Nobody of course really expects it to work and even after their frantic flight from the scene they still manage to convince themselves it was an elaborate prank played by their missing friend There is a lot of tension between friends both before and after and the way Morgan plays on their anxieties is spot onAs for the succubus after all you did come for the Spermjackers From Hell pun gleefully intended she's a surprise I am hesitant about spoiling In terms of physical appearance she is nothing like what you expect but in terms of erotic performance she's everything you dreamed of and had nightmares about She preys on the darkest fantasies and fetishes of the town as much as she does their most innocent lusts and longings giving them exactly what they think they crave most Again no spoilers but when we finally get a glimpse of her lair it is total nightmare fetish fuel a horrifying fate that despite its grotesque elements still has a touch of forbidden attractionThe final twist at the end was perfect and I am almost embarrassed to say I didn't see it coming With the door left open for a sequel I would definitely be up for a second summoning especially if it can deliver on some of those vignette teases