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    Excellent Very Suspenseful Thriller During A National Emergency And Killing Spree A great thriller as students of a Deaf Institute are quarantined in their school when an outbreak of 'Monkey Flu' is found in student The students show fear confusion and soon results of isolation as everyone present at the time is locked into the facility One such person is Detective Valerie Crowther there to investigate the murder of one of the students As her investigation continues people come down with the deadly flu and the killer continues his attacks A thoroughly enjoyable thriller with many twists and turns while you feel the fear in students who have no hearing making it harder for them to grasp all happening around them

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    The premise of this book alone is extremely enticing and original which means my expectations were high from the start but boy do the authors deliverThere are three main facets to this story 1 It is a whodunnit mystery thriller where the main protagonist detective Valerie Crowther tries to track down a serial killer who’s targetting deaf students at a world renowned university2 There is a worldwide virus known as Monkey Flu which is killing hundreds of thousands of people The UK has escaped the epidemic until there is a breakout at the very uni Crowther is conducting her investigations so the school soon becomes quarantined and shut off from the outside world3 The story is a great insight into the deaf communityCombining these three facets makes for an exciting and interesting read At first I was a little cautious at embarking on an 800 page story but I needn’t have worried It doesn’t feel like a long book at all and the authors are so adept at breaking up the scenes and the various tangents and pacing it so well that I didn’t feel like I was reading a mammoth book at all I’d thought it would probably take me a couple of months to get through it but I raced through this in a week Like all clever and well written thrillers there are enough cliff hanging chapters and side stories which made me think I’d just read one chapter and then before I knew it I’d read another fifty pages So don’t let the length of this book put you off at all – it’s exactly the right length that the book needs to be – especially when it’s effectively combining two stories in one the outbreak of the virus and the whodunnit mysteryIt’s superbly written and there are plenty of red herrings and clues throughout to make you try to guess who the killer is only for you to then completely change your mind a few pages laterThere are also plenty of other side stories going on such as – unexpectedly Satanic rituals and the personal stories of the characters And man for a book with so many characters as there needs to be the authors make it such an easy read to follow who’s who and to have such solid well rounded believeable characters There are the students – who are a vast array of different types including some punkish ruffians there’s the main protagonist Crowther and her Superintendent ex husband on the outside there are two news reporters who have bluffed their way into the school and who soon find themselves being quarantined with the rest and becoming the eyes and ears of the media there are so many engaging characters with their own stories – and they are all effortlessly portrayed well throughoutEven the opening scene in the prologue is exceptionally brilliant – it feels like a classic scene from a classic film where the killer is taking care in bricklaying a wall to conceal his first victim behind it The attention the killer has to using three parts sand one part cement and the skill of angling his trowel with little thought towards the fact that he’s just killed someone in cold blood is the perfect introduction to a disturbed psychopathic mind Not to mention that he also then masturbates upon finishing the jobAnd knowing that this book is going to be made into a film I can already see that scene being chillingly played out as clear as mudNo way will you figure out who the killer is but you’ll enjoy trying to figure it out I can guarantee itThis is such a meaty book that I could go on for another thousand words detailing just how well it’s all been put together and how well it’s been written but this review is already turning out to be a long one so I’ll leave it on this pointNot only is this a great epidemic sci fi and mystery thriller it’s also a fantastic insight into the deaf community and it’s very apparent how much research has gone into this book Reading the afterword from the authors’ consultant makes this clear and it’s good to know that the writers have gone to lengths to show a very realistic portrayal of that community Forget the whodunnit and epidemic stories this book works just as well at being a much needed insight for hearing people into a community we may not know much or anything about As their liaison Brent Macpherson says in the afterword“Silent Fear is one of the few mainstream novels to address the unique challenges faced by members of the Deaf community in any great detail As a member of that community and as someone who has been Deaf since birth I believe this book is an important addition to the dearth of literature that exists about Deaf people and Deaf culture” Highly recommended

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    I read an advanced review copy of Silent Fear provided to me by the publisher This was a thrilling and captivating novel Suspenseful full of twists and engaging from start to finish Also love how the authors have written about the deaf community as they are an underrepresented minority in current reading marketsI absolutely loved the serial killer who I couldn’t pick the identity of in this “whodunit” novel until the very end His character is intriguing and gripping from the opening words Silent Fear is a stunning atmospheric murder mystery with its riveting combination of the claustrophobia of the situation combined with unrelenting fear

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    What a great story I didn't figure out who the killer was until the last chapter and it still had a surprising twist I had to read the book in one sitting LOL

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    This one really grabbed me It is by far one of the best thrillers I have read in quite some time The feeling of isolation is gelatinous as events unfold and questions start to follow every answer I found myself wondering what I would do if I were in a similar situation which is one of the ways I know I am getting 'drawn in' Unlike so many 'formulaic' attempts to scare this is a 'nightmare stew' that will fill you full of dread

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    A good murder mystery with lots of twists and turns and an introduction for many readers on issues related to people with hearing loss Definitely worth a look I don't want to get too descriptive as to give away spoilers

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    Thought provokingInsightful psychological challenging We need to be aware of the world we live in do we want to accept the way it is or try to make it a better place?

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    This is the first mystery thriller that I have ever read in my life and it was amazingPeople who wanna write about mystery thrillerCrime series A must read bookIt was thrilling for me to figure out the killer Astounding plotEnjoyed every page Sir I hope you write of such genre in 2018

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    Very suspenseful from beginning to end The characters are very well written The story moves along very nicely I've reccomended this book to many of my friends alreadyit is a MUST READ

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    Simply Splendid There is so much to love about this entertaining and well written Murder Mystery I quite enjoyed the unique plot and a few surprises along the way Lance and James Morcan have written many great novels that I’ve really enjoyed and ‘Silent Fear’ is right up there as one of my favourites The deaf students at the university were already scared with the outbreak of the latest virus making its way around the world which was reportedly very contagious Then to top it off there was a killer on the loose that was targeting the deaf students Luckily for the police force they had a detective that knew sign language which would be invaluable in questioning the Universities students Detective Superintendent Valerie Crowther grew up with a deaf mother and she was quite sort after in the police force for her skills Valerie was just in the early stages of her investigation when the Army stepped in to quarantine the University and stop anyone from entering or leaving Everyone stuck inside are quite shocked to learn that one of their own has been struck down with the deadly flu Now Valerie not only had to worry about a serial killer on the loose but also the real possibility of contracting a flu that could kill her and many others Hands down this is a wonderful book and well worth a readI received an advanced copy of this book from the Publisher for an unbiased review