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Fabrian Books' feel good novels are heart warming romantic stories that leave you believing a happy ever after does exist Olivia has wasted five long years waiting around for a dream that never came true Leaving behind the heat and heartbreak of Brisbane she seeks refuge at Channel View Farm – a wedding venue overlooking the Kent coast run by her childhood friend Ellie The only thing Olivia knows for sure is that she wants to carry on the career she loves and be close to family and friends But with her best friend in Kent and her family newly settled in Yorkshire she can’t settle until she finds a job Ellie is about to marry the local vet Ben and there’s a full diary of events at the farm to keep Olivia’s mind off her troubles as well as a part time job at a summer camp where her dream job seems suddenly within her grasp But not everything at Channel View Farm is perfect The business is in financial trouble and a growing friendship with Ben’s best man Seth is damaged by Olivia’s unwillingness to trust someone new When Ben’s sister makes it clear that Olivia isn’t the only one with feelings for Seth things only get complicated Will the rescue of an abandoned horse and a stranded couple finally make Olivia believe that good men do exist? And can she and Seth find a way to help their friends? Or is she destined to spend her life in the wrong place at the wrong time? Part of the Channel View Farm stand alone series 'Second Chances at Channel View Farm' is the stand alone follow up to the best selling 'Give Me Your Answer Do' by the author of the best selling feel good reads 'A Holly Bay Christmas' and 'A Highland Practice'

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  1. I am undoubtedly going to be unpopular here but this story is in serious need of editing and proof reading I gave up reading at 22% when I came across yet another punctuation error that should have been spotted during proof reading Here is one example Oh yes a tea with two sugars would work wonders and I think I could use a biscuit too that flipping dog has taken years off my life There should be some biscuits in the tin by the kettle but if not I'll let you in on a secret there's some chocolate digestives hidden on the top shelf of the larder that Hetty can't reach He laughed looking much better than he had a few minutes before There was also a ???? moment when Olivia is asked if she has delivered art therapy before and she replies that she did a lot of art therapy with the children she taught in Australia Art Therapists have to have taken a post graduate qualification in Art Therapy which takes 2 to 3 years There is no way Olivia had done that