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The read that exposes 'political correctness' for the fraud we suspected it to be'England's Rise and Decline' first reminds us what it was that once made Britain's economy the world's super leader It then explains how England consolidated her position globally in particular through her 'special relationship' with AmericaHer decline meanwhile is seen as a result of the 'Victorian hypocrisy' of the town based college educated professional That same middle class sanctimony is the root of today's ultra liberal 'pc' movements Instructively detailed in its history yet breathtakingly sweeping in its strategic scope the book is always startling original and interesting even if you don't agree with its clearly explained viewpointsA fun and readable but gritty work of history and political theory for the age of Trump and Farage Not a book for Ivory Tower socialists or for fans of Tony Blair

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    A timely read in the wake of Trump and Brexit This book takes a step back from current political fashions and controversies and takes in the long term view of English and American history Lee examines in detail the elements of culture and politics which led to England's rise as a dominant world power and the trends which have contributed to her downfall In doing so Lee provides a not so subtle critiue of social liberalism and gives uniue insight into current issues facing England and the US today Not a book for the politically correct as Lee does not shy away from taking a controversial position or two But an excellent read for those seeking a considered unapologetic and original examination of how we've arrived at where we are today

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    A lot of speculation and theories but very little actual foundation in truth or reality What’s next? The entire apocalypse? These kinds of books keep popping up everywhere on the market it seems and I decided to keep an open mind thinking that this one might be different but obviously it wasn’t

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    Is book have the good history

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